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Welcome to Rastakhan’s Rumble. Hearthstone’s newest expansion, including 135 new cards. Hosted by the God King Rastakhan, the Rumble is a gladiatorial celebration
of all things Troll. Where nine teams, one for each Hearthstone class, have converged on Gurubashi Arena to fight for glory. Each team is dedicated to a LOA, primal gods of prodigious power who fight in the arena
with amazing, game changing abilities. The Loa empower their team with Spirits, rare minions
that bolster their team’s strengths with potent Passive effects and gain Stealth for the first turn. Each team is led by a CHAMPION, Legendary Troll minions hand-picked
by the Loa for the Rumble. The abilities of Loa, Spirit,
and Champion combine to form incredible synergies, making amazing effects possible! Some cards have the new keyword OVERKILL. When cards with Overkill attack
and deal more damage than a target’s health, they trigger a powerful bonus effect. Man you’ve never seen Get your scar, it’s How a star is born Here in Stranglethorn We’ll see you in the Rumble.

100 thoughts on “Rastakhan’s Rumble Overview | Hearthstone

  1. Why is everyone so bitchy here? Is nothing new to have a trailer after release. And it is a good overview and solid trailer.

  2. Please fix rumble run i have lost game one multiple times because a lot of the shrines have a weak starter deck versus the a.i. "perfect" deck.

  3. Well now I really see why they pulled funding from one of my favorite games in blizzard history, the budget on this desperate cash grab move must have been huge!

  4. "The least impactfull Hearthstone expansion till now!!"
    And the solo run sucked hard… Won once and ill never touch it again…

  5. I like the work behind the cards but I think a lot of people can agree that this expension was absolute trash power wise and meta changing wise…
    I hope to see a bit more cards from this, for now, useless set when the rotation comes out

  6. Here's an idea – how about, instead of this video showcasing the new expansion we're already playing, you release the Full song from the trailer to get people hyped? Trust me, this would work wonders and there will be no dislikes!

  7. Blizzard just forgot to mention that only 2 of the allmighty and powerful Loas are good enough to be used on ladder and the new mechanics are weak and clunky. Not to mention Rumble Run is unbalanced to the point of not even being fun. The best thing about this expansion was the trailer's great music.

  8. C'mon guys rastakhan is one of the most fun sets they've released. You should try out some of the new cards in casual, you know, instead of tryharding on ladder

  9. Boy if only you'd done this when the expansion was actually being realeased, the video is so cool and hypes rastakhan really well but it's too late now

  10. Blizzard: Ok, guyz. No one is playing a new cards. What we do?
    Guy no.1: Maybe release a more powerfull cards?
    Guy no.2: Maybe new cards that will be support an old decks?
    Guy no.3: Maybe nerf old most playable cards and post a video about a new expansion once again?

    Guess who got promotion.

  11. I’m so waiting for the year of the mammoth to rotate back, Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne and Kobolds & Catacombs were amazing expansions. The year of the raven seems weak compared to mammoth, I don’t like the expansions we got! If the next expansion is like the ones we got this year, with the mammoth expansions moved to wild, standard mode will probably suck.

  12. lets be honest about Hearthstone gameplay.
    what i am noticing is this: each round is all about them (the opponent) trying to sneak in some overpowered mega card, and win in under 3 round (or whatever) . FOR EXAMPLE.
    why do i need to have 1/3 weapon, and 2 x 1/1's minions on round 1. ?
    why cant i just be happy with a 1/1 minion
    why do i need to have a 4 cost minion (Barnes) and 2 x 10 (ysarj) cost minions on round 4?
    why do i need to be that OP (over-powered)? is it because i suck so badly that i need an edge?

    OH i get it, if i buy deck packs and grab the legendarys, then play in casual mode, i can beat up on people with weak decks and get the 'joy' of winning. but only LOSERS need to play that way (with an advantage), you and i know that.

    you dont need skill to play this game, if you just buy all the legendaries, form a deck 1-9 of legendaries. no skill needed. will win 50% matches no questions about it.

    i'm judging this game harshly because it has some weaksauce gameplay. and the game concept of winning something that doesnt exist is under-intelligenced.

    do i play this game? yes i do. for entertainment purposes and the fact that most of the games out there today are infinitely worse. as far as a drink a coffee and shovel some cards with neat graphics and colory lights, this is an OK game. as far as depth of intelligence beyond that of a 3rd grader, NO. this is a fully pay 2 win game, that you will win nothing in the end. GUARANTEED. its a sham, they want you to give them real money for a product that doesn't exist, that they can make in infinite supply. MONEY FOR NOTHING.

    that proves a less than moral character on the part of the game designers and marketers.

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