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(Price Action Trading Live)
So it’s 10 40 in the morning. Let me just short sell Bharti Airtel.
I can spot an opportunity here. So I’ll just set it out at market. Let me see what execution price we get. So we get it at 558.4. So what I’ll do is I will just zoom out
this particular candle here so that you can clearly see why I have short sold. And if you look at all these Candles
that will be zoomed in. Now on the chart, all these Candles are widened range and
these do depict some sort of movement in Bharti Airtel and I will be explaining
the entire logic of the trade once the market finishes because there are a few
things that I can’t explain right away. And over the last two to three sessions
I was tracking Bharti Airtel and volumes were clearly expanding, which is
usually a sign of interest in the stock. And if you now take a look at
this particular volume panel, look at all these volume expansions that
are happening that are clearly visible. This clearly denotes some sort of presence
of a strong participants in the stock and which is why I have sort of focused
on short-selling Bharti Airtel today. Now yesterday I had Tweeted about the
same thing and in the community section and the telegram channel as well that
today I will be recording the session so that there is some sort of continuity
when it comes to implementing this VWAP trading strategy. So it’s 10 50 in the morning and Bharti
Airtel is starting to move lower. Now if you take a look at this
particular candle that is playing out, look at the range of this candle. Clearly we are having a new day low and
a Bharti is currently trading at 557.4, already one rupee lower
from my short sell price. So when the market finishes I will be
covering as to why I selected this stock for a short sell opportunity because I
did receive a lot of requests for a short sell video and I look at the specific
volume price patterns that I spotted. Click on the subscribe button and bell
icon to get instantly notified when a new video is uploaded. Thank
you for subscribing. So it’s 1140 in the morning
and prices at 556.8. So it’s just moved to about
555 now and even lower 554.8. So now this is not surprising because
Bharti was forming a better structure today. And if you look at
this particular candle, this is again a range expansion candle
playing out on the downside and this reaffirms the direction
of trend for the day. And if I just take a look at all these
candles that I can spot on this chart, it just gives me a feeling that Bharti
will eventually break 550 and even move towards 546-545. I think because broader market is also
not performing well for the day and usually on such sessions, price
just moves in one direction. So I will be looking to scale out my
positions at various levels and let me see how I can time my trade here. So it’s 1121 in the morning and
again a fresh day, low for Bharti. look at this particular candle here and
clearly trend has been on the downside. Look at all these wicks that are present. This clearly represents supply at higher
level and then price is moving lower. So currently I have about 10,000 open
quantity and I will be looking to offload this position gradually and somewhere
here around 553 554 I will close out some bit of positions. So at present I have 10,000 quantity and
initially I’ll just offload somewhere around 3000 quantity. So let
me just cover up my position. I’ll put this a 3000 here, I’ll set it out at market and let
me see what execution price I get. So price has been executed at 554.7 so let me just open up
the order details here. So 10,000 quantity was sold at 558.4
and the first lot that is 3000 quantity, I covered at 554.7. So it’s 1133 in the morning and there
you go. There is one more new day, low for Bharti Airtel.
Price is at 553.3 currently, there you go 552. So there is definitely
some strong momentum visible here. Now what I’ll do is I’ll offload another
bit of a position here because I do want to scale out as price moves lower. And this is something I do on a consistent
basis where I scale out on back off strength candles. And some of you who
have taken my VWAP Trading course, you would be knowing this exit
strategy of mine. So there you go, I will again buyout, I’ll
just set it to market price. I’ll make this a, I’ll keep this at 3000 and I’ll
execute my position. So there you go, I get an execution price of 5 52.05. So let me show you the order
here. And this is 552.05 and the first exit was, was made at 554.7 and then at 552.05. So currently I have about 4,000
positions open for the day. So it’s 1148 in the morning. And again, you’re seeing a wide range
candle forming on the downside. Now this is again a sign of a strong
sellers present in Airtel today and which is why with each rally that is
happening on a smaller timeframe, Take a look at this candle here, This again represents presence of strong
sellers in the market and with each rally that is happening, Price is clearly moving lower on back
of high momentum and this is something that every day trader wants to see because
this does give you an opportunity to offload positions and
time your exits better. So it’s 12:05 PM and again you’re
seeing a new day low for Bharti. It’s currently at 550 and
look at this candle. Again, you can see some sort of a range
expansion happening on the downside. So currently prices at 549.6 and looking
at the momentum and the range of these candles, I do feel that Bharti would
eventually break even 545 today. There you go. 549 is being breached and therefore I
will try and space out my exits as far as possible. Now, usually I’m looking to make only 1 to
2% gain depending on the underlying momentum for the day. So
currently price is at 549. I will again exit some
of my positions here. So let me just offload some more. I’ll make this a thousand and
set it out at market price. And there you go. So the execution price is at 549. So let us see the order
details. So we bought at 558.4 first exit was at 554 second was at
552 and now third exit is at 549. So total, I think I have about 3000 quantities
left in Bharti Airtel and I’ll just check on that because I don’t recollect, I think
I have exited about 7,000 quantities. I’ll just check that in
a bit. And going forward, I do want to exit
somewhere at let’s say 547, 545 and even something closer to 542. Now, do register for this
month online training. It will be on February 29th, 2020. And even if you watch this video after
