Hey Guys! Today I’m going to be sharing my
thoughts, opinions, and feels on Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Can we take a moment
to just appreciate how beautiful this cover is? Because it’s stunning, it is so beautiful,
and it’s shiny! Gotta love those shiny covers! If you don’t know what Red Queen is about,
it’s about a society where you’re separated by your blood type. You’ve got the silvers,
who are the elite. They run the world. WHO RUN DA WORLD? SILVERS! And then you’ve got
the reds who are basically the dirt on the ground that the silvers walk on, like they
are basically nobodies. They’re average, they don’t have any special abilities & all the
silvers have these crazy fascinating abilities. We follow a girl named Mare, who just down
right despises the silvers and then one day she finds herself working alongside them.
One day she unlocks a power inside herself that she didn’t realize she has. Which is
something that’s unheard of, because Mare is a red and she’s not supposed to have any
sort of abilities. Madness ensues and the silvers are left to do some major damage control.
So that’s what Red Queen’s all about, now let’s talk about the writing! I really liked
Victoria Aveyard’s writing style, specifically I want to talk about the action sequences,
because those were some of the best action written scenes that I’ve seen in a long time.
Sometimes I just get really confused during action scenes, because there’s just so much
going on and it’s just a lot to take in, but Victoria Aveyard did a really great job just
making it so easy to understand and follow and also make it super exciting and thrilling.
While I did really like this world and found it a bit fascinating, I still feel like it’s
kind of a bit underdeveloped. There’s a few things that I just don’t quite understand
yet and things that I wish would have been more fleshed out throughout the book. For
example, in this book there’s a war that’s taking place and you don’t really know that
much about the war. We don’t really get much background as to why this war is taking place.
The plot was exciting, I will say though that it was a bit slower paced at the beginning,
it took me around 200 pages to really get sucked in, but once I hit that 200 page mark,
it was so exciting and thrilling and interesting and I just wanted to keep reading, because
so much was happening. So many plot twists so many turns, that it just made for such
an exciting reading experience. And we have such a great cast of characters, I feel like
this book was really driven by the characters, which is something that I’m a major fan of,
when you’ve got good characters, I’m gonna like your book, because I love when characters
are just awesome and there’s so many awesome characters in this book. We’ve got Mare who
is a very unique character, I really like the way she held herself and how she handled
different situations. I think we often see these characters who try to hold it together
when they’re going through trials and tribulations, and I felt like Mare’s character was willing
to face her emotions head on when something was going wrong she wasn’t afraid to feel
and it was just really nice to see her be vulnerable and to just let herself feel the
feels, ya know I’m sayin? I also love the princes, we’ve got maven and cal obviously
they’re very twisted characters, because they think that what’s going on with this society
is okay when it’s totally not okay. But I still really liked them, they were great characters.
And I really liked Julian and Lucas and there’s just so many great characters, in this book.
Even amazing villains, like the villains are villains are villains that you love to hate.
So those are my thoughts, opinions, and feels on Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard you guys
should let me know down below if you’re going to pick up this book, I’m actually going to
be jumping into a little spoiler section here now, because I have a few things that I want
to talk about, so without further ado, let’s talk spoilers. There’s only a few things that
I wanna talk about, the first one is the freaking Maven betrayal. I did not see that coming
at all, that was one of the things where I was like, wait wait stop what what what are
probably should have seen it coming though, like this is one of the plot twists that I
probably should have been like okay so Maven’s actually going to betray her, like I should
have seen that coming, because what character just so easily turns there backs on their
RAISED IN! Like no.. there’s no way, so I should’ve seen that coming, but I didn’t and
it pissed me off, because I liked Maven. He really built up this trust, not only with
Mare, but with me, like I trusted Maven and then he just went and turned his back on me
and he’s like SCREW YOU and I’m over here like WHAT THE HECK MAN? YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO
BE OUR FRIEND. but now you turn your back on us and ahhh just such an evil character.
Another thing that I want to talk about is a character death that I’m not okay with and
I’m sitting here sad about it and that is Lucas. Why did Lucas have to die? WHY DID
HE HAVE TO DIE? To me Lucas is like Cinna from the Hunger Games, like they’re on the
same level for me and so when he just died I just was like WHYYYY ARE YOU DOING THIS
talk about is shade, I knew he wasn’t dead, I knew he wasn’t dead! I picked up on that
sucker. I never trust a character death, when we the readers don’t see the death happen.
If we don’t see it, it didn’t happen. So those are just a few of the things that I wanted
to talk about, because HOLY CRAP this book, the plot twists.. so many plot twists that
I just did not see coming. Some of them I probably should have seen coming, but I just
didn’t. You guys should let me know down below if you have read this book, if there was anything
you saw coming, if there was anything that was just like WHAT?! THE CRAP? because that
was me a majority of this book. I was just like WHAAAAT? WHAAT? WHAAAAT? So yes, let
me know down below! & I will see you guys soon with a new video! LATER! If you don’t
know what Red Queen is alksdfjlaksjf So that’s what Red Queen is all about I just hit myself
in the eyebrow hey hey hey hey feel the feels!


