Rep. Nunes taking legal action after Schiff released private phone records

100 thoughts on “Rep. Nunes taking legal action after Schiff released private phone records

  1. Were they phone calls to McDonald's ..or to Ukraine officials involved in the corrupt process of smearing Biden for Trump's personal gain.. You know like *RUDY GIULIANI'S CORRUPT UKRAINE ASSOCIATES * You know what.. I bet ya.. that Rudy's phone calls have also been subpoenaed by the FBI… WONDER WHY KNUCKLEHEADS & MORONS?

  2. Nope ….. he is corrupt
    I'm so happy to see him trying to weasel his way out.
    Sorry Republicans……
    YOU LOSE!!!!

  3. Call the DOJ and POTUS. Start the paperwork and look out for deep state who sabotage your phone records. Civil liberties have been violated.

  4. He has no recourse. He is a public figure that acts confused and abused when he's caught. Actually, so does Trump. Nunes straight line looks like a figure eight.

  5. Schiff must be out of left field . I think he messed with Kellie Ann's Cell Records to. πŸŒŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒŸ

  6. If anyone cannot see Schiff REACHING, they have to be braindead. Dems will stop at nothing and it’s time they go to prison.

  7. Devin Nunes…. Caught red handed.. as far as im concerned, anybody that is defending the liar and deceitful despicable person who calls himself the President, deserves the underhanded things he claims are happening to him.. Your all Liars.. Why should anyone believe you.. Just like Dershowitz.. In the Epstein thing.. He says he kept his underwear on… now denies anything… Your all Pathetic individuals.

  8. the one thing I can say about CNN is that i have never seen such a soft ball interview, this is like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar by your mum but, u complaining she was back from work early.

  9. Jesus, Maria!!! That's some journalism right there!! Getting to the truth….journalisming all over the place!! Thank you for the much needed propaganda. πŸ™„

  10. If you cant look at this turd and tell that hes lying, you are just a complete moron. I mean come on bro, its totally freaking obvious that hes squirming like the little worm he is.

  11. When dealing with socialists go in hard and drill down deep. They have a clear history and deserve no mercy. Democracy will fall if you don't. Vote Trump or you're voting for 1984.

  12. Fantasy land narrative lol. Are you trying to convince me or yourself bro. Get your story straight, you've definitely had enough time to work on your story before coming on this trashy show lol

  13. In the book "The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization" by Robert Conquest the first paragraph of the preface says that twenty people died for every letter in the book. It's a thick book with small print. If you're messing with socialists have no mercy.

  14. According to Nunes rules of reporting, if someone is indicated then journalism is suppose to ignore all statements from the indicated person and their lawyer.

  15. Look at all of the Liberals on a Conservative channel attempting to lecture on ethics, morals, law and the constitution. Get your asses back to CNN.

  16. Get them Nunnes get old pencil neck he thinks he can lie and make all the fake charges against anybody he wants cause he can't be invited while in Congress this shouldn't be allowed he needs to be removed and locked up and all them lying medias that won't tell the truth CNN they need to be taken off the air and all that work there put in jail

  17. Oh my goodness!… again Shifty Schiff on another embarrassment episode! Spying on private phone calls of Republicans! This is such a shameful stunt… using illegally obtained phone calls to smear those he targets for destruction!… sigh! That is outrageous and underhanded desperation that only the hooligans are capable of doing! Very dirty tactics by Adam Schiff!…. a jackass!

  18. BAHAHAHAS they let n.s.a. spy on the whole country, but he has a problem with his privacy being violated .. Bish please , this guy is a turd just like the rest of them

  19. FOX is all over the process crimes etc, because they are part of the swamp hiding the real crimes of the elites and they are massive.

  20. Why are republicans always on the defensive and always under investigation when the democrats are clearly up to their ears in political corruption?