February 29th you can still access these trainings as these are
available on our website. So the topic for current
month is identifying strong
stocks and sectors using C R S that is comparative relative strength. Now details are given in the description
box below and in the comment section below. So it’s closer to 12:08 PM and I can
see that broader market is just not performing well currently. The advance decline ratio is somewhere
between 0.32 and 0.33 and do recollect that I have always stated that advance
decline plays a huge role when it comes to day trading and short term trading
and that is something I track on a consistent basis. So
currently price is at 549 and looking at the broader market data, I won’t be surprised if Bharti
Airtel falls another one, one and a half percent from here, which would give it a level of
somewhere closer to 545 542. I think that is definitely on the cards. And if you just look at all the Candles, I’ll just Mark out these Candles when
I send out the video for editing, range of all these candles is wide volume
expansion is also clearly visible and and more importantly VWAP indicator is
clearly stating that more downside is likely to follow. And this is something I will explain once
the market closes because there are a few things about VWAP indicator about how
price and volume have played a crucial role today in determining stock selection
and these are some vital points that I’ll give out only once the
session comes to an end. So there you go. Price
has again moved lower. It is 547.5 now and I also have something
exciting coming up in this video. I had completed the part one of Renko
trading couple of weeks back and in this particular trade, I’ll show you how I used Renko chart
to determine the precise support and resistance level in Bharti Airtel
and how I short sold based on that. So it’s 12:18 PM and let me now
offload some bit of a more positions. Price is at 546 so I’ll again
cover up some positions. I’ll set it to market and let
me just send it for execution. So price gets executed at 546.85. Let me just open up the order details
here so that you can see this clearly. So I’ll just scroll it up.
This is the previous order. So there you go 546.85 is the latest price where
we exited positions. So it’s 12:25 PM and the
current price is at 543.85 so what I’ll do is I’ll
again make an exit here. My previous exit price
I think was at 546.85 and prices definitely coming closer
to the levels I want to scale out at. So I’ll just set it out at market price. So let me see what fill I get eventually. So price has got filled at 544. Let me just pull up the order data here. So there you go 500 quantities at 544. So it’s 13:05 PM approximately. And
again, you’re seeing a new low in Bharti, it’s 541.8. I’ll again make an exit here. Now I’m willing to close out
almost all of my positions. Let me see what fill price I get.
541.6 so there you go. Order detail. And the last fill was at 544
and the current fill is at 541. So it’s 14:30 in the afternoon and
we have seen some sort of retracement happening. Let me just close out
all my positions, set it at market. So the final execution price
that we get is at 548.2. So I’ll just open up the order details
here and let us revise the entire trade. So 558.4 was the short sell price and
there you are seeing at each level I have exited position and I hope you can see
that I have scaled out positions very smartly out here. I did not have an exit price in mind
and as price move lower with momentum, That is when I covered my position. So let me now explain in great detail
about how I planned this trade. So let me first explain a few things
with respect to VWAP indicator. Now make no mistake that all these live
intraday trading sessions that I’m doing are based on the underlying
concepts of VWAP indicator, price action and volume analysis. So you can watch all these videos
that will come up in front of you to understand this trading strategy better.
So if you look at the previous session, they were clear rejection visible at
higher level and even some down move did happen. If you take a
look at today’s session, once price moved below the VWAP indicator, there was clear transition that
happened in VWAP indicator, which clearly represented that strong
players had entered the market and price was going to move lower. Now, once I entered a short sell
trade at about 558 since then, price started moving lower with momentum. Now this was mainly because VWAP indicator
did transition into a bearish phase that clearly did represent
that volumes were moving. As price started moving lower, that is price started moving on
back of momentum and high volume. Now, the second important thing that
helped me decide this short sell trade was combination of initial opening
range with the VWAP indicator. So this is where the market opened. This is at 18 that is today morning 0915
so this was the high point for the day and this was the low point for the day. So what I did was I just drew out the
five minute range here and the first breakout happened in the morning session
between 930 and 9:40 AM on the upside. So here price did start moving higher. That is above the initial
opening range that was defined. Now do watch the opening range breakout
video that will come in front of you because this is where I have explained
a great deal about how you should be treating opening range breakout. And let me tell you one thing that I
have covered this concepts in great depth and what I’m showing you
in this particular video
is a combination of opening range breakout along with VWAP indicator. So let me now show you how this initial
opening range helped me identify a trading opportunity here. Now do take into consideration that the
first breakout happened on the upside where volume and price
expansion was clearly visible. So this is where most of the traders
would have started going long in Bharti Airtel for the day. And let us not forget that this
stock has been in a strong uptrend. So this breakout that happened above the
opening range would have been perceived as a fresh break out on the upside. So this is where clearly positions were
trapped as traders would have entered on the long side, seeing the opening range
being violated on the higher side. I hope this particular aspect is
clear. Now about 45 minutes later, look what happened. So initially
after the breakout happened, you got these long wick here, which clearly represented the
inability of price to move higher. Now make no mistake that this long wick
