do you ever think about how sad of a life Waldo from the Where’s Waldo ‘s books has like he literally has to sit in a book and wait to be found he’s usually surrounded by people yes it were the same outfit every day what a sad life hashtag poor Waldo hashtag let’s save Waldo yes yes yeah hey guys today I thought that I would make a video talking about some of the readers you might encounter out in the real world out in the public where you can see the sky these readers can be seen anywhere on the streets on a plane in a train on a bus in a coffee shop on a cow off to space they’re anywhere they’re out there in the world the walks and reads at the same time reader the book they’re reading is just so good they must put everyone around them in danger including themselves the super bust on coffee read are you live in fear that they’re gonna spill that coffee all over that book of theirs the read out loud for everyone to hear reader the knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are ever after secure in your ability to survive did everybody on this bus hear that did you all hear that JK Rowling the Queen has spoken bless praise hallelujah amen they just want to bless the people around them with the book they’re reading the attention-seeking reader they want everybody around them to know that they are reading a book that they are a reader that they’re reading a book do you Beast I’m casually reading this is a great book this book is this book is really good this is a great book do you guys see that I’m reading I’m reading right here I’m over here and I’m reading it’s this is a great book book is great it’s it’s great this is the I couldn’t just pick one book reader okay oh crap the mumbles to self reader everyday on mumble and rubbish nice man The Crying reader I’m not crying you’re crying pro tip avoid emotional books in public settings the munchin reader this is the reader that must snack while they’re reading and they make the most absurd and disgusting noises with their mouths and they just need to stop sleepy reader they stayed up the night before reading a book and they’re exhausted the next morning but they must keep reading holy crap what what just happened the books – gram reader they just can’t not take that selfie while they’re out and about reading a book wow this book is really good I need to share with all my followers on Instagram hashtag selfie ah the most likely scheming to take over the world reader they’re just casually laughing to themselves in a villainous way and you’re not sure if they’re laughing about the book or the fact that they’re planning to take over the world the daring reader need i say more the cool reader that reader that wears their sunglasses on inside while reading it was so cool be completely engaged in their book reader do not mess with these people they do not want human interaction they just want to read the multi-tasking reader this reader is able to do several different things while reading a book yeah I’m heading to the bookstore there’s this new book that came out that I’m super excited for but I’m really hoping to finish the one I’m currently reading before I get there yeah yeah it’s like you know five minutes away so those are just a few readers that you may or may not encounter in the real world you guys should let me know down below if you have seen or encountered any other readers mentioned within this video also let me know down below some of the other types of readers that I did not mention this video that you’ve seen out in public thanks for watching guys and I will see you soon with a new video later I totally just bit the inside of my cheek when I just went oh man that hurt talking about some people some people some reader

100 thoughts on “READING IN PUBLIC!

  1. I'm the person that throws their head back laughing while reading and everyone just looks at me like i'm crazy

  2. One time I got in trouble for walking down the stairs and reading…the teacher gave up after I did it again and again. Also I got called god level reader because of it😂

  3. I have a friend who reads while walking. We were walking to class, and she walked straight past the classroom and almost all the way down the hall before realizing what she had done. We laughed. She’s also the “couldn’t pick one book reader.”

    Also, who reads on a cow?😂

  4. when i saw "my heart and other black holes" my love for your channel grew like 100 times :))

  5. I may be that person who brings all their books along with them as well as carry one around while reading I maybe

  6. Has anyone ever not cried while reading a book? I read all three books in the hunger games series and not a tear was shed. Is anyone else like that?

  7. I am always carrying a book. And at school I literally read in my way to class and while running laps in PE

  8. When you try to hold back tears because your favorite character has just died… anyone…. no…. just me then 😭😭😭😭

  9. Me: reading in public OMG WHAT?? laughing hysterically You are so stupid you know that right. throws book across the room while bawling I CANT BELIEVE (insert author's name) WOULD DO THAT???????? crying There is no sequel, and my favorite character just died..and….and….ahhhhhh
    (I get a lot of concerned looks)

  10. Once I was reading in a library and one of the librarians asked me if I was OK because I was laughing weird🤣

  11. The ones that get so excited about whatever just happened in the book and just have to stop reading to tell you all about it… lol that to me is hella endearing. I also do it way too often! 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. Or that person who isin't actually a reader and just act like they are reading but are really just trying to make themselves look smart

  13. im all of these except the attention one, eater and cryer.. lkie… please tell me why i cant cry over books?? i just dont and its so weird!

