Republican Stalker Claims Assault At David Pakman Studios

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to further extension of the show that’s the reality louis absolutely we love it we had elizabeth warn here in our studio and she has this republican tracker it’s
a guy who we were warned is following her around with a camera either trying
to capture in gaffes or trying to just annoyed her a common strategy was that
many about politicians employees having somebody hired disconnected up at least on paper from
their candidacy were referring to scott brown here who is the current massachusetts senator
but uh… still probably being paid by that person or by
somebody who support scott brown when they showed up louis i’d instructed louis start taking
pictures of the sky and see what happens huge commotion what exactly happened you
an elephant some pictures that you took of the guy he went out into the home
what happened well here is uh… pretty much arguing with everybody out
there the whole entourage yahoo and omg saying he had been assaulted right have been saying it was an accident but
it happened four times right and the whole time he’s filming building everything being completely
confrontation with everyone right uh… filming everything uh… and just a completely obnoxious human
being it’s a sad job is in a it’s a really sejal it’s pretty said job yet
and one of these alleged assault i was told that was owned by cross the street
from our studio there’s a cafe where she did an appearance in apparently uh… on the way and somebody i don’t know if said to him you can’t
come and i don’t wanna wanna give details i don’t have but the point was
somebody stood in his way essentially and he threw himself on the
ground and started yelling that he had been assaulted right wrapped up the long and short of it
regardless we were still able to uh… i don’t know this guy’s name i don’t know
anything about it i’ve been getting calls from other media outlets because
we put up the your pictures known and i said i honestly don’t know anything
about the skies now he was outside of our studio he wasn’t allowed in and he
was yelling about being assaulted four times right that’s pretty much all i got out of it
too and uh… arguing with everyone firmest inc they hissy fit uh… why i don’t know why it why that
what’s going on camera how that’s gonna alice cooper his campaign is is a real
mystery today it’s not clear i think it in with this guy a sap is going to be
committee helping scott brown probably

25 thoughts on “Republican Stalker Claims Assault At David Pakman Studios

  1. Republicans always love to accuse people to assault them, but when they are the one doing the assault, they claim it is their free speech rights.
    I call them hypocrite unelectable retarded looooosers.

  2. @MClown69 That is what he WANTS. He wants to provoke a fight, so he can go back to Breitbart with incriminating footage. It has happened dozens of times.

  3. @kamphwagon1 Libertarians believe in rights for rich white men. That is why they almost entirely are rich white men. Other groups do not matter to them.

  4. @MClown69 Just follow HIM around constantly pointing a camera at HIM and see how long it takes for HIM to take a swing… That's what I would do,

  5. @SuperBenzid
    Actually many hardcore libertarians are lower middle class to poor people that idiotically think that indirectly giving all power to their employer will actually improve their lives. Yeah, no regulation and no unions etc will clearly help them if they work for a person that wants the most of what he can get into hes own pocket.

  6. Couldnt Elizabeth Warren film the guy for a while to document it. Call the cops as witnesses and then get a restraining order? On top of that. Mention it whenever theres talk about Browns character. Maybe she cant prove it, but its not illegal to speculate or just ask questions…

  7. The scientology thugs use the same ploy – its designed to distract and throw people off task – Louis did the right thing – take pix of them it drives them nuts

  8. @SuperBenzid yeah thats why republicans wont give working class people tax breaks but they want to give corporations and billionaires tax breaks

  9. First both sides do this.

    Second considering how one sided you are, I take his word over your.

    We have seen the intolerance of the left just look at OWS

  10. Why doesn't Warren hire a guy to follow the video stalker at all times? While he is filming, he is filmed.
    At the very least, beside unnerving the hell out of him, if something happens the Warren folks will have video to counter his silly claims.

    Also, I'd love to hear him protest that he being stalked. I'd assign a guy to follow him round the clock regardless.

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