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  1. When I started out a few years ago (when the community was a little smaller, but definitely not as small as it was a few years before that), I thought that the community was so tight-knit that every booktuber that I liked would welcome me. Then I realized that no matter how much I commented or talked about other people's channels, some people just weren't going to care or notice me. People need to realize that! Youtube takes a lot of work and effort most of the time, and some people can just happen to get lucky, but most people will always have small channels.

  2. I appreciate your honesty. I definitely agree that you need reasonably good quality of your picture/sound. Also, all the really big booktubers are very bubbly and make a lot of jokes, so it's a bit misleading to say that everyone can be successful no matter what their personality is like. But not everyone is destined to have lots of subscribers and it is like you said: you have to love what you do or else you won't keep it up. Of course, most people (myself included) would like to have tons of subscribers because it must feel really nice to have so many people interested in what you have to say, but we shouldn't beat ourselves over it.

  3. It's frustrating for me not having money for quality equipment (because of moving to a new country with my animals, which is expensive) but still feeling like I need a camera. I did recently buy a new high quality web cam, which I'll pick up when I'm at home, because yeah I can definitely feel with the content I create and the engagement I try to give other channels that I'm not growing as fast as I like and as much as other youtubers who have better cameras but who engage with their audience less / produce less content, and I'm almost positive that at least some of it it has to do with the camera. It's a reality that I already knew when I started my channel with my webcam, but I also knew it was the right time to jump in so I had to just do it and improve everything as I went. It is a hobby so I'm not obsessed with numbers or anything, but at the same time I want more subs (if they will click on my videos that is) as I want more engagement. I do agree that youtube has to do with prettiness as well…I don't put on makeup for every video but for many of them, this when I normally don't wear makeup (too lazy, work with kids, prioritize other things, work in Taiwan where most of the time the heat and humidity makes it impossible to keep on if I do anything outside).

    I just called my channel "reviews" as I know my interests are ever varied. Right now I'm mostly into books but I want the freedom to review…anything…even if it means I'm losing subs or getting less views when I eventually branch out. I think people should just be wiling to be themselves without obsessing, but yeah more subs would admittedly still be nice and I know the platform youtube is and how people are, hence I felt the need to at least invest in a good webcam. Plus once I'm settled in Japan, I'll work on getting a better background too (even if it's just a pretty scarf, sadly I don't really have bookshelves overseas u.u)

  4. YO this was some really great advice! perseverance is definitely a huge factor when it comes to success/growing a channel. thank you for the tips!! 🙂

  5. I think you're right. Really you have to booktube for yourself. It's not something you can do to make money. You have to do it for enjoyment and if you're warm, passionate and interesting, then subscribers and earnings will follow.

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