Rembrandt in Print exhibition

2019 is the year of Rembrandt,
which is celebrated internationally on the occasion of the 350th anniversary
of Rembrandt’s death in 1669. For this occasion the Ashmolean Museum
has decided to, for the first time in the UK, show a selection of fifty prints. This is
a truly extraordinary occasion, because the Ashmolean has an extraordinary
world-class collection of Rembrandt prints and we’ve selected the best of
the best impressions in our collections which will now be available to be seen
at the Lady Lever Gallery. They will include a wide range of self-portraits. We will also highlight Rembrandt as an observer of life, so we will show, for instance, his genre subjects
in which he depicts everyday life. We will also show a range of landscapes,
of Rembrandt’s nude studies. Rembrandt was great portraitist,
not only in paintings but also in etching so there will be an extraordinary selection
of his portrait prints in the exhibition as well.

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