  1. I felt like this book was really cliche. I mean, the love triangle, the main character finds out she has this power she never knew she had until now, just eh, it was okay. This is my opinion so…please don't bash.

  2. SPOILER alert
    2 things
    1 Shade wasn't dead.( I knew it )
    2 Maven is a bad guy.(I knew this immediately when he joined the Scalert guard )

  3. I'm fairly sure that he's saying Mavin wrong, comment if he's saying it correct like this comment it if its being said false.

  4. I watched your review and the next day I read it and couldn't stop till it was over. I love this book because usually the main is always so stubborn and annoying most of the time and they'll be like "I ain't gonna eat your rich people food and I'll argue all the time" but she didn't do that stuff and I love how she wasn't always focused on her love life and was more concerned about the war and how reds are pretty much slaves.

  5. SPOILER :

    The worst thing to me was Elara forcing Cal to kill his father. That was the most heart breaking moment to me. And then Cal got arrested when he actually stayed loyal to the crown and his father. Tragic.

  6. I kind of saw Maven's betrayal coming but I didn't really believe it until it clicked in my mind that, like, why tf is helping the Reds anyways and then I was like "omg he's feeding Elara information about Mare and the Scarlet Guard!" and then he betrayed them and I was "what even is life anymore Maven was like my fav besides Kilorn and Walsh and Lucas WHO BOTH DIDN'T NEED TO DIE". Also, i was not expecting Shade to still be alive. In the epilogue i was so shook.

  7. Lmaooo what was funny is I acc saw it before😂 but when all the lovely dovey stuff started I was like why!!!?? Yasss Licas😢 yah I ken shade wasn’t dead

  8. Lucas was my favourite character in this book and I was also so sad and angry when he died! May he Rest In Peace 😥

  9. Literally like 3 seconds into the spoiler section: THE FREAKIN MAVEN BETRAYL!
    Me: laughing because I relate too much and I freaking love maven but like ahrsjjwkahd my feelings. And Lucas!!! Ah! Same I'm done!


    Like the Maven betrayal is so cliche and predictable but I STILL DIDNT SEE IT COMING!!! I feel like if anyone else would have written this book I would have known from the start but Victoria is just so stinking talented! And then when Cal kills his father……I’m still shook….

  11. Just finished Red Queen and I loved it!! I do feel like I saw some of the twists coming although there were some parts I just didn’t see coming at all.
    Overall a phenomenal book!!


    I knew Maven would betray them when Julian says « he’s her mother’s son », I knew the Queen will kill the King because she was thirsty of Power but I didn’t know she will use Cal to do it. I knew Shade wasn’t dead. But I didn’t see that Lucas would die !!
    And this book reminds me The Selection of Kiera Cass but also Cinder of Marissa Meyer
    (Sorry for my mistakes I am French)

  13. i almost cried when maven was talking with them in the cell and was just talking shit and stuff. i almost cried when lucas died. I ALMSOT CRIED WHEN THEY SAID JULIAN DIED! but wait! since jesse has a point of if a character died but the book didnt show a death scene they could still be alive. <3. im still gonna think Julian and sara survived. I LMSOT CRIED AND SCREAMED WITH FREAKIN JOY WHEN SHADE AND FARLEY AND KILORN WERE OK!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! SHADE IS ONE OF THEM!!!! <3 <3 <3

  14. Eh I thought the book was pretty trash
    Complete trash
    Too many troupes too many obnoxious characters not enough interesting content

  15. I re-read some of Red queen and so the whole time Maven did ANYTHING I was yelling internally LIES CHILD

  16. ok I wanna say I agree so much. also I have never hear of anyone that was so shocked by the death you said that hurt you (don't wanna spoil but ya know) and yes the betrayal and how attached you got becomes so important.

  17. I know I'm like 3 years late, but I finished that last book in this AMAZING series and I'm going back and seeing what other's have had to say about it.

    Ok, also, I know this is my opinion, but I was like screaming when Jesse was pronouncing Maven's name like Ma-ven, when I'm so used to saying his name like May-ven.

  18. With Maven's betrayal I wasn't surprised, but I didn't expect it. And everyone here is sitting here saying that they shipped mare and maven but I didn't, like at all. I felt like there wasn't any chemistry like there was with Cal.


  20. Spoilers for glass sword!

    "I knew shade wasn't dead!"
    Me:…it's sad to hear this knowing you haven't read Glass Sword…

    I didn't get that emotional over Shade's death. I guess I loved the series more than him…well in every fanfiction Shade is alive so other people did miss him.

  21. I read the book and have the same reaction except with the betrayal hahaha i somehow knew it but i was a bit hesitant ,, its like maybe or maybe not hahaha so i put only half of my trust to maven and im glad i did it

  22. For me Lucas’ death was made even worse by the fact that it was in a moment when he felt true betrayal by Mare. Like. What a shitty way to go.

