Ray tracing in Battlefield 5: Live first reactions

sure how far are things we’re ready
yep I’m hitting the buttons to go alive all right we’re live so we’re gonna let
me double check but yeah it looks like we are live Gordon tell the people what
we’re doing hey folks we just literally download a battlefield 5 took the
windows 10 October and the windows October update because we have luckily
we have the nuka-cola bill that Elena did the other day and we have an artsy
x20 atti and a 9900 kay it’s the all haterade version so if you are hating on
Intel Nvidia this is your turn to get angry because that’s what you’re here
for but what we want to see is the ray-tracing effects in battlefield 5 or
B V whatever you want to call it I’m going to show you let’s see if we can
pop out to the I’m just gonna show the controls here just to show that what you
have you have to have windows October update yeah the one that was erasing
data that was bad it’s working now it’s not erasing data you got to have that
you have to have the latest Nvidia drivers and of course we just had to buy
it you had to have an RT X card 20 70 20 or 80 and the 20 80 TI this is a 20 80
TI founders edition and as you can see up here dx12 is enabled and DX r is
enabled with that all the way down to the bottom you can see you can change
your ray tracing reflection quality so right now it’s at the Ultra so it’s just
basically maxed out and you can actually take that later right now we are running
with vsync turned off because I just want to see cuz we are for this stream
for the purpose of the stream we are actually playing a at 1080p as you can
see we’re running afterburner in the left-hand side and I’m going to tap out
is that gonna stay there yeah we are also running XTU in the background just
to see just to see I believe this 1900 K is set to MCE Auto cuz we were basically
four seven and most of the cores so let’s go ahead and let’s see what it
looks like this is the first time we’ve ever fired the game up index our mode
yeah and Brad charkas obviously our resident CPU expert has tried this at
Gamescom he helped us get it all ready for this stream and he said that this
Rotterdam level is gonna be one of the best places
to see RTX in action he said specifically in puddles are so real 400
my god and in elections on Windows let’s try to
remember did we spawn at D there so we can see that reflections there let’s
just hope nobody comes up in yeah that’s the problem of doing it in a live game
is that Gordon could could be shot but then we also get to see Gordon’s playing
ability which is well I have not played a shooter in a while okay yeah okay
let’s just stack up in the doorway there yeah why not
why don’t you looking for some windows – it was a nice I you think that would
have hurt him more this is health boy war is hell
alright so I’m gonna stop playing cuz you get sucked into playing here ya know
and oh yeah we got a good point can we turn off motion blur
because it will mess up YouTube’s encoding okay we’re gonna do that now
and hopefully we don’t have to reboot the game and there there are people that
want to to see you know the the toggles with we have we have the ability to
toggle it on and off but then we also have a slider of low to ultra yet it
just turned on motion blur you should be fun
yeah just basic I’ll just do it from here I think you know just crank it off
there we go let’s see if we have to nope you should be good you sure we’re not to
reboot I don’t think you’re gonna okay but we might we’ll see D can I spawn in
D no I can’t oh yeah there we go also yes the fallout
build is alive that’s what we’re running on right now it is currently behind
Gordon we’re getting ready for our fallout 76 dream this afternoon with
Elena and you will see it in action again and then we’re also having
somebody ask where it’s rate racing in the settings so if you can just go out
where first let’s go back let’s let’s show it
to you again you have to have windows update October he went there on latest
gyro we’re gonna go to pants we want to see the resourcing settings I wait sorry
it’s sorry fuck video I’m getting a little lost because of the overlay from
an advanced and then we have the DX are enabled which is resurrect retracing
that’s right Anna no wait yeah yeah direct direct X ray tracing
unable got a go and then down the bottom if you have it set to I guess let’s say where’s man custom so you have it set
the custom you could just crank it up and there’s settings are ultra low
medium high we were on ultra you know let’s keep it on altar for right now and
let’s jump back in see if we can find some more windows all right I think oh and we’ve lost it
