Preparing Potatoes for Exhibition

Today I want to talk to you about exhibiting
potatoes at the fair. When exhibiting potatoes at the fair, what the judge is going to look
for is that you have potatoes that are uniform in size, shape, color, and maturity. So, hopefully they’re going to have those
qualities. When you’re digging them, be sure that you choose those that have a nice,
clean, uniform skin to them. You want to avoid any of those that have any scabbiness to them,
or might have any flaws, defects, or mechanical damage because those are going to be deductions
as the judge looks at that exhibit. When the potatoes are dug they are going to
have some dirt on them, so what you want to do is simply take a sponge or a soft cloth
and wash them off as carefully as you can. You want to avoid using a brush that’s going
to scrub them too hard. Some people like to scrub them so that they’re really clean,
but what’s going to happen is that you’re going to scruff up the skin, and those are
going to also be deductions when the judge looks at that exhibit. So, clean them carefully. If there’s a little
bit of dirt on them, then that’s not a too big of a problem. Again, we’re looking for
potatoes that are about the same size. So, ideally when you’re exhibiting, they should
be about the size of your fist when you make it. So, I’m going to select five out the
grouping that I have here. Sometimes you’ll find that they might be
a little bit more oblong than others, so again we’re trying to find those that are as close
in size and shape as possible. And sometimes when you’re putting the exhibit together,
you need to have usually more vegetables than you think you’re going to need. When you go to harvest you need to quite a
few so that you have many to select from rather than just the exact number. So, you’re going
to start off by selecting the number that you need. Sometimes if there are flaws what
might help is to just turn them over on the bottom. The judge will eventually see them
if he or she handles that exhibit, but sometimes just putting that towards the bottom might
be a way to take care of that if you don’t have any other choice when you’re putting
the exhibit together. So, those are the five that I’m going to
go with. So, hopefully today I’ve given you some tips on how to get your blue ribbon
on your plate of potatoes.

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