  23. Honestly man when I read this I DID NOT ACCEPT maven's betrayal like I still haven't I think I'm just like nah he'll be okay no no no no and I'm still in denial and I mean I gave up on this series sadly but in my mind Maven is still good and I'm still not over it dude

  24. At the beginning of the book my favorite character was Kilorn. Then I decided I liked Maven. And then he just made me cry for a week. Then my favorite was Cal. Now I don’t even know who’s my favorite because everyone is either dying or betraying someone. WHY DO I FEEL SO MANY EMOTIONS AT ONCE??!!!!

  25. SPOILER!— I figured out maven was going to betray mare when some character said maven was like his mother. I didn’t pick up on shade being alive though

  26. I don’t think Lucas is actually dead, we never saw him die and he’s a magnet person so he may have been able to stop the bullet before it reached his heart just a wishful thought

  27. My friend got me to read red queen. She told me Maven was the best character. About halfway through I understood why. Then at the betrayal I threw the book across the room. I called and yelled “HE BETRAYED HER?” Her response was “Yeah, isn’t it awesome?”

  28. I was shocked bout maven betrayal but ive seen it coming. You know the feeling when you read so many books and it just hits u that the character is too good to be true. But i was hoping tho that he really is good. I kinda ship him with mare lol. Plus shades death. Too much emphasizing bout it so kinda figured nah its clue. Hope u read the second book 💖


    Oh man you’re going to love war storm if you don’t believe deaths until you see them because BOY OH BOY LET ME TELL YOU-

  30. Lol, what's funny to me is that Maven had actual feelings for Mare (he gave her a chance to take his side) but loved the crown more than her. And Cal and Maven aren't much different, Cal is just more in touch with his feelings – he's not afraid to love Mare but at the same time, the crown and his country are a tad bit more important. In simpler terms, he's more empathic.

  31. i felt so so sorry for cal man when he was calling all his solders by name ahhhh and i imagine him as cap for some reason all the solider duty stuff so like extra sad cause of it

  32. Spoiler:
    I remember the first time I was reading it.
    I told a friend (who hasn't read it yet) that I believed my favorite character (Maven) was gonna either betray the main character, or die, or both. I knew it and it broke my heart anyway.
    I still love Maven.

    I don’t know how but I knew Cal was the prince from the beginning, I always liked him more, but I also liked Mavon, AND I felt bad for him when Cal and Mare kissed, when he turned bad/ reveled his true self I was like, “I knew it! I should of never trusted him!” I was also very relieved when Shade was still alive, and very happy that he is like Mare

  34. YES I SHOULDVE SEEN MAVENS BETRAYAL COMING BC THERE WAS SO MUCH FORESHADOWING BUT AHHHHH I DIDNT😭😭 also I love the covers on these books toooo. But my favorite part of the book is THE AMAZINGNESS THAT IS MARECAL. THEY ARE JUST YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I loved Mareaven but he messed that up soooo yeah but marecal is just the best ❤️👑 #marecal #redqueen #victoriaaveyard

  35. I literally didn't see Maven coming with that betrayal, but him joining the Scarlet Guard wasn't out of "character" (well the person he was pretending to be). Especially since we were just getting to know him

  36. contains spoilers for first and second book

    I AM INLOVE WITH RED QUEEN!! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THAT KILORN LIKES MARE. I ship Cal and Mare and hate Maven!!! I even have some posters. I am in the middle of Glass Sword so yeah. 🙂

  37. I absolutely love the plot twist💛💛 i seriuosly coudn't believe it when maven betrayed them like that, i mean i thought he was a kind person who genuinely wanted to help the Reds😢😢. I LOVE that Shade is alive 💛💛yaaayyy. Also i really want a little romance again with Cal and Mare😉😉. I cant wait to glass sword, literally dying here. Good Job Victoria👍

  38. Victoria wrote on of the most amazing plot twists ever!!! I didn’t really see it coming I mean, I really liked Maven

  39. I’ve been watching your videos for some time and you mentioned this book once and how it’s mostly hated but you really love the series. And I just finished it and came back to ur channel to watch your review and opinions :)) and i liked the book too

  40. this book just really made me feel all the feels .dam.WHATT WWHHAATT tf is happening .it was the same for me too dude .aannnnnddddd .I STILL LOVE MAVEN.even if he's spoiled evil villain .i still l love him.period

  41. This book is awful, none of the characters are fleshed out, they have no backstories or anything. The war does not make sense and is just a plot device. Ugh I do not recommend this book it’s really awful.

  42. I read the book and I am currently reading the second. That plot twist in book one, oh my gosh. It really hit me. Amazing book overall though.

  43. When julian said "he is he's mothers son" I knew he would betray them and work for his mom. But as the book went on I actually started to like him and then BOOM


  45. I took a blood type test and I got silver! I feel kinda bad about it, but if I was in that setting, at least I'd live in a lavish life.

    Well, Silvers are douches, but it's okay!

  46. When I started this book, I really am excited because 'many' said that it was good. I'm not disappointed at all because it's just thrilling and exciting plot twists happening. Apparently, when I was at the 50 page mark, it was just like; " yeah i'm going to sleep now". The next day what happened was just a book in front of my face the whole period and it was really distinctive. The characters, i fell in love with 'em. I put a lot of trust and love like I'm Mare men!
    Because… ' Anyone can betray anyone '
    I hope you learned your lesson…

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