uh and I’ll go to I’ll just I’ll just jump into this yeah it’s fine
chris is asking if we have secret drivers no the latest drivers on GeForce
experience popped up so we downloaded those October the new
windows 10 October update just got renamed yesterday so we updated that and
then we were provided a code from Nvidia – to get the early access to this but
yeah if you are an EA origin or member or your origin access I think is what
it’s called you can get on it right now and I believe and then deluxe members
deluxe code members tomorrow and then I think all the rest of the general
population on Friday if I got it right all right and let’s look for some shiny
stuff that’s not plan we got somebody asking is vsync enabled vsync is
disabled right now as you can see if you look up at afterburner we should be what
do we push in action I haven’t even paid attention somebody can look up there on
the left-hand side we should have framerate you think oh wait did it just
oh may be re-enabled so oh yeah because it just says 60 yeah I disabled it
earlier let’s see what’s up oh maybe when you were toggling through
the the settings vsync is on oh yeah yeah let’s turn that off if that oh I
guess when you set it to alter it alright we’re gonna go back let’s
hopefully we don’t have to quit out no we yeah we might have yeah okay so okay
we have let’s do this am I gonna get so DXR reflections pot a pate I sorry I’m
messing up your name he’s asking does ray tracing and battlefield feel
authentic uh I don’t know honestly I I’m kind of worried about the problem with
playing live is now we’re like yeah you get fragged three five seconds I’m just
worries no no just just spawn at your base and then you don’t have to worry
about what that was my base we’re being overrun no you’re not at the really
there’s base yeah they’re there they’re everywhere worried we can’t to deploy
overview where’s my oh okay oh wait yeah okay yeah big bodies of water I mean
that that feels pretty good that looks great I honestly I don’t know
if that’s alright so what kind of exciting why don’t you hide real quick
oh yeah and maybe toggle it down to low see what low looks like because if we
toggle it all the way off we have to reboot the game yeah but oh wait there’s
some glass up here I think we can get a good sense okay here we go is there
somebody in that building hang on I mean it looks good in those puddles
right there yeah I mean it looks realistic to me I mean I mean it yeah I
can see a little I mean we’re not graphics experts here obviously Brad
charkha Cesare resident graphics expert and he will talk more about his
experiences on the full nerd tomorrow you should tune in Thursday at 9:30 a.m.
Pacific yeah let’s let’s switch it to custom turn everything else up to ultra
yeah because I just I feel bad for the team
yeah whatever don’t worry yeah I’m a team player don’t worry about it Gordon
there we go I think that you’ll probably have to turn off was ambien eh it was
okay okay so we’re gonna leave it on low yeah and then frame the let’s see if the
I have vsync turnoff it’s weird that it keeps coming back on
all right now let’s resume see what I’m not sure doesn’t look too different
definitely looks a little worse but I kind of wonder if I have to see this is
the problem stop shooting me just let me see we have a media hold the Rass hold
the right button to bleed out and then scroll over to deploy overview over
there you know and then click on your base where is a place I can go that has
they’re in combat he is in combat see looks pretty don’t go to those Oh Oh cuz
there’s no bass in this one no there’s no bass you start there just every every
flag is B no no the bottom bottom right bottom right our bases yeah I’m just not
used to playing Germans too much battlefield 4 for me okay so there we go
the ignition is asking why we’re not playing in campaign well we got a tip
from one brat Turkish okay now look at look at this glass here oh we focusing
on the glass yeah that’s weird everything’s kind of shifting like that
yeah it could I think it’s me I must be pushed up too
much don’t wait what is that is weird right it’s bizarre but who knows maybe
it’s just and anyway Brad shark is tipped us off to this level has a lot of
reflections I I will also say that from Brad sharks as notes earlier he said
check them out in windows and puddles those are where you gonna see it the
most reflections are the only r-tx feature enabled right now no shadows and
no glue global illumination okay so let’s look at this puddle we are on low
currently on DX our setting is low if you’re catching up with this is being
played on a twenty atti 900k 16 gigs and RAM ddr4 3000 so we’re on low quality
