Q1 Goals Check In | Q2 Break

Hi everyone. I’m rincey and this is
rincey reads. Today i’m going to be doing my quarter 1 goals check-in and to talk to
you guys about quarter 2, which is going to be interesting. So if you aren’t aware
or you’re new here, at the end of last year I made my goals video, which I will
link up in the cards. And what I decided to do is instead of doing annual goals
for my reading this year, I decided to do quarterly goals. Because what I realize
is last year I kind of stopped caring about my big reading goals that I made
at the beginning of the year around like the halfway mark. And I noticed that for
a number of years in the second half of the year I usually stopped caring about
the goals that I made at the beginning of the year. And I was always okay with
that because you know I recognized that my goals changed. But I figured that
this year what I would do is I would make quarterly goals and I would sort of
assess where I was at at the beginning of the quarter or before the beginning
of the quarter and then it tried to figure out what I wanted in the next
quarter. It seemed more realistic and a better way to sort of approach goals for
me personally because I didn’t ever want to like abandon reading goals but I knew
that my life changes, my priorities change. And so assessing things on a
quarterly level would give me enough time to sort of make steps in the
direction that I want to be making as well as give me the time to reflect on
those steps and see if that’s something I want to continue with or not. So for
the first quarter of the year, I made two goals for myself. The first one was to
try to read books from book riot’s best books of a 2018 list. One of the things
I talked about is how I felt like I hadn’t been reading really
2018 releases a whole lot and if I were they were like not the ones that
everyone was talking about. Not that I really feel the pressure to always have
the big books read every single year. But I sort of felt like I was out of touch
with the rest of the bookish community. And so my basic idea was to try to read
like two of those a month. There were 48 books on the list.
I had previously read eight of them. So there were 40 on the list that I hadn’t
read yet. And so I was thinking like oh if I read like two a month for the
entire year that’s a pretty good amount of books that I would have had under my belt. I have not been doing that. I did 3 in
January then I’ve done zero in February and zero in March. I didn’t actually try
at all to read any of them in March because I realized I didn’t care. I’m not
exactly sure what happened. Actually I do know what happened which will lead into
you know 2019 goals. But yeah, I just stopped caring about that goal and that
was one where I realized you know at the beginning of March that I wasn’t gonna
be moving forward with like trying to accomplish this thing that I made up for myself. I was okay with not going on with it.
Like I’ll probably read some of the books eventually because there are books
on that list and I do want to read eventually. But, you know, making that a
priority wasn’t really that important. The second goal I had for myself was to
focus on my physical TBR and to try to reduce it a little bit. So at the end of
2018 my physical TBR was around 58 books, or at least when I recorded that video
it was at 58 books. And then my goal for the first quarter was to try to get it
down to 50 books. And that seems relatively reasonable except I bought
too many books and my reading significantly slowed down in the first
quarter of this year. So I went and checked right before I recorded this
video and my unread TBR currently sits at 56 books. So at least I went down.
That’s actually one that I’m kind of disappointed in myself for. And it’s not
so much the fact that I think I bought too many books but I think just my
reading in general like I just said has slowed down significantly. I am having a
very hard first quarter of the year. In December, I started a new job and the
learning curve for this job is really, really steep. It is requiring a lot of my
brain space. So, you know, before I would read on the train and that got me a lot
of reading in. I would read sometimes during my lunch breaks. I had the energy
after work to read. Right now I maybe read on my lunch breaks. I feel
like a lot of times now during my lunch breaks I’m working on other things like
book riot stuff. In the evenings I feel like I’m still working and then I maybe
have like 15 minutes worth of energy to put towards books if even that.
So yeah, like in March I read five books, which again is not a terrible number. I’m
not like judging other people. But I know just for myself compared to what I was
doing last year — and again, last year was kind of an extraordinary year for my
reading. And by extraordinary, I don’t mean like amazing I mean just like the
quantity of books that I consumed last year was a lot. And I think it was kind
of like an unhealthy amount of a lot. But going from that extreme to what feels
like another extreme is really jarring as well and really difficult to deal
with. And like the number of books I’m reading right now isn’t something I’m
currently happy with because I feel like there’s so many times when I want to be
reading but I just don’t have the energy for it and it’s really hindering me a
lot. Like a lot of the fuel I get for being a bookish person on the internet
comes from the fact that I will be reading books and I want to talk about
those books. And so I will make videos or I will talk about them on a podcast or I
will incorporate them into something I’m doing for book riot. And when you’re not
reading books, it’s kind of hard to talk about books, at least for me. So yeah, I’m
having a hard first quarter. So that leads to second quarter. I’ve been
thinking a lot about what I want out of my second quarter and part of it comes
down to I’m not sure. I do still want to get my physical TBR down quite a bit but
I also kind of just want to figure out what I want. So I think what I’m gonna do
in the second quarter this year, and this is kind of hard for me, is I think I’m
gonna take a break. I took a break in November and honestly it was helpful but
I don’t think it was long enough. And I think the fact that I went from like
taking a break in November and then immediately doing vlogmas while also
starting a new job didn’t help that fact at all. So I didn’t even take like all of
November really off because I spent parts of November like prepping for
