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hi I’m Tati and I’m participating in the reading
rush the reading rush is a read-a-thon that was formerly known as booktubeathon
it’s been revamped and it has a really cool website now so I’ll leave all that
linked in the description but it’s taking place from the 22nd to the 28th
and here’s what I’ll be reading so there are seven reading challenges and I
picked out one book per challenge even though some of these books would work
for multiple challenges because there is a bonus challenge of reading 7 books and
I’m hoping having one book per challenge will help me complete that but we’ll see
how the read-a-thon goes challenge number one is to read a book with purple
on the cover very easy for me because my favorite color is purple
I was literally so excited when the first challenge was this but I picked
the lovely and the lost by Jennifer Lynn Barnes this is Jennifer Lynn Barnes’
newest book she’s one of my favorite authors and I didn’t even know this book
was coming out it’s also a free-form book I think like the publisher is
freeform or something like that which I didn’t even know was a thing yeah it’s
free form books this book is about missing children search and rescue dogs
and long held families family secrets and I am so excited to read this one
this one would also work for the challenge of reading a book with 5 or
more words in the title the second challenge is to read a book in the same
spot the entire time for this one I decided to go with something really
short that I knew I could read in a quick amount of time just in case things
don’t go the way I planned during the read-a-thon and I don’t have a lot of
time to spend sitting in one place so I went with pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
vol 1 this is a manga I’m also thinking the spot I choose to read in might be
the bath just because I love to read in the bath during readathons challenge
number three is to read a book you meant to read last year so for this challenge
I combed through some of my TBR videos from last year which honestly were kind
of a disaster but I did find one where I said that I wanted to read renegades by
Marissa Meyer I believe this one is a sci-fi with superheroes or at least
superpowers it’s a huge book which I am a little bit intimidated
by especially for a read-a-thon however I’m hoping that the plot will grip me
and that I’ll zoom through it I’m also hoping that the hold I have for the
audiobook from my library will come in and next up is to read an author’s
first book for this one I went with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by anne
brashares I believe this is her first fiction book and it has been on my TBR
for quite a while I watched the movie like a million years ago and I barely
remember what it was about from what I remember it’s about a group of friends
who kind of share a pair of jeans that fits them all and because this book does
have a movie adaptation it could work for that challenge as well number 5 read
a book with a nonhuman main character okay so this prompt is the one that I
put the most research slash planning into my first instinct for this one was
to go with a sci-fi with aliens because I love those
however it’s summertime and I really really really want to read a mermaid
book so I searched a bit here on booktube and i found some mermaid book
recommendation(s 🤦‍♀️) in particular Mermaid Book Recommendations! a video from the
bright side girl which I will leave linked in the description definitely
check it out if you’re looking for mermaid books she talks about a bunch of
really cool and interesting sounding mermaid books I came this close to
having my TBR for the (pause where I stop myself from saying biannual bibliothon) for the reading rush be completely mermaid books after
watching this video and I’m kind of mad at myself that I completely missed her
mermaid readathon that happened at the beginning of this month but anyway I
managed to narrow it down to a few and then down to one even though it like was
very difficult there are so many of them that I added to my TBR because I’m going
to have to read them eventually but the one I decided on for this read-a-thon
was of Poseidon by Anna Banks it includes romance and mermaids and dual
perspectives so I’m totally in number 6 is pick a book that has 5 or more words
in the title for this one I’m going with the rest of the story by Sarah Dessen
this is Sarah Dessen’s newest book again Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite
authors and I’m really excited to read this
one and finally number seven is to read and watch a book to movie adaptation
this one was also a little bit difficult for me just because I love watching book
to movie adaptations so I usually read and watch them as soon as possible however I
did manage to find some help on the reading rush website which is linked in
the description I went into the forums and found out what other people were
reading / watching for this challenge and I came across one that I have been
meaning to read / watch and haven’t gotten to yet and that is crazy rich Asians so
I rented both the movie and the book and I’m going to be reading and watching it
and then the bonus challenge is to read seven books also sort of a disclaimer if
you’re new to my channel I am a major mood reader so all of the stuff on this
TBR is subject to change as my mood changes however no matter what
throughout the read-a-thon my goal will of course to be to finish as many of
these challenges as possible and that was my reading rush TBR let me know in
the comments what you’re planning to read during the reading rush or what you
think of any of the books I’m planning to read but please don’t spoil me for
anything and if you are participating I will leave my reading rush profile
linked in the description so that you can add me as a friend if you want if
you like this video please give it a like there are going to be video
challenges during the reading rush and I am planning to participate in all of
them as well as having a reading rush blog and wrap up after the read-a-thon
so subscribe if you’d like to see more thanks for watching bye pretty good maybe
Oh thumbnail a lot of books a lot of heavy books
it’s a very dusty book because i have had it on my TBR for a long long long
time okay wow my hands okay oh I almost panicked right then
then I was stuck like that forever challenge number one why am I like this bye

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