Racist Assault Caught On Tape

preferably at a is a woman in louisiana
the supervising some of the construction that’s going on to you know rebuilt
louisiana on and there was one person that was working on
construction analytical way them and treated her
let’s watch mcmahan randy were wicked to report button on
her cell phone when investigators say twenty
nine-year-old josh jimbo and went on a profanity laced tirades on jimbo was
upset with the way hurricane isaac debrief up was going on visit the racial slurs were not happen
next still haunts worried when jim bones so she was reporting this
video came after her spit in her face you can hear it from
the audience use of the dale for all are world for hi back uh… it was going to up there but he
called it the edward multiple times posey of things that matter her he was
mad at the way i had uh… hurricane isaac clean-up was going i don’t know
exactly what happened in the altercation but regardless of that i’m sure that
nothing would provoke that kind of reaction or would justify that kind of
reaction you know it’s a way of saying to say that i was
where then were served in order to get spit on the fitness both of them it’s
late so i mean c l_ were outrages the idea of trade like somebody just i mean he hopped a
louis they react with it would you want movement uh… and uh… if someone did that to me in an election
on the position of fights and dixie but that’s you can’t help but from now you know and so and and it’s old immediate so
denigrating to do that to a woman who can’t fight back to
stress might stomach so is it do we know what happened in this country well of u_s_ acceded get arrested for
assault uh… innocent accident victim talks
about how she’s humiliated after the incident watch he’d be of whatever you know the coolest
thing that he could pick out too it meaning breaking you know anything to make me feel less
than human were lee’s mother fought back tears today just thinking about the hate
her daughter encounter with humiliating is a humiliating thing in in very hurtful safing about their pockets in this
country with those words are used without really thinking twice the fact i
it’s so must say it all the time it’s not like hey you know what is the first
time that he got so angry and decided he’s going to get out only minutes at
our but he’s using it like a regular event here you wouldn’t know what you
just came back from a valuable earth summit alright but yeah i was worse that
somebody close in an order sincere fits loaf courses this novel he said you know dick as far as name-calling gives you
uh… here is that so identified with him that you did you need to kitna you know says that doesn’t chill you cowboy setting for can someone
said you don’t have any control over me yet
be upset about it ever been to knock it out make me do something because of using
its but you accidentally does on the part of it as you can see
afterwards he runs like overused is not is not a man are used to do
anything about it because he’s a pusey yeah ’cause he’s like what you
know do you wanna arrogantly think is on bigoted but is nor the mandate to do something
about it deserves its own you he worried about
doing something of a debt and i said hi you that it’s like one of the worst parts of it like cities
like you’re helpless here like arkansas you’re really i do this on
you but sitting on you and there’s no one was going to help you
what kind of a guy does that you know that the stories that this mail from those
are people who were stronger or more powerful team of people were less powerful that’s exactly what he’s doing here like
i got everybody on my side of the spin your face is nothing to do about walt
disney he actually tried to defend his character and this is a good guy once
you’re ready at all is over when questioned about the video g_m_
bone defended his character patrick regard formal grid builders did you use to get hurt and she says her
short sellers we would like to for you what’s right
with the correct he should surely would not like to do it at this
strangers that sentence have a good guy and have a good business to business
made those two things are still says it is is not black so he works that’s what
he’s saying they’re i work idu business not like this black shaken probably i think she was at work to the issues
with another job to buy the cat but to him that’s would give me a slight bit
persistence is under the businessmen are must be a good person even if i literally speaking people
spaces okay ’cause i’m a good business and only a black person that i did that
suits not a real person exactly that’s the thing and see what set him off the filming of it is not that happens so
much happens so regularly you can always say look at you playing the race card i
wouldn’t do that you coverup all these things can at one point net cost the
rest of the news reports you mentioned to the attic of short so i didn’t
include it no one would believe us if it wasn’t for the tape yes says he saw that take heed made-up
the deadbolt and give me the phone but my phone my property who are you united states texas is this over right above you mentality
thinks he can do these things and reasoning that he’s a good business
sense is right about his business going down because these massive asl racist it right now is expo testing yes and
actors are that’s not good for business ironically right back and so it did he use in your idea if she came out that same exact story
without the tape what percentage would not believe fifty percent seventy percent ninety percent

100 thoughts on “Racist Assault Caught On Tape

  1. Those black males standing there and let him disrespect and assault one of their sisters are Cowards! Now as a man IF I was there and heard him say there's not a guy that can do anything to stop me, that would have totally challenged my manhood and instinkively I would have dropped his ass one punch REAL TALK!!! BETTER YET IF ME AND MY SONS WERE THERE HE WOULD HAVE TOOK A OLD SCHOOL DETROIT ASS WHOOPING!!!