vlogmas. But I think I need to like actually take a break. So I’m not gonna
be putting up videos on this channel in the months of April, May, and possibly
June. I know for a fact I won’t do it in April. I’m gonna kind of assess and
see how I feel at the end of the month and maybe I just have had a really hard
March because I have had a really hard March. We’ll see how I feel in the end of April and maybe I’ll come back in May but I
have a feeling I’m gonna take April and May off and very possibly June as well.
And after that point I’m gonna kind of figure out what’s next. It’s like weird
because I’ve been doing this for so long that I kind of don’t know what this is
going to look like for me, what this is gonna mean for me. I don’t want to say
like I’m not coming back and I don’t want to say I’m definitely coming back
because I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m still gonna be kind of around
because I’m not like quitting book riot. So I’ll still be making videos over there.
I’ll still be doing the Read or Dead podcast and things like that. And like it
could just be possible that like doing all of the book riot up and all of my
stuff is too much and maybe I can handle doing some of it. But I don’t know. I’m
gonna be like taking a break from social media a bit. Like when I was thinking
about this prior to this point, like my feeling in the entire month of March has
been like wanting to go like completely off the grid. Like just completely fall
off in terms of like internet presence and just like abandon all of it. But
that’s also not really what I want. Like I just had that’s just sort of like my
instinct whenever I’m really stressed out and really overwhelmed is just to
like go in the opposite direction and just hide in under my blankets. But I
know that’s not necessarily what I need to do. I do think I’m gonna be on social
media a lot less but I don’t think I’m gonna disappear completely. I feel like
I’m still gonna be somewhat around but I think I need to pull back quite a bit. So
yeah, I’ve been like thinking about this as like a sabbatical almost. Like I’m
recording this obviously at like the end of March, beginning of April and we’re in
the middle of the Lenten season. For those of you who aren’t aware, from
like you know Lent in well it’s in February usually until Easter is the
lent season. And usually what you do is you give something up or change
something about your daily habits in order to help people focus on God. And
so one of the things I’ve been doing, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have
seen me post about this but I’ve been trying to take like a proper Sabbath. Not like a proper Sabbath in terms of like the
Jewish sense where you like literally do nothing but just a day of rest for
myself. Because I’m not good at that and I definitely need it. But one of the
things I’ve been realizing is that I just have too much on my plate and even
when I feel like I’m taking a day of rest, I still don’t feel like I’m really
resting because I’m like stressed out about something that I need to be doing.
And I think I need to take like more of a break than just a day a week. So
yeah, that’s where I’m at. Again, I don’t have any sort of like good promises for
the future or anything like that just because I don’t know what’s gonna happen
at the end of this. Like one of the things I really want to assess is like
what I want. Like I said, before I’ve been thinking a lot about sort of like my
future and what I want out of life and things like that. And I’ve been thinking
about like different things I want to try and do, and I’m like looking at my
life right now and I’m like I don’t even know how that would possibly fit in my
life because I feel like I don’t have free time at the moment. Like I can’t
possibly add another thing to do in my life. And so I have to remove something.
So I’m going to start removing some things. This isn’t the only thing I’m changing.
But yeah, I think I need to start removing some things and figuring out
what my priorities are and then start acting on my priorities. You know, I’m
like someone who doesn’t believe that you can technically like do it all, at
least not do it all at the same time. You need to sort of focus on the things that
are most important to you during certain seasons. You sometimes need to — or not
sometimes — you do need to change and adjust as your life changes and adjusts.
And so like previous parts of my life, I had less responsibilities. I had easier
jobs, I suppose you could say, or jobs that yeah, were less demanding of me. And so I had the time and energy to do all of the
things that I wanted to do in terms of like side hustles and hobbies and whatnot. But things are changing now and so I
need to figure out what I do and don’t want to keep in my life and what I do
and don’t want to be focusing my time and energy on. Because right now I feel
like the things I’m focusing my time and energy on or not what I want to be
focusing on. So, I think that’s basically it. And again, there is a chance that I will come back to it. I will say that like for
the past month booktube hasn’t felt very fun for me. Again, I think March was just
a hard month for me and I was really stressed out. And so doing this just felt
more like an obligation and reading kind of felt like an obligation and I feel
like in general my channel has peaked a little bit or maybe plateaued is a
better word for it because my energy isn’t really in this channel like it
used to be. I feel like engagement has dropped quite
a bit. And so if I want to keep doing this, I need to reassess how I’m doing it
and figure out again just what I want. That’s what it all comes down to. So yeah,
that’s all I have. I don’t even know how to end this video. Thanks so much to
everyone for watching, whether it be your first video here or you’ve been watching
me for all seven years that I’ve been doing this. Again, all of my social media
will be linked down below. So if you want to keep up with some stuff I’m doing, if
I am updating anything online it’ll be probably my Instagram and, or Goodreads.
Those are the most likely places I’ll be. And then like kind of under that is
Twitter. But otherwise I need to step back for a little bit, for a little while.
Oh I will have links also down below to like the book riot YouTube channel and
to the Read or Dead podcast. So you can subscribe to those if you are interested
in hearing me talk about books in other places. Because I do talk about books and
other places still. So yeah, that’s all I have for now and thanks for watching.

