Reporting Sexual Assault To Police STEP 1 – How To Report

[Background music] Tania (Interviewee): There are several ways to contact Police to report a sexual assault. Firstly if you’re still in danger or if it’s just happened please pick up the phone and dial 111 and ask for Police. Or otherwise call or pop into your nearest Police station. You’ll find the contact details on the New Zealand Police website. We understand sexual assault is a very sensitive matter, so when you arrive at the Police station please ask the person at the counter if you can speak to somebody in private. We can take you to a room where you may feel more comfortable talking. I really want to encourage you to bring a friend or whānau members, that you feel safe with and trust, as your support people. We will also offer you support from a person who works for Rape Crisis or another support agency in the community.>>Station front counter worker: “Alright, so how may I help you today?”>>Tania (Interviewee): Once you’re in a private and safe room we will ask for your name, address and date of birth and a few details of what happened. That’s really so that we can get the right person that will listen and talk to you about the next steps. We don’t want you to relive your story more than you need to.>>Station front counter worker: “I’ll just read that back: 0 – 2 – 1-“>>Tania (Interviewee): There are detectives who are specially trained in dealing with sexual assaults. Ideally that’s who we would get to come in and listen to your story. This is about you and your story, if you choose to report a sexual assault to Police We really want to journey with you, each step of the way, and you’re not alone. [Background music continues]

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