READING CHALLENGES | Winter Biannual Bibliothon 2017.

Hey bibliophiles, today we are announcing the reading challenges for this year’s winter Biannual Bibliothon. In case you haven’t heard anything about the Bibliothon It is a 7 day readathon With 7 hosts 7 reading challenges and 7 video challenges We also, as always, will have a liveshow on January 15th for our group book which we’ll be announcing in this video. Make sure you check out the video announcing all of the video challenges as well as the giveaway books and that link will be in the description of this video. Don’t forget that you can always double up on the challenges for one book, but no tripling. Now, let’s get into this rounds reading challenges. Just like with the video challenge, we were feeling a little nostalgic this season, so we have a throwback reading challenge where you can use any one of our past reading challenges to check this one off. We’ll be providing a Google docs link in the description below, and that document is going to have all of our reading challenges and video challenges that we’ve ever previously hosted for the bibliothon. The next challenge is super easy. You are just picking out a new release that came out in 2016. There are so many amazing new books that come out every year so we really want to celebrate that by having you just read a book that you’ve been ancipating releasing this year that maybe you have not got around to. We all get over excited about books sometimes and then we hype it up, and then we buy it and then we never actually end up reading it. So now is the time to pick that book up. Whatever it is, whatever book you bought and hyped up, and wanted to read so bad, and never ended up getting around to it, now is your chance to read that book. Retellings are EVERYWHERE!! So we challenge you to read a retelling of any sorts this round Whether it is a obvious retelling like Wicked or The Lunar Chronicles or if it is just a loose retelling like ACATOR (a court of thorns and roses) It doesn’t matter as long as it is some sort of retelling. This readathon is happening right after Christmas so we wanted to incorporate a way for us to use our Secret Santa gifts that we do every year. This particular challenge, to open it up, broaden it out is a Booktuber recommends. So whether it be via just a general booktuber recommends video that you find online, or if you have a group of friends on Booktube. If you happen to not be able to find anyone to ask for a recommendation, or if you’re nervous to talk to someone, then always tweet us. We will be regularly posting recommendations as we get those tweets in so you always have somebody who’s recommending a book to you. This challenge is specifically to help push you out of your comfort zone and make some friends online because we just really love this community and we want to be able to be friendly in it. Obviously, in the community there has been so much talk about a really important topic lately, diversity. With the diverse-a-thon and Banned Bookathon, and I made all those Mental Health Awareness Week videos, we just want to keep the conversation going. So your next reading challenges is to read a diverse book. So whether that means reading a book about a diverse main character, a book from a diverse author, an own voices novel about a diverse topic, even a banned book, it doesn’t matter to us we just want to encourage you guys to read more diversely. Last, but not least, we can’t forget about the group book. Every round we challenge you to read a book with us. So that on the Sunday following the readathon, we can all chat about the book in the liveshow. The time for the liveshow will be announced on Twitter and Instagram So make sure to follow us. Everything will be in the down bar, but it is going to be on Sunday the 15th of January 2017 And the group book is Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco So make sure to join us for our third round of the Winter Biannual Bibliothon from Jan 8- 14 of 2017. And don’t forget to follow us on all of our social media. When you guys post your TBRs, make sure you link your videos to us or tag us in your Instagram posts Because we would love to see what you’re going to be Reading for this upcoming bibliothon. We are super excited for this round. We’re super excited to see what you guys are going to be reading, and what you guys are going to be bringing to the table. So until next time we’ll see you later. Bye!

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