73 thoughts on “Q1 Goals Check In | Q2 Break

  1. You do what's best for you! We'll be here when/if you're ready to make videos on this channel again 🙂
    Also sidenote, I know you commented that you felt that you had been out of the loop with regards to new releases in 2018, but I've found that you've actually been the first person I see talking about books that are later hyped/talked about at length by other book tubers. For example, Bad Blood and My sister the serial killer 🙂

  2. Breaks are good! Also I feel you on the goal of figuring out your goals. I started an accountability group with my friends where we set monthly goals and I flopped my March goal and am about to head into our April brunch like "look my goal is to pick a goal for next time"

  3. I would be sad if you chose not to come back, but I would also totally understand. I am really glad when people I care about online step away in order to take care of themselves, and I would never want anyone to feel like this is an unnecessary burden or obligation. This is definitely supposed to be fun, and if it isn't, things should change! I hope that you can come back refreshed and excited about books again. I've definitely felt a "burn it all down" feeling in terms of booktube before, so I totally understand the compulsion to walk away for good.

  4. Rincey I love your goals review. My job hasn't gotten in the way (any more than usual, that is), but I have re-evaluated my reading considerably over the past year, too. After reading more books in a year than ever before in 2018, I originally decided to go for even more in 2019. But then I decided that more is simply more. I want to read fewer books and get more from those books. So I totally get your desire to pull back and reassess. I hope you decide to return but if not, there's always Instagram! Take care of you first. Cheers!

  5. I'm sure gonna miss your content but I can wait. 🙂 Hope this break helps you figure things out and live a happier life.