let’s do this we are now going to crank it up crank it up to high enforce G+ you
are correct we are not experts in this field but we’re checking it out anyway
we’re just having fun folks so well you don’t have all right you
know try that hmm maybe happy maybe you tell the reflection let’s look at the
reflection here I mean it looks about the same to me
now I know people say this is not realistic how would you would do in
combat but I have seen the pond redline and you know the thin red line there is
nothing about actually war the resolution right now is 1080 we have the
vsync off it looks like we’re pushing 100 and what does had 130 frames like I
can’t quite tell about 127 prince aikka I mean 80 on Shane says it looks great
but is it worth $1,200 I think it’s no this is an interesting
thing because it’s I mean this is a very consciously the water again so this is
lo DX our set on low battlefield 528 ET i i i think it’s it very much depends i
mean III think the verdict is still out is it is it worth i cuz i I will say one
thing though people are not withholding judgment
which is my issue with the whole thing over RT X and what anybody is trying to
do okay what do you think I really hard no yeah I wonder if you do have to
restart it who knows we do have a question Mach CIL’s asking its DL SS on
I know I do not think that is enabled but I could be one do I have to reboot
that and roo-roo to says wow so many puddles yeah so many puddles was rainy
and as Asmus has asks Gordon can you live without RT x yeah I mean it’s sort
of one of those things I can live without g-sync jisuk is awesome I can
live without my song card the sound cards are awesome no I can’t I can’t
live without good audio no I you know it’s one of those things where I mean
this is the man the framerate is just killing us here but I think it’s because
we need to quit out or something or mmm yeah not sure we’ve been switching back
and forth and earlier was about 130 frames a second let’s see if we do see a
frame rate drop by if we see a frame reach up then it’s definitely having an
effect but the difference on effect is yeah now
we know it’s still still something about it maybe it’s the game something about
just messing with settings it because we were about a hundred and thirty frames a
second now we’re down to oh and also for some reason the GPU memory restriction I
have a long eye that either says turn it off we are going to go in uh and Chris I
don’t know anything about DSD LSS you’ll have to come back for the full nerd
tomorrow to ask Brad Turkish we’re just let’s hope these settings just take
without havin no I can’t live without RGB actually I can how much memory using
now my team was like what’s up with that dude he’s just standing in the corner
yes and we are getting a little bit of background noise I haven’t fully figured
that out I usually well we’re on that new fallout PC build so I need to need
to kind of double check some settings before the estream this afternoon you
know I I would say uh let’s switch back so we’re looking at let’s go back to ultra yes yes we have
lost the objective sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I gotta check out this 30 X
28 what do you think I mean look around for more Windows gotta say yeah check
out the the whole lake again or whatever that is the body of water yeah sorry I
mean and something good to point out Steven points out is that the great
thing about this is that it is a reflection so if you see somebody
reflected off of a corner you can get the jump on them that is pretty nice
right in the poet those are supposed to be leaves so there’s a lot more puddle those are
the you supposed to be it’s supposed to be Lee’s I don’t know what they’re
coming from I guess some birds like I’m gardening let me just dump my bag of
leaves here what a sec is that are those those green things yeah those are leaves
coming from nowhere I mean I understand that there is a pile of leaves you’re
being blown away but it’s infinitely spawning from the trees over there I
don’t know all right well we’re here to look at reflection so let me switch to
electric blah the gas blower thing you know
okay but I’m gonna look at that all right well Vignesh says the puddles
are definitely showing it better than the river but look off in the distance
look at see the bottom of the bridge where it goes into the water is that
just blown out or what I see those reflections aren’t keeping up in the
distance no it could be turn turn turn it back up to ultra see if we’re on
ultra right now oh we are so I think it’s just because you don’t it’s not
every single place yeah let’s make sure we’re an ultra I wonder if we should
