Rétrospective 2017 – Hearthstone (VOST)

that’s haven’t always filled with laughter fire sites where heroes gather [Music] what up Blizzcon my name is ben brode I’m the game director on hearthstone and my name is Ben Thompson I’m the art director on hearthstone mean streets of gadgets and just totally capped off the year of the Kraken it was a fantastic set not only because the vibe was so much fun what does a gadget st. look like on a long enough timeline how big does a city like that get and ultimately what kind of crime families come out of such an environment three major ones as it turns out we’ve got kazakh sleeting the Cabal of the magic users of the group the Jade Lotus yeah yep Jade Lotus with their Jade golems that they were trying to take over the city of the unseen and eventually the world had a good stab at it but really the grimy goons had a lot to say about that as it turns out as fun as the year the Kraken was the year the mammoth is just getting started three new sets are gonna fill that out and honestly it’s gonna be one of our biggest seasons yet if you consider that each one of these expansions has more exciting cards than ever before and it’s I can’t wait there’s a reason it’s called the year of the madness right it’s a man with the amount of cards also we went to some cool places in the year in the mammoths starting with journey to Ungaro one of my favorite sets already just based on the fact of who doesn’t love dinosaurs and elementals to boot the dinosaurs are exploding with elemental energy and adapting that was one of our cool and Mechanics for the set where dinosaurs could adapt and gain new powers over the course of the game probably the biggest thing that we added was the new quest mechanic oh yeah these are cards that they start in your hand you play them and set a huge game plan for the rest of the game totally change the way you play hearthstone one of the other exciting parts about this was the board you know the play space for Angora was challenging in a way because we already had stranglethorn forests which could be not dissimilar to an underground world they’re both jungles green leaves done but as it turns out there’s more to it than that what I love about the board is for weeks players were trying to explode the volcano because that was happening with accidentally on people’s streams there was a guy who mapped all of the clickable as two key bindings on his keyboard no one just spammed him until they booked any one off those boards offer a lot of fun not just for us as developers but ultimately for the players themselves as well this wasn’t just a year for super exciting new expansions no it was also a year where we first started to add some really incredible new tech to the hearthstone client that supports fireside gathering they’re really where the community gets to show its love for the game and share that with each other it’s the most social way to really appreciate the game and then get to enjoy it with your friends one of the give players really awesome reasons to go try it out I think what’s a go-to fireside gathering there’s co fun of this so we added a new way to play hearthstone that you can only do from within a fireside gathering that’s called the fireside brawl basically they’re unique brawls that can only be played at the fireside and the innkeeper will be the person to set that up and we designed them in a way to be super funny in person so there are brawls that are hotseat brawls where you play 3v3 against another team with the same device and you just pass the I pad of the phone back and forth between your buddies it’s some of the most fun interaction we’ve had even within the team as we were developing it and we can’t wait to share it with everybody else so after great to un’goro we made I think a massive change to the way that unglued pacts work no more duplicate legendaries you cannot get a legendary that you already have it’s a huge change to the way that pax 1 it really is I mean we all know that feeling you open up the packs and it’s got that one I’m happy to get the dust but I’m even happier if I get a legendary I don’t already have to add to the collection I mean that’s half the fun guaranteed first 10 packs will always contain a legendary this jump starts the fun of a new expansion our second expansion for the year of the mammoth was a big one it was one that we’d been waiting to release for a long time looking forward to developing and our fans had been – we’d been receiving all sorts of requests really since day one when are you gonna put death Knights in how are we gonna get to go visit North Rim and is there going to be a lich king and the answer to that was yes we brought death Knights in it wasn’t the way people were expecting I think it was better we don’t you are that one here oh yeah we have nine what do we nine different types of death Knights look like when you’ve taken some of the most powerful heroes in Azeroth and turned them into death Knights and some of them are pretty horrifying and it is truly creepy terrifying yeah huge effect on the gameplay right and they themselves are a totally different cart type we got a new card type in the form of hero cards as hero cards they take the place of your hero in play add a little bit of armor for the trouble and give you a new hero power which did some amazing things to the the meta the way the decks were built and it was just awesome to watch a hundred percent agree with everything you said but this wasn’t the first time we fought the lich king we had an incredible fireside brawl that was insane in scope because we did it at Gamescom for thousands of players and we gave the lich king upwards of thousands of hit points basically a massive raid not across the entirety of the hearthstone floor when you came to the booth you got to take part in a huge raid against the Lich King himself many players died that weekend lots of skeleton side yeah and then they were raised the servants of the undead it was horrible that wasn’t all at Gamescom no it was not we had you know really defined the look the vibe and the sound of our stone for me actually it’s legendary and so many great characters introduced for the first time that we’re gonna get to learn even more about even months and years to come I can’t wait honestly I’ve seen that video hundreds of times obviously as the team is working on it and every time it’s one of my favorite parts of developing for hearthstone is just waiting to see what people think of the next set what they’re gonna do with it the kind of decks they’re gonna build with it and really the response to just the stories that were telling through them all of this leads into what I think is the most magnificent capstone for the year of a mammoth ever which we’re announcing at Blizzcon what a great end point to three amazing sets it’s so hard enough talking about it I’m so excited for what’s gone this was an insane year for her stone I can’t wait to see where we’re taking next it’s gonna be amazing see you at Blizzcon [Music]

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