  6. We will miss you! You're my favorite booktuber! When I first found your channel, you really opened my eyes to the lack of diversity in my reading. I'm getting so much more out of what I am reading now. And I have you to thank for that! I also picked up what is now one of my favorite books because of you- The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld! So thanks for…being you 😊 I hope you do come back!

  7. I'm really glad to hear you're taking care of yourself in this way – go you! <3 I'll be keeping up elsewhere. 🙂

  8. Oh, sad. Good for you that you decided you need time for yourself. But I will miss your content. I hope you will be able to recharge your battery. Take care of yourself and I hope to see you back before too long.

  9. Yes for a sabbath! I was doing that for the longest but fell off from that. This inspired me to return to that practice. Additionally I support you figuring out what’s next for you etc 💛 sending great vibes 💛

  10. Take care of yourself! Sometimes a break is just what we need. I'm glad you're taking some time to do that. Good luck!

  11. You need to do what makes you happiest, and if that means leaving Youtube forever, so be it. We'll all miss you, but the Rincey we love is the Rincey who is bursting with bookish enthusiasm. Finding your book happiness again is the most important thing <3

  12. You’ll be missed a lot but you need to take care of yourself, nothing else matters! You just need to realize what you really want! I wish you all the best and you need the rest . Learn to rest and put your cares in prayer. ❤️❤️🙏🏻

  13. I will miss your podcasts, however, I totally agree about stepping back and reassessing and making sure there is not too much on your plate. Your reading podcasts are the best. take care

  14. You need to do what’s best for you! You’ll be missed of course but we all just want you to be happy and doing whatever works for you! Big love!

  15. Thank you for posting this video, Rincey, even if it was a hard choice to make. I'm so sorry to hear you had such a rough March, and I'm glad you're taking the chance to step back and relax and reassess things on your channel and in your life as well. And I hear you, I'm just coming out of possibly the toughest/worst year of my life, and the thought of making YouTube videos was too much for me. I'd like to come back, I'm just finding it hard to get started. And hey, if you ever want to pop back and share an update, or share a great book you've been reading, you know we'll all be here for you! 😀

  16. Please take care of you! Reading should be relaxing not causing stress. Look forward to getting updates in the future

  17. I really enjoy your videos, but taking care of yourself and prioritizing the kinds of making and doing that you want to do definitely comes first. I hope this break brings you what you need! 🙂

  18. Thank you for modeling self-care. I gave up social media over a year ago and it has been aaaamazing, life changing really. You do you… It really is hard knowing that you can't do it all and deciding what must give. Hope you get lots of rest & clarity over the next couple of months. Glad we'll still be able to catch you on Book Riot!

  19. If you decide to not come back, that's perfectly okay. It could be that you've simply outgrown booktube? Whatever the case may be, you do you Rincey and thanks for the awesome content. 🙂

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  21. I hope you do come back, but you gotta do what’s right for you. I love your emphasis on the sabbath. It was established for good reason.

  22. It's super important to take time to re-assess priorities in life and to re-focus energy toward what's truly important to you. Good for you for doing that for yourself! I'm sorry you had a bad March. I hope this readjustment period turns out very well for you. God bless. I hope to see you on here soon, but want you to do what is best for your life. If this feels like a chore, then you should step away for sure. All the best to you.

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  24. Your presence will certainly be missed, however I am a big advocate for taking sabbaticals when necessary, whether for a day, a month, or more. Do what is best and feels right in your soul and spirit. Take care of yourself and protect your peace and energy.

  25. Thank you for sharing your insights for all these years. May you find renewed energy as you discern what most brings you joy.

  26. Hey dude, thanks for making this video! Like you said, it's always nice to know what's going on when people stop posting, and we'll definitely still be here if/when you decide to come back. You're a really insightful voice in my booktube world and I'll miss hearing it, but I absolutely wish you all the best. I think a true sabbath is a really revolutionary thing these days (i'm Jewish and currently can't keep it due to my work, which sucks) and I hope that by reducing your load overall you can really access that space of real rest. Have a great quarter, and I hope we see you in June or July!