just quit out and give it a course I also think we should just turn it off
and we could the problem is if we quit out and if we reboot the game we can’t
get back out of this server that’s fine we can we can find another another
instance of this map so let’s just do that okay let’s look we’re gonna do this
quickly I just want to so people have her in the memory so we are at the spawn
base I mean yeah either way I think we can get a pretty good taste of what it’s
like right now okay where supposedly ultra now
all right so write out some and somebody’s saying it looks like maybe
even to toggle you might have to restart yeah that’s what I would say keep it
what do we want yeah yeah we want to stick an ultra no turn it to two dx11
turn all the way off we’ll just turn off the DXR oh yeah yeah yeah okay hey well
see there it tells us you need to restart where this slider didn’t so
right yeah right so it should be affecting it I don’t know but you kept
it on so good although yeah I just want to see so we run low now I definitely
looks like lower res to me right look at the water yeah and the reflection of the
actual railing lower resolution okay now let’s just see see I’m sitting behind my
console here so I I’m not looking directly at your screen so I I’m just
seeing a feed okay and Brent unfortunately right now we can’t up the
resolution the way we stream right now is
a 1080 sorry about that something I will hope to to test out next year I can’t
really put my finger on it but it I mean the resolution of the reflection it’s
not stop Bonnie yeah so go ahead and turn off dx11
let’s restart and see alright so we’re in lead dx12 enabled everything the same
check it out ultra yep vsync is off and the XR
enabled off to save all the big sorry start the game but you’re really gonna
hurt my my win ratio here my accounts gonna get penalized you’re gonna thanks
so we get David in the YouTube chat saying dang ray-tracing was hugely
overhyped what do you think Gordon well I look people need to withhold judgment
until titles that support it come out and I again I was talking about that
earlier I wait till have to I have to quit completely out or yeah all the way
out why didn’t it go all the way up I think because when you hit quit there
was quit that match not quit the edge of that also real quick before you answer
the hype question max’ll we mentioned earlier we installed
the October the Windows 10 October update 2018 whatever the hell the name
it is we just did that this morning we also updated to the newest Nvidia driver
on GeForce experience and that’s is how we were able to get the full
compatibility and yeah so as far as people saying it’s over – you got to
realize this is the first implementation of ray-tracing in a video game we’ve
seen right and so well publicly you and I think I said this in the beginning is
it’s this is not something that will be that would be determined by the first
reviews this is gonna take months and months and many more games determined
right so how long do you wait to make that
decision I think is the question right well I mean yeah I I it’s kind of tough
it if you’re if you are coming remember look at it from where you’re coming from
okay we want to Rotterdam again right so we can yep joined yeah I’m definitely getting some
feedback from some reason uh I think it might be that motherboard audio we’ll
see I will test it yeah but so just wait I mean I mean how long do you wait if
you have a 980 I’d probably hang out a little bit right see what we get out of
a what we get out of Nvidia next year if you can hang on to it and it’s not
killing you with performance yeah it’s probably better to wait because I mean
not I would say I can’t say yay or nay yet but what I do have a problem is
people are immediately saying oh this is a waste of time just immediate haters
like come on this is a brand new technology I mean I can already see the
difference right now I mean just yeah really yeah oh yeah no no in my English
oh wait oh no I’m English so I can’t go back to
the same spot yeah that’s fine it’s fine just go to the closest to the water as
you can Dave and maybe just loop around and make your way to see if you can but
let’s look at these puddles so we’re about 142 frames a second ultra 1080p so
yeah we definitely get a frame increase I mean we’re still getting reflections
obviously I mean honestly it still doesn’t look that bad double check the
settings make sure we didn’t leave it on back since ours off he sinks it off oh and we forgot to turn off motion
smoothing again Oh does that turn on every time I think yeah I think it did
that with with the motion blur just start off from oh yeah I just all the
