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Hi chicks this is CANARY RAM my name is ALEIG and today we are going to analyze a mouse that if had come in a better time, would be THE BEST MOUSE IN THE MARKET. We’re talking about the G Wolves Skoll. Let’s go! Everyone who follows the eSports scene knows that Zowie EC has always been one of the mouse preferred by the proplayers Well, G Wolves has gone a step further in this 2019 and has improved the concept of Zowie by taking out the Sköll. The box is a quality display It offers us an experience as if it were a collector’s item, and to cost about 55€ it is worth it only for the box. This particular mouse is one of the first units of this version. This includes a warranty certificate, a complete set of sliders that we’ll see later, the sticker on the bottom and a spare paracord cable. In the next production will add 2 long life-span microswitches and a pack of tape-grips To include an extra cable is really nice, this doesn’t mean that the one that is mounted is of poor quality, is totally contrary. It is one of the best cables today. Ultralight and super flexible, this gives exquisite mouse mobility. Another point in favor is that the cable collector is fixed it isn’t the first time I lose it and I have to take a flange of the bread. Once we have the mouse on the table the thing does nothing but improve For people who sweat hands, honeycomb is one of the best solutions because it prevents the skin from perspiring and we sweat the entire mouse, losing the grip. To this we must add that the material itself is a very rough PBT and that gives us that extra grip. The weight of this mouse is about 66 grs.
*68gr in my barn* Its size is 124 millimeters long, 65 mm wide at its widest part and 40 mm high Virtually equal in size to EC2B. As for the grip, very comfortable for Claw Grip although it is intended for Palmgrip due to its pronounced hump, nothing recommended for Fingertip Grip. My advice is that you try to adapt your grip as much as possible, because if you’ll be missing a mouse TOPE range. If you want me to make a video with my TOP 5 GAMING MOUSE in the market, leave it in the comments Testing the mouse I realize something that is not correct. I don’t know if it is my unit’s problem to be the first in production or it is like that in all, but the MB4, which is the closest lateral button, is more inward. This makes it uncomfortable and a little difficult to use it easily and quickly. To fix that, I had to disassemble it and bend this piece slightly, although its problem lies in the internal casing itself. Obviously this slight problem seems to me that the buttons are very good, assemble some YSA microswitches very similar to HUANO. Moving to the top I would like to highlight the wheel. It has very pronounced steps, with no movements on the stick and is very well lubricated A 13mm TTC encoder provides us extremely high quality and we take a note of it as a reference in gaming mice. The main buttons are very comfortable, fast in terms of touch point and with a lifespan of 50 million clicks thanks to OMRON’s top-of-the-line microswitches. Something we don’t have, and for me it is a perfect point, is the DPI button We have this one at the bottom case Here we have 2 buttons, 1 to change the DPI profiles and the other to change the mouse lighting modes… YES, it has RGB lighting. The mouse is configured with 7 DPI levels and 7 lighting modes without including its OFF mode. One of the things I like about the RGB of this mouse is that there’re no cuts or brutal differences between tone and tone. The sliders that this mouse brings are super sliding The truth is that I was amazed at its quality. We have 4 sliders, one in each corner. This has a slight “problem” and is that if we press more of the account with the palm of the hand in a moment of tension, we will touch with part of the housing and this will generate more friction. But G-WOLVES has already thought about that and provides us with some extra sliders in the box. What it does is increase its sliding surface. Making this little sliders in 2 XL The G Wolves software can be found on the official website of the brand and is super basic and intuitive using it. They also include some extra functions to full adjust the mouse, something that other more comercial software doesn’t include. In the first option we can configure the lighting, both in type, color and brightness. In the second option we can configure so that we want to use each button. It is worth mentioning that the main left button cannot be modified, although the others can be configured as we want. In the DPI settings we have the 7 levels to customize them very comfortably and 2 things that I liked a lot in terms of configuration with the software are the ones below. The first one is that we can adjust the Debounce Time. This is great for adjusting the microswitch contact response time. The other thing that I loved is that we can adjust the LOD with a simple drop-down, something that doesn’t include many brands and that should come implicitly in mice that mount a PMW3360 or substitute. We can also adjust the wheel speed when scrolling and the polling rate of the mouse. In the last option we have the MACROS generator and we can save all this in several profiles. In addition, these profiles are in turn stored in the ARM chip of the mouse, so we’ll not need the Software later to use it. First of all I want to say thank you to G Wolves for send me an unit to test it and review it On the info box there are 2 links to buy this mouse. Well, I think that we have a sweet-spot gaming mouse on the market. Everything that the brand includes inside the box for this money is AMAZING. They don’t only include the mouse (XD) inside the box, but includes extra accesories and replacements to prevent from breaking parts. A little trick I discover touching everything, is that if you hold the RGB Button for 3 seconds, this one blocks and turn it off. To unblock it and use the lightning effects, just hold the same button for 3 seconds againg, This little trick I can’t find in anywhere here you have an extra. Well chicks, I hope you like this video. Just hit the like button, subscribe with the sub button Don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications to the next videos. You can find the social media links down on the description box. Even the link to buy this great mouse in X-RAYPAD Catch you on the next video, see ya fellas!

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