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  31. I'm glad you made this video because otherwise, it seems that what happens to us simple watchers doesn't happen to Youtubers/Booktubers as well. Life happens, you change, your interests changes and sometimes what you enjoyed doing doesn't bring you the same pleasure anymore. I remember last year when you talked about changing jobs and I was (I'm still am) having a crisis regarding my job that took all the fun in activities like reading. It makes you feel less guilty knowing that some people might need a rest as well. And I'm a believer that goals should be incentives; not obligations. Rest well and do what you have/want to do <3

  32. Just to echo what other people have been saying, you will absolutely be missed but taking time for yourself and to figure out your goals should always be the priority. I hope this evaluation period is helpful for you!

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  39. Taking a break is absolutely necessary sometimes, especially when you’ve had a change in work. Booktube takes up a lot of intellectual and time resources and setting it aside sounds like the right thing for now. We will miss you so much! And I so so hope you come back, but whatever happens thank you for creating so much inspiring and wonderful content over the years. 🤗

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  42. Thanks for the video, Rincey. I absolutely understand about taking a break because you need to rest. I am a Seventh-day Adventist so I keep the (Jewish) sabbath each week and so I appreciate the time off as a gift instead of a how people often look on it as a restriction. I hope you get the benefits that you're looking for and come back to making videos but whatever you decide, you've made an impact here and I want to say thank you for everything you've contributed to the reading community thus far. All the best!

  43. Prioritizing is healthy. Sounds like you may need a hiatus. I did the same…I used to run marathons but needed to pull away due to more work responsibility and it was starting to not feel “fun” anymore.

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  48. Your channel has always been my favorite booktube for being the most genuine. But you are under no obligation to make videos, we can all just be grateful for the ones you have made so far. Thank you for opening my horizons in literature. Be happy, that always ends up being the most important goal in life, whatever you end up doing! And thank you again!

  49. What do you want to take from your reading. What do you take from book tube. What does book riot and book tube provide you. Rincy, give yourself time for you. That mean off social media, off from work, off from the reading pressures and return it to pleasure without social media.

  50. Take your time. I'm still adjusting to the new job (which I've been doing since August now). The time and energy that goes into learning it takes away mind space for reading and also booktube. I've been skipping upload days whenever I don't manage and that helped a lot, also watching a lot less than I used to. Allowing myself to just take care of myself and do things when I feel like them has helped figure out what I want. Not totally there yet, as I am mostly making goals on a monthly progress basis these days – failing a lot of them btw.

  51. I'm late to the game in watching this video, but I wish you the best as you recharge and refresh. It is important to clear your mind and refocus on important priorities. I will miss your insightful and enriching videos, hope to see you soon! Best of luck to you in achieving balance and positive energy!

  52. Can you do a video about books that are perfect to follow or lead other books?? I don’t mean sequels or prequels, I mean books that feel like a smooth flow from another book, perhaps in the theme or plot or characters similarities etc. Like if you just finished Harry Potter, since you’re in that special hangover from it, what book would be perfect to read then? Thank you!

  53. I hope you choose to come back, because you're my favorite booktuber ever and I've been watching you for maybe……6 years and I love hearing your book opinions. However, I'm the biggest supporter of taking care of yourself and doing what you need to do for yourself so I really hope you figure out what you want to do and that you do that!!! sending support and good vibes your way

  54. Oh man, this makes me so sad. 7 Days at Sea is no longer on the platform(he just disappeared again….for the 2nd time. ugh), Helene Jeppesen is also on a break and I doubt that she will return and now Rincey. These are folks who do mostly literary fiction/classics….the kind of books that I LOVE. There is so much YA on YouTube but I can't do YA at all, so I'm wondering where I'll get all of my recommendations from. Most of the books on my shelf are from Rincey, Helene, Conrad etc. and I am now realizing just how much my reading life and book choices are based on these channels. I don't know if that's such a good thing. I guess I thought that these channels and the lovely people behind them would be around forever. Rincey, do what's best for you BUT PLEASE COME BACK!!! Pretty please?

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