way yeah there we go all right all right man we got more of those leaves
yeah these infinite spawning leaves ah yeah you know Rubert she makes a good
point it’s not like the game looks like garbage without it well that’s and
that’s but that’s always the way it is right when rusty is asking can we check
the glass on the trolley yeah you’re not getting anything you’re just getting the
Sun I say so in Amsterdam they certainly clean their
windows during wartime and DJ Hero musta says disable future frame rendering okay
sure why but you know give a shot see what happens it reasons for that and yes
a pokemon that’s hidden in that in the art in those leaves
no no that’s only gonna impact you put lack though right so that’s not really
gonna I have no idea how I don’t know but okay all right so we got the glass
here right yeah I wonder if I could so what that was the so we need to join as
English so we’re gonna let’s do this you look at the glass also yes you write the
stream compression is not doing us any favors I will reload the native file
that I’m recording here all right stretches let’s say you should
be able to get a little bitter I’m gonna crank it back on we’re gonna Nabal the
XR and did it change a whole bunch of things keep you right your frame
rendering off we are set to ultra so you’re gonna try to restart and then
come back in again yeah ya could see do you hear the the noise
it’s it’s during power draws really heavy power draws so we’re getting it’s
very interesting sounds like coil whine almost but yeah and so we have our frame
right here there’s also another frame rate counter here and frame time the
bottom I don’t know you have to quit all the way yeah quit you got in this thing
I know right isn’t that the fun part of PC gaming is
being able to turn things on and off and restarting just to see the the effects
mmm just and just so people want to know if they want to know the core TDP never
went up over looks like 95 watts on this 99 hundred K we are running a hyper 212
RGB ionic nice an MC I believe is at the Auto for people who are running on the
CPU side alright let’s see so we have to spawn as bridge if we can okay we can do
it and no it is not a fan hitting a cable
well no but occasionally Adam is spinning his um oh yeah sorry I do have
my really bad fidget spinner I should just throw this away this is my RGB one
and two of two of them have run out of batteries and but yeah sorry about that
I will put that aside alright we’re back in let’s see if we can find nobody’s
playing on router damn really dang it can we create wait no no that was when
you turn it off I know you create a game go back
I guess not or try it try different mode oh here we go
there we go and now of course yeah but now I’m gonna join his German whatever
it’s fine because there were more trollee so that
wasn’t the only Charlie I wasn’t paying too close to did anybody pay attention
to the framerate so we’re getting with it off yeah it was up there
DJ Hero must is asking how come you guys haven’t maxed out the power and template
mint on the GPU I haven’t been looking at the temps we’re running just basic
stock here yeah we’re we were lucky to even be
running we just had it we had to download 55 gigs of battlefield 5 this
morning and windows update and the driver so yeah no we’re not gonna and to
be honest the vast majority people who are buying beta cards don’t do that so you have to go in and fudge your stuff
to make it better that’s that’s a problem also David is asking if you are
you playing with a controller I can confirm coordinates plan to controller
you know yet nope he definitely is he’s he has a controller in his hand right
now I see it if the camera was on you would see him melting okay yes yes
sergeant I’m ready Sarge put me in wait is it now
foggy which kind of messes it up a little bit I guess that’s from I am ok
yes where one yeah so just follow the the top left just follow that road oh
wait wait I’m I’m German are you yeah okay no no yeah okay well whatever right
underground where are there are no reflections let’s just make sure yeah
it’ll just shuttle check never heard just we are just screwing around we’ve
got some time here I want to see what it looks like here we go we need a Gordon cam I will switch to
the Gordon cam right there we’re going to and you can see Gordon is indeed
using a controller Sarge I’m looking for reflections wait just kidding check it
out the water it’s just I mean well it sucks cuz it that now it is I say so
excellent wax job in my car in 1945 Germany I don’t even know a year it is
but I can work in the world this is where is my I mean my bolt action this