is again forming near this particular region. That is again long wick followed
by a bearish engulfing candle. So about 45 minutes later, look what happened as price retraced
back in this opening range price then violated this range on the
downside that is at 561. So all of these traders who entered
between 566 and 568 were trapped here. And finally then price broke this
opening range on the downside. So just imagine or just think in terms
of psychological impact that all these traders must be having. That is they bought between 566 and 568
and eventually price then moved lower from this opening range. So this was actually one of the key
triggers that helped me decide taking this short sell trade. So in terms
of psychological impact, all these traders who had bought here, as soon as they saw this particular
range being broken on the downside, they would have started
exiting their positions here. Now what happens is this then leads
to price move lower with momentum. And in this particular
trade, this is what happened. So this was the breakdown candle that
moved below the opening low for the day. And then look at what happened. The next candle that followed up from
561 to 558 this is where I shot sold. Look at the volume expansion that
happened and look at the price range expansion. So this is again a
key when it comes to day trading. That is you have to confirm price
action with respect to volume. Now all those traders who had not exited
here when the low point of the day was breached, that is the opening range on the downside
would have really panicked seeing this particular candle forming. And usually what happens is that if
you look at this particular candle, all these traders who had entered here, they will now start panicking and start
exiting their positions somewhere here. Now this again fuels the momentum
on the downside and as you will see, price did start moving lower that to on
back of high volume and high momentum. So when it comes to short selling, I definitely like to see this particular
set playing out that his position is being trapped on another side and then
the breakdown happening on the downside. Now, this just simply adds more momentum on
the downside and this gives you high odds of success when it comes to short selling. Now the third important point that
helped me hold the position was the clear followup that was happening
after the breakdown candle. Now look at all these bearish candles
here and look at the corresponding volumes, with each bearish
candle volume actually expanded. Now within these candles, Look at
all these counter trend candles here. There is hardly any retracement
visible on the upside. Now this means that after each breakdown, candle price went in a range and
again a breakdown candle form. So again you will see a
breakdown candle forming, price being in range and one more
candle forming on the downside. Here again you see three more candles
trying to form a range And again you see a breakdown candle. So this is usually the followup candle
method that I use in order to assess the strength of the underlying move. And that is when I decided how and
when I have to offload positions. Now make no mistake that when I shorted
at 558 when the market was open, I clearly stated that I was expecting
Bharti to move below 545 somewhere closer to 543 545 and the main reason why I
couldn’t make this assessment was because of this particular followup candles
here along with inability of price to retrace. And one more key thing that is at the
core of this particular short sell method when I’m showing you
is the VWAP indicator. Now I cannot emphasize this enough that
you have to learn how to identify a strong VWAP Setup and a weak VWAP set
up because that eventually helps you decide how you need to manage your trades
better and how you need to exit it. And one more data point that actually
helped me take this short sell trade was based on the Renko support and resistance
concept that I will be explaining next week. Now in case you have missed the
first part of Renko trading series, link to all these videos
will come up in front of you. I have done currently one video on it
and this particular region that I’ve marked out in form of an arrow, This was actually a strong breakdown
that happened in terms of Renko chart. Now don’t take this as a triple bottom
breakdown because that is what you see in books and in various videos
that are done on Renko trading. I think it is a great disservice when you
turn this as a triple bottom breakdown or triple top break out. That is something not how I define Renko
support and resistance and the reason why I’m showing you this
in this particular video
is because I have used this concept live today and I
have executed the trade. Now most of the Renko charts or
videos or tutorials that you’ll see, usually I’ve seen that those
are shown on static charts, not on live charts and that is something
that is of limited value and on this particular channel, especially in
this Live Intraday Trading series, I am trying to show you all these concepts
on live charts because that is when you will understand these better. And one more point that I want to
highlight is that here I have used Renko charts in conjunction with VWAP
indicator and opening range and this is something I had mentioned in the first
part of Renko Trading that the way I used Renko Charts is I like to club in with
other methods and that is when I found that Renko charts are really powerful. So if you want to get better at day
trading and short term trading with VWAP indicator, do watch these two videos that will
come up in front of you because this is where I have explained great
amount of things in detail. Now I have given a lot of information for
free when it comes to day trading with respect to VWAP indicator and other
methods and these set of collections of videos that I’ve done on day trading. I can assure you you won’t find
it on any other channel or a book. I also run a detailed VWAP Trading course
that is completely optional in case you want to check it out, because that is where I have shown all
of these concepts in great detail with respect to stock selection, entry exit, and various other things that will help
you become a successful day trader. So kindly consider hitting the like
button and sharing this video if you find this content useful. Thanks a
lot for watching this video guys. Take care and be safe.

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