Reporting Sexual Assault To Police STEP 2 – First Interview

[Background music] Anthony (Interviewee): So once it’s been established that a victim is reporting a sexual assault complaint, the matter is normally referred to detectives. Detectives are the ones that are trained to deal with victims of sexual assaults. One of the first things that a detective will do when they meet with a victim of sexual assault is to conduct an initial interview. This is to find out what has happened, when it happened and where it happened and it’s also to ensure the safety of the victim.>>Anthony (Detective): “So Crystal, just need to grab a few basic details from you, just so that we can establish what’s happened and work through things from there.” “This is not a formal interview, we’ll arrange to do a formal interview at a later date, okay?”>>Anthony (Interviewee): During the initial interview with the victim we will normally advise them that there is specialist support services available to them. It is up to the victim whether they want to receive those services and those services are normally available to them right throughout the investigation process.>>Anthony (Detective): “Crystal, thanks for all that information, I’ll just let you know we’ve got a support service here in the Hutt, Hutt Rape Crisis, they’re a fantastic, specialist support agency. ” “I’d like to contact them and get them to come on in and get someone to see you and talk to you, offer you some support. ” “We’ve got a lovely lady Irene there that I know is working tonight, and if you’d like I can get a hold of her and get her to come in and speak to you and see you… would you like that? Okay.” “Fantastic, I’ll just be a minute, I’ll just go and make that phone call and I’ll be back shortly.” [Background music continues]

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