  14. When I read in public and something interesting happens (like I'd my ship sails or something else interesting) I try to contain my excitement but I usually end up shaking or grinning like a psychopath.

  15. He used My Heart and Other Black Holes as an example and that book deserves way more attention I'm so happy he has it and has hopefully read it

  16. If I am reading a book I love in public and somebody asks me "Hey what are you reading?"they must be prepared to listen to me for the next couple of hours.

  17. “Where you can see the sky”
    Me: “What sky? You mean the virtual one in my books that I experience while petting guinea pigs, right? Because that is obviously pretty much all that there is to life.”

  18. Also, once I read “Where the Red Fern Grows” at school. Big mistake. Long story short, I ended up hiding in the bathroom so I could cry in peace.

  19. I feel attacked by the one who carries too many books around… I was on plane some days ago and I had 4 hardcover books in my backpack but ended up just reading the smallest one -_-

  20. When your playing on Xbox but you died so you read then start crying because your favorite character died

  21. I am the walking reader , the emotional reader, and the reader who gets i go thebook……and you the fauj!t in our stars is real!y really emotional

  22. Seems like I'm 'the completely engaged in their book' reader 😂 One time I was reading The Fault In Our Stars in the middle of a class… I had the book hidden under my desk 😂I was so engrossed in it that I did not realize that my teacher was calling me for like five minutes and then I got to the part where Gus died and decided that I could not just read on because it was way too hard to keep the tears in and I finally looked up at my teacher, my entire face wet with tears and her expression was like, "WTF is happening here?"

  23. I am the one Walking while reading…even my teacher mentioned that in class, that she saw me reading on my way to school xD

  24. The traveller reader: the reader that is so concentrated in the book, they cant even know what is hapening in their surroundings.

  25. I’m the one who reads a book and something sad happened and I just have to sit there and try not to cry….

  26. The first time I read the fault in our stars I was in my physics class and I came to the part where gus died, so I started crying and my friend turned to me, asked me what happened, saw the book and just turned around again

  27. My cousin and I once went on an entire journey through London, walking and reading the ENTIRE WAY. On the Tube? Reading. Walking through Kings Cross? Reading. On a bus? Reading. Walking down a sidewalk? Reading.

    It was DELIGHTFUL.

  28. You can find these readers
    On a plane
    In a train
    In the space
    Or a race
    Or any other place…
    I tried to make rhymes with some of the tings that Jesse said…

  29. has anyone ever been reading a book in public and suddenly laugh and people just look at you like your crazy

  30. Is it just I or I can NOT read and not listen to music anymore. And if I'm not reading and listening to music I'm in my room (makes sure no one is around to hear me) and reads aloud to self-using character voices (well what I think they would sound like) just me ok.

  31. The reader is who is dying inside but has a straight face because their introverted and don't want to cause a secne.

  32. This was such a great video. I have never encountered any of these readers, but I may be one or two of them. Great video.

  33. I am…
    the walk while reading
    I couldn't just pick one book
    mumbles to self (but usually with questions about the book)
    cries to self (but only a bit)
    completely engaged in book
    the multitasking

    and my categories…
    the one who will seem like they're life is over when their favorite character gets hurt or their ship breaks up

  34. I was in my Uni’s cafe and I was the Totally Engaged reader and then I gasped so loud when the plot twist happened that everyone looked at me 😂

  35. The digital walking reading! That’s me.
    Also, the reader sitting in the corner of the bus or train, that is talking quietly to the character of the books like they where with them… that’s what I call weird

  36. Does anyone else make the same emotions as the characters? For example if the author was like: “she dropped the tips of her mouth” I’d try to frown and try out the emotion, like am I the only person that does this🥺

  37. I can read and walk at the same time without putting myself or anyone else in danger. I just keep looking up.
    I’ve laughed at things Iv found funny in books but not in a creepy way.

  38. 2:16 soooo….I was reading the glass castle (spoilers ahead)

    In public and I got to the end part where her dad dies and I literally got up from reading spot, held in all the emotions with great strength, went to the only single bathroom in the mall, and cried…..a lot….I’m glad nobody could hear me

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