makes no sense I can definitely say the the reflections on that car would not
have been with error know like the puddles very shiny puddles actually are
feeling like kind of similar and maybe that’s why when we were switching the
toggles we weren’t seeing it too much but we’re definitely seeing in the
reflections on the cars and the windows on the cars that was a hitch try it try wooden to
try the building window right here okay yeah this medic oh wait I’m a medic
no I’m just kidding I’m just I’m just yelling medic it see where’s more also
they’re saying to look at the the framerate hit when we’re next to Windows
you’re going like just Jason ready so no reflection where do we at 92 it’s yeah it’s hard to say I mean cuz you just
sometimes when you’re when you have your face full of nothing it’s always a
higher framerate and yeah of course of course so over 80 80 84 it looks like
it’s not really killing it Rusty’s asking to shoot the gun right
next to the window to see if you can see the reflection of the fire off the gun
it’s gonna be kind of hard harder they’re not shooting me cuz like what’s
he doing we can’t see the reflections if you shoot the window Gordon also up
we’re not seeing reflections of our character in the window did you notice
that oh yeah oh that’s interesting oh okay that door doesn’t go in I got a
problem god you’re gonna kill me no no just run
just run yeah blood shoot something next to the car I mean I I will say the unrealistic part
and oh there you can see your character in the cars reflection why would it why
would everything be so clean all right this is it
so it’s weird you’re not getting in so it looks like you’re not getting it in
the puddles in the glass but you’re seeing it on the car so now shoot your
gun next to the car okay there we go huh okay so there’s only certain objects
that every tracing on it do you have any grenades yeah I do
throw a grenade by the car really but it’s gonna do it right here do it oh no
that is a hammer oh I thought that’s what you wanted me to do sorry that was funny okay yeah well
that’s some ray tracing those are some first impressions Gordon I think we’re
gonna have to wrap this up now and we’ll come back we’ll check out some more
today Brad is writing an impressions piece he’s doing some testing and
definitely check back in tomorrow on the full nerd we will have a whole section
dedicated to ray tracing and what will get our opinions and though that looks
pretty right there in that upper left-hand side yeah yeah I’m curious to
see you know and we will probably record some more video maybe it maybe later
we’ll try recording at 4k some some higher quality stuff for you yeah that’s
that’s that’s first impressions of ray tracing Gordon what do you think uh you
know I gotta say you know is it one of those things that you you can’t play a
game without no of course not but you know honestly do you really have to have
dx12 to play a game either you don’t I mean mostly if that were sort of the
view of the entire world we’d all be playing on you know GTX 580 s right cuz
I mean there’s plenty of games that you can still play on up 580
I think you’re a player our sort of misunderstanding where this is this is
sort of that that next journey in computers I don’t think you necessarily
and again I think judgment everybody needs withhold judgment and not
immediately jump into a form and start saying oh you stuff sucks
I think we got to see you know this is a game that was probably patched into when
we see games that do that are built with you know purpose-built for ray-tracing
it may prove itself but I don’t think we’re gonna go backwards folks as much
as you want to hate on it it’s not gonna go backwards it’s just gonna get cheaper
it’s gonna get better but rejoicing is is something that is gonna come so one
thing to is this machine people should tune in later if you’re watching this
because later on you’re gonna be streaming something on this machine Adam
yes fallout 76 we will be streaming that on this beautiful case and we will be
giving it away well no not yet but you can enter your chance to giveaway right
so it’s a nuka-cola NZXT collectible nuka-cola case yeah one of two thousand
could be yours so tune in 1 p.m. Pacific time Elena will be joining me at that
table to play some fallout 76 I have haven’t really even looked at it so
we’ll see and then we would be back tomorrow for the full nerd and you can
definitely chat with this air about your thoughts on ray-tracing Thank You Gordon
for taking some time out of the morning check this out yeah no that’s cool we’ll
see right thank every all you guys out there for for checking out with us see
you later