  2. Why are you men just standing around doing absolutely nothing? All of you are just as guilty as the spitter…we could actually begin to end racism if the rest of you would step up and stop being complacent. See something, say something…

  3. they didn't say or do anything because they're all exactly like he is.

    You may not like Michael Moore, but he does a great job at instilling wisdom:
    "as long as there are people allowed to behave like this, as long as there are people who think like this, women will never be safe in this country".

  4. Please, brothers, stand up for our women please I am begging you oh this makes me so mad that savage would not be breathing now if you spit in my face or at our women, words don't hurt me because it's just talk but if you touch me spit at me then I am obligated to take you off this planet and you can bet on that savage!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I do not understand why the workmen did not step in. I would have stood between him and her, and he would have to fight to get past me.

  6. I'm black I would have damn near killed his pink ass I would have f*** him up why s*** like that don't happen around me I would have been still whooping his ass

  7. And there where no men in the video just a female victim, a "thing", and a bunch of boys who haven't become real men yet

  8. this is exactly why i don't even take out the trash without being armed. spitting on someone is assault, and i would have defended myself. 🔫
    (legally of course)

  9. Getting spit on! And he's lucky I wasn't there. He dared those guys, and those pussies didn't move. It was some black guys standing around.

  10. Que mundo é esse em que as pessoas perderam o respeito pelo ser humano. Que esta moça se recupere desta situação.

  11. Spitting in someone's face is the most disgraceful thing you can do to somebody and should end up with a guy doing the spitting or woman getting their asses kicked for doing that. It's disgusting

  12. She did have someone on her side because the police did come in and arrested the racist asshole for assault and" battery" should have been added to that too.. if it wasn't at the time.

  13. We putting up with a lot too long, some one should do something to him that when he look at it every day he still feels the pain.

  14. This is disgusting, not one man spoke up for her or offered assistance, not one man .No men out there apparently. Mr.Jambon you are the lowest form of a man ,you are a COWARD and a big BULLY.There is a man that would get into that ass.He just wasn't out there that day.

  15. I never seen a bunch of f**** cowards in my life I wish I knew where this man was because he would be history believe me

  16. He is a racist and a bully. Not only should he be charged but receive the stiffest penalty available. I hope the young lady should sue the crap out of him. Hurt him every way possible. He will remember next time how to treat all people.

  17. For every black man white piece of shit spit in that black woman face need to be the same mother fucker spending her face

  18. He should have been charged with a hate crime. That simple assault would have been a felony.. no excuse to treat someone like that

  19. 😩All of them were white males!
    And not one could see thru that brown covering the beautiful human female body and her hurt in her beautiful face!

  20. Plenty of men standing around and none of those cowards did anything. Smh that racist ass hole was right to say not a man around it's going to do anything because none of those so-called men did anything.

  21. All the men that let that happen have no backbone and are poor excuses. I guarantee you he would have got his ass beat in Detroit.

  22. She was filming someone without consent and i don't see why she has to be the type of person to pull out the phone to video tape random people who are having a bad day then pity party when they get checked, it doesn't matter what words he said he was provoked because his identity was on display in the manner where they already were looking down at him instead of minding her business and moving on to something more positive she was nosy and inconsiderate no rights no fucks if you disrespect someone they will do the same unless they choose not to care.

  23. He dared any man to do sumn about it.
    Spit on her then called her the N word.
    & not one little wiener big balls dummie calling his self a man step forward.
    How low can he & all these guys go !!!!

  24. Not sure why anyone would ever do business with this POS racist assaulter?! He has a thriving business and in my opinion, people need to avoid it and put him out of business. Buddy, if you ever did that in front of me, I would wreck you.

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