Preparing Tomatoes for Exhibition

Today we’re gonna be talking about exhibiting
tomatoes at the fair. Exhibiting vegetables at the fair
can be a very rewarding experience and can show off your skills as a gardener when you’re exhibiting at the fair
make sure that you always get a fair book and read the rules there given there because it’s going to tell
you how to cut the vegetables as well as how many are required now with tomatoes, what we’re going
to look at is it usually they’re exhibited as full grown main season types they’re sometimes shown as cherry tomatoes and plum tomatoes would be a third
possibility. The numbers do differ on all of those types of so be sure to check the rules with the tomatoes, they are shown either mature or immature typically the books will require that
they’re shown as mature which means that they’re going to be colored, fully colored not partially turning turning from green to another color but
fully colored all the way around when they’re shown they can either be exhibited with the
tops on or the tops off again the rules or sometimes specified if it does not specify my personal
preference would be to take the tops off because what will often happen when
you’re picking the tomatoes and taking them to he fair is that, that stem is very hard and stiff and when you put them in a basket
or a box and taken to the fair the chance of it poking into another tomato
is extremely high that’s going to cause damage to the
fruit and that’s going to be a deduction for u when the judge looks at them when the tomatoes are shown if the cap
is left on, or that stamen is left on it should be really fresh which means
that you’re going to see this leafy cap very fresh looking if you picked those tomatoes is too early
and left that cap on it’s going to turn very dry and brittle and that’s going to
be an indication to the judge of that tomato may have been held for a very long
period of time the next step when you’re looking at the
tomato itself or selecting them is that they should be firm again we’re looking for produce that is
what you would buy at the store if you’re going to be eating it, but he should be
firm and should not yield too much if u press your thumbs in it too far
and its very mushy then that indicates that tomato
was a little bit too passed prime,
and probably not be a good choice so when you’re selecting the tomatoes
once you have picked them again we’re looking for similar sizes, shape, , colors to be exhibited on the plate.
Now with large main season type tomatoes there’s typically five is exhibited there isn’t much to do to prep the tomato
for exhibiting other than to clean it just a little bit a bucket of water, get sponge or soft cloth and if there is any dirt debris on there simply wash the skin of that fruit and
then let it dry but there shouldn’t be much preparation
for the tomatoes itself you know when you’re exhibiting tornadoes
if there are any blemishes on the top sometimes we have yellow shoulders are
you might have some ridges that have formed in there it’s a good idea to turn those tomatoes
upside down on the plate that way when the judge looks at that
exhibit He or she is not going to actually see
those flaws and the first impression is going to be the bottom sides of those
fruits. So you know always want to pick the best side For those tomatoes tomatoes that
you’re going to be selecting so those are the five dash selected I’ve tried to choose, again, those that are
uniform size shape and color with as few blemishes as possible so hopefully that’s going to give you
some tips to have a blue ribbon at the fair.

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