99 thoughts on “Ray tracing in Battlefield 5: Live first reactions

  1. So raytracing (and only reflections, shadows and lighting is done the old way) is making your FPS on a 1200$ GPU drop to a lvl that 280$ (GPU + coupon for 3 games) 590 from AMD gives you (without raytracing). Cool…

  2. Water, puddle, windows will stay the same regardless the setting. Medium to Ultra adds reflection to mud, walls, gun models and more.

  3. As someone who owns RTX 2080ti cards primarily because GTX 1080ti cards were still overpriced new and used leading up to and even months after I ordered, I personally feel DRX on/off will be very much game specific. I am holding off judgement until shadow of the tomb raider and similar gets it's DXR treatment. Battlefield is a high tempo stress inducing game where you don't have time to take in visuals (PS I dislike games like this because I have enough stress and high tempo in my job, that it is the last thing I want in a game). DXR in games like battlefield is simply pointless unless you are playing as a sniper or really good at the game to be able to take advantage of the reflections; most players probably aren't.

    In something like Tomb Raider on the other hand, (i.e. games where game play is at a much slower pace and FPS is less relevant, is about sneaking up on NPCs, is about puzzle solving, etc, and you are generally walking through and exploring the game world), DXR effects are likely to be more noticable; assuming done correctly. My first impressions playing shadow of the tomb raider, hiding in the bushes, laying in the shadows for cover, and seeing the impact of HDR was simply, "…this game is made for ray tracing!!". These lighting effects give the game a much more immersive feel. In fact using the lighting effects and shadows is half the fun of the game.

  4. This is really the worst looking FPS game I've seen for years, it's like being back in battlefield 1942, but with forced matchmaking

  5. RTX is useless like any new crap they try to sell video cards. Give it three generations, you MIGHT be able to play the latest titles with RTX enabled completely. Anyone who thought this wouldn't absolutely crush your frame rates is an idiot. Of course, they will never sell it to you as such, but that's what happens. It's a gimmick until the hardware can actually perform with it turned on. If it means cutting everything else to have their reflections, they aren't worth it.

  6. You do not have to restart for the slider to work. Only reflections are enabled so the full experience should be different. Have you guys ever been in a recent game to change settings?

  7. Not knowing any of you from anywhere and seeing BF V for more than 2 minutes for the first time this is really confusing. Let me explain. I hear "Fallout", "Gordon" and "Battlefield" I am so mixed between worlds right now. One side i'm sad about Fallout 76, The next second i'm sad for Half-Life 2 ep 2's ending with no sequel, the next i realize i am watching a fkn video about Ray Tracing. Now i'll scroll back up, click play and try to focus.

  8. Ray tracing is not just about reflection on windows and water. Indoor lighting with sun rays can also show some really cool effects.

  9. This is the setup I have at home and I am loving it. It is my first time having the "creme de la creme" of consumer targeted hardware and I find it impressive.

    I remember 20 somewhat years ago, booting FF7 and thinking how impressive the CG were only to think that it would be crazy if we could play with that fidelity. That was eventually met but ray tracing makes playing BFV like playing a photorealism CG and NO a compressed video, or a video altogether will not translate thst anywhere near as good as playig it first hand.

  10. RTX is only noticeable in reflections, 90% of which are planar . Planar reflections have been possible in realtime graphics for quite some time, and I'm not talking about a shitty screenspace effect, it would be much more efficient and higher quality to render a second camera instead. The advantage of raytracing really only comes in with complex geometry like concave or convex reflections, but the few non-planar reflections I've seen in this video look like shit.

  11. It rained today in DC, I went out for a walk and enjoyed looking ant paddles and reflections on mirrors, thanks to my 2 way view through EYES, and I went back home and put back my credit card away for now, still waiting for a real graphics card with amazing FPS to boost. For now, I'm having plenty of fun with my Asus GTX 1080 ti with EK block and I'm still playing my PS 4 Pro, I have to finish "The last of us" before PS 5 comes out!

