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Hey guys! If anything has characterized Logitech is that it has always been one step ahead of the other brands in terms of technology. Today I bring to analyze the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury, an ultra ergonomic mouse that hides cutting-edge technology inside. Let’s go! In the box we can see both the appearance and some technical specifications in the back. After opening the box we find a pamphlet where the technical support indicates and an extensible with the mouse guarantee in several languages. Once we remove the mouse from the box we see that the cable is very simple. It is not meshed and its connector is slightly gold plated. The cable is internally compact, so the quality in general is quite good. The cable guard is perfectly integrated in the bottom / front. On this side we can see a Golden Triangle type design (Saint Seiya references) where we can see 6 sliders. It also has 3 extra sliding zones at different levels, this gives you an impressive glide. The mouse is 136 mm long, somewhat out of the average in a mouse. This is due to its prolonged right button with respect to the main one. The maximum in this mouse is the comfort, hence the buttons to toggle levels of DPI have removed them from the area of ​​the wheel. Placing them at the end of the main button where we can select them without any problem. On the side of the Mouse together with these DPI buttons we have the secondary buttons. Their hardness and position make them easy to use in hardcore gaming mode. This mouse includes a sniper button that lowers the DPI level while keep on pressed. This forces us to change the grip a bit to be able to arrive comfortably. With a width of 72 mm and 41 mm high, its references are between 17 and 20 cm for Palmgrip. The G402 has very well balanced its weight, although this exceeds 100g. can be used perfectly for competitive gaming, since it does not give that feeling of weight and thanks to its great sliding we will have the best tool to get ahead in game After having removed the sliders and screws, I open the mouse to see what the brand offers us at the level of components and construction quality. The first thing that happens is that I’m left with my mouth open. The upper housing comes out without the need to disconnect any cables, and the wheel is still in the place. AN OPTICAL WHEEL! This works with an infrared laser and a receiver on the other side. Basically every time the laser is interrupted by one of the spokes of the wheel, this ordain to execute the scroll command. Simple, practical and with greater durability of the mechanism since the steps are in the internal part of the housing and they do not have to deteriorate. Internally it may seem like a tangle of switches, but each one is strategically placed. This mouse has Omron switches with 20 million durability clicks for the main buttons. These are surrounded by a Chinese model of HIMAKE brand. These Himake are owned by a company called Hua Jie, and like Kailh they have a wide range of industrial components, not only micro switches. One thing that caught my attention is that the keyboard switches they make are Alps or Matias style. As you can see it has a 32bit ARM memory chip and next to this is the gyroscope / accelerometer. This little chip does is increase the response speed of the Avago sensor, activating or deactivating the Fusion Engine through the Logitech software. This software is already well known and has one of the most dynamic and intuitive interfaces that we can find. This mouse was manufactured before the RGB fever, so its lighting settings are rather poor, only configurable in the breath cycle speed and brightness level. In the sensitivity settings we can see how it only reaches up to 4000 DPI, more than enough margin for any type of game. After trying it with different configs I have been pleasantly surprised. It is equally accurate in both high and low levels of DPI thanks to its Fusion Engine. In addition to its ergonomics and sliding are very good. In this section depends a lot on the mousepad, since a rigid one will give better performance in terms of speed of movement, the so-called Speed. I have put it to the test both on a Controlpad mousepad and bareback on the table, and I have to say that I have not detected any type of problem from the mouse. Well guys, It could be said that this mouse is the predecessor of the PMW3366, since the AM010 sensor is equivalent to the PMW3310, only this is an intermediate step between both thanks to the fusion engine. the fact that the wheel is optical it’s a score. it means that a few generations ago that options are being implemented for the future. I liked several things of this mouse, one of them is the DPI buttons. They are in a perfect position for me, without having to do odd postures also my grip is hybrid between palm and claw so it’s very easy and comfortable for me to switch between DPI when I change character in Overwatch or Quake Another score is the LED indicator of the DPI which has 3 led bulbs on the side This means that, at a glance, you can know at what level of DPI you are. and if you need upgrade or downgrade. you do not have to remove your hand to look at the top/middle of the mouse As I mentioned before, my grip is hybrid between palm and claw so the right button is longer to my benefit, because I make a diagonal grip as you can see in the next image not only benefits me, but many users who do not have a stereotype of grip One of the things that i didn’t like, is the sniper button I’m not saying it’s not useful. I just did not like the position of this, because I notice it a bit early in fast moving games like OW or Quake you can not press well and you have to force the grip In CS:GO yes you can press well since it is a slower and tactical game I also see another type of functionality. In the Logitech software we can change the settings, to put it with a direct command, a macro, or a multimedia button The current price of this mouse is 52 euros and for me it is a very good alternative for palm grip style and its king the Deathadder Well guys, I hope you liked the video and if so, hit the LIKE do not forget to subscribe to be aware of upcoming reviews. see you fellas!

21 thoughts on “Review Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury | Gaming Mouse Palm Grip

  1. Buen trabajo!! Llevas creo q una buena línea (aunque no me hagas mucho caso que no entiendo de YouTube) pero estas haciendo buen contenido y didáctico. Suerte para mí que estoy cubierto de los periféricos de tus reviews y x esos no me da x hacer colección como con el audio xq sino…….pero bueno cuando se me rompa alguno se que tengo dónde mirar alternativas! Gx por el aporte espero q te llene el trabajo q estás haciendo y no t estreses con ello, lo lleves de la mejor forma y con calma, disfruta de ello que aunque no sea remunerado el trabajo qué estás haciendo deberías sentirte muy satisfecho x lo bien que lo estás haciendo en tan poco tiempo. Un cordial saludo, suerte y hasta la próxima review!

  2. Que buena review. Súper completa y bien explicada. Me encanta la transparencia que tienes a la hora de hablar de los periféricos de los que haces review. Dices lo bueno y lo malo y por que. Muy pocos canales de hardware tienen esta calidad al empezar. Sigue así y llegarás lejos Canary.

  3. Cómo es que una tan buena review, tan bien explicada, con buenos planos, bien completa, bien explicada hasta el mínimo detalle, tiene tan pocos views y suscriptores?

    Te ganaste uno, justo andaba buscando buenas referencias de este mouse.

    Espero que tu canal siga creciendo, sigue así!

  4. Que agarre es busco un raton y quiero un raton claw , mi pregunta que si vale para claw?

  5. Oye, Canary estoy pensando cambiar mi g502 hero porque me lo encuentro muy pesado y a veces me quedo corto al hacer movimientos rápidos, me recomiendas este mouse para fps yo uso palm grip. A disculpa la pregunta, pero que es el delta Zero?????

  6. Buenísimo review, tengo una pregunta. El lift off distance es alta? Yo levanto mucho el mouse y ya deje 2 mouses nuevos por ese problema..

  7. Amigo una pregunta vi un video en ingles el cual no entiendo muy bien, donde una persona prueba si el mouse realmente es de 100 hz y con un programa le salia 126 hz pero el explica que hay que hacer algo en el software yo un boton del mouse para poder activar la opcion de 1000 hz sabrias como se hace, estoy que lo compro pero quiero saber como se logra colocar en 1000 hz espero tu ayuda y excelente video.

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