  21. He got your phone number and phone records and your staffs number because they were on the indicted Parnassus phone first you couldn't remember his name now it's oshit my phone number is on his records and I don't know how they got there for 8 minutes n 37 seconds because Adam Schiff doesn't like me no atoms shipped is it going by the law and I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids

  22. Satan is known as the bottomless pit because he will not stop doing evil. The Democrats must be called to account for their actions. Democrats are willing to sacrifice their Democrat base and the nation in order to stop President Trump from making America great. They serve their new world order Masters. The slogan of the "American dream" was only a fantasy that they peddled that's why they're willing to fight President Trump to get him impeached, even of it means throwing this country into disrepute.
    President Trump is trying to turn the ship around.
    They're fighting him. They do not like where he's trying to take America. He's trying to make America represent the people and they hate him for it.
    The Democrats do what they do because they've been doing it for so long only now they're doing it in public and we're aghast, shocked. They're not.
    They've been doing it forever.

  23. And I love the way he blames it I'm the guy who found the phone numbers and say somehow someway it's Adam ships fault and not mines shut the fuk up

  24. Schiff joins CNN and a fake cow. Nunes desperately trying to deflect his criminal activity for a criminal president. It's not going to end well for any of them or Fox.

  25. It's AT&T's fault who set him up with a phone. Lol. This guy is sooo guilty. I'm looking forward to see how deep gop will let Trumps minions dig their grave.

  26. looks like we need some new laws, our laws worked great for a couple hundred years until our government got full of sleezy lawyers and now they twist the laws around to suit them selves

  27. I no longer believe Nunes is honest. I think he is lying. He has a lot of help so it seems "possible" but if one considers he might be lying, (and they all might be lying), it fits the facts better.

    The Democrats did not fabricate any of this stuff that Trump took almost $400 million of Ukraine"s money that he and Congress openly granted, and behind the scenes used it to demand they do dirt on Biden or else. (You do not secretly withhold $400 million from a needy nation at war to get a simple truth that a decent person can get by asking them). And it is Trumps people that took it out of the diplomatic files and hid it in the super secret Intelligence files. AND Honestly, that is why Schiff became involved, because it is his job to review those files. If they didn't want him involved they should have hid it in the Agriculture files, or not done it at all.

    We might not like it, but the Democrats actually didn't do this. They are reacting, and reasonably so, to what Trump did.

  28. what a set up shifty schitt gets a crim to make and log a phone call to try and set up Nunes – Shifty needs to be put in Prison

  29. Art owns cnn ,6 media agencies lied parnoff
    CNN stooge obstruction. Of justice
    Wife talked to staff
    Schiff working with parnoff

  30. Is it me or does he always have a look on his face as if he is smelling farts, and seemingly, enjoying it?πŸ€”πŸ˜–

  31. Just answer the question. What were you and Parnas speaking about? The fact you did not reveal you were talking to him while sitting on the impeachment inquiry is as bad as it gets.

  32. Schiff is the only one who knows who the whistle blower is. Wanna know why? Because he was involved in wire tapping of Ukraine back before the Ukraine president was elected. He was getting information on their investigation, and is using that against Trump. In short, the so called whistle blower is a wire tap. The name being protected is himself!

  33. Gotta read those privacy agreements like the rest of us muggles you yuppie. Especially when you helped approve federal seizure of.

  34. All the repugnant-cons are in cahoots with the crime family and they got caught. They are using the same distract & doubletalk just as the president does. He talked with the convicted mans wife for 8 minutes! About what?

  35. Since Parnas was indicted, shouldn't it naturally examine anyone in his phone call records? Rather than saying that he is unreliable source because he was indicted. In contrast, I think Parnas is a very important source because he was indicted especially.

  36. So you don’t think government interference is going on? Here’s the truth that they are tracking everyone’s phone records.

  37. Rep Nunes is complicit. Why did he not disclose his communication with Rudy and Parnas? If he is clean, is he willing to testify under oath?

    He is also wrong on the supposed abuse of power, he is so deluded by all his spinning that he is actually talking about the president.

  38. I hope I hear Shiff is found murdered someday. Sorry but I've come to the point of absolute hatred of the left. I want nothing but pain and suffering for these people.

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