  12. I wish this guy would just play the game and stfu about his graphics. I mean really? I just wasted 5 minutes of my life listening to a nerd adjust motion blur….

  13. wow $1200 for what? WAIT until its all out.. raytrace.. $1200.. to play at 1920×1080….man did NVIDIA really sucker people this time… bought something BEFORE it was even ready… sad

  14. Soooooo remind me who has time to stare into puddles and cars and walls n shit again? I mean .. when your playing competitively like we do … you dont have time for that shit …

  15. This is just like when they marketed PhyX. Such a huge hit on performance for something you won't even notice after playing 30 min in

  16. Still trying to rationalize a question no one was asking. Battlefailed 5. 1 months house payment for a video card? Not likely. You kids have fun.

  17. This is 1080, I doubt you can see the full potential at 1080. I also don't think is worth paying extra money just for some lightning effects, I rather get a used 1080ti for a fraction of the price of a 2080ti

  18. In all honesty this game doesn't look good at all and it has a very cartoony look to it, not natural what so ever, what a fail from both nvidia and Dice.

  19. well that was pretty mediocre. battlefield 4 which came out years back still look way better to me. damn, i just want this to get over with and see battlefield 6. cant believe activision did cod black ops justice.

  20. PC gamers are funny. Let's spend a house payment on a card that will help you see reflections in water. Yeah, seems legit. Makes me wonder how many of these people actually own homes.

  21. Something about the visuals in this game gives it a real generic look. The lighting in general is very unimpressive. Hardly any atmosphere either. The reflections are so inconsequential that I’m not even sure why the time was spent to implement it. What would be immediately noticeable, and 100% of the time, would be global illumination or RT shadows. If anything had 100% RT implemented the shadows would come by default. These cards are only doing a fraction of real ray tracing, and even at that it’s only approximate. I’m just not impressed at all yet by anything RTX. If you want to see what real ray tracing looks like, go watch a good Pixar movie. Once games are doing 100% real RT, that is what our game will look like. 10 years off still.

  22. "so how does that look."
    "ehh well it does kind of, uhhh maybe not so much."
    no its not worth 1200 dollars haha, 1200 dollars reaction would be like "HOLY SHIT LOOK, JUST LOOK AT IT, THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE GAMING FOREVER" even then id still wait for it to come down in price say 800 dollars or so

  23. DXR is poorly optimized and implemented in battlefield Dice and Nvidia are said to improve the quality and performance in game updates coming soon.

  24. The difference between the two: Without ray tracing puddles and other reflections are flipped and displayed on the puddle; while its on it simulates light rays bouncing off of surfaces and can display more and can display objects even if the aren't visible in the frame. For ex: A puddle under a car can display objects behind the car.

  25. Remember having a dedicated physx card? I hope Nvidia could bring that back but for Ray Tracing. Just buy one of the low end RTX gpus and run it with your main gaming GPU to enable and handle ray tracing effect. That way, we don't need to buy an entirely new GPU.

  26. Ah I remember the good ol days when games like Crysis and technologies like shader 3.0 were introduced and everyone was happy about the new visual fidelity even if 60 FPS and 1024 x 768 was the common resolution. Now a days everyone wants 144 FPS and 4K resolution while running on old tech with minor tweaks.

    Go play your Fortnite and ancient CSGO at 144Hz 1440p and stop looking at new technologies that don't double your FPS and resolution.

  27. Odds are if you have something smart to say you either don't own an RTX card and you think it will always be in this primitive state. People said bad shit about VR and even that's come a long way. One day you'll literally be in your games and people will still talk shit. Haters gonna hate but they won't stop making it because you don't like it. I bought a 2070 so when ray tracing is more common and when it runs better I'm covered.

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