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Hey guys, today we bring a hybrid keyboard and for its price and quality deserves to be in this desk We went out of the ordinary to analyze this mem-chanichal keyboard of the Ozone brand. Let’s go! The unboxing presents quality. In the box we can see an image of the keyboard with its RGB lighting in addition to some technical data. In the back it informs us of the multimedia functions and macros. There inform us of its innovative Crosstech switches which we will analyze later. After unsealing the first box we took the second, where we found the brand and model of the keyboard in a sober and professional format. Inside we have our keyboard wrapped in a white FOAM case with the cable saved in the background. Under the keyboard we have a sticker of the brand and a bag of silica gel. We also have a user manual which can help us with functions, macros and lighting settings. In an airtight bag, the brand provides us with a keycaps-puller, which is manufactured in high quality avoiding that the tips bend or split. The cable is covered with braided mesh and ends in a gold-plated connector with a protective cap. Something that doesn’t fit me is that the cable is too rigid to be constantly funrolled. Besides that, being fullsize invites you to stay fixed on a site. They pretend it’s a transportable keyboard when it’s really the other way around. The keyboard only comes in fullsize format but with a really good minimalist design. The layout is ISO Spanish and its typography is expanded and centered. Which gives a very nice gamer environment. The exterior and interior finish of the keycaps is unbeatable, something that is appreciated in a keyboard of this price range. The keyboard has polished bezels that add a touch of visual quality. Under the keycaps we see some switches quite similar to the KAILH BOX NAVY, including its clicky sound. Although these do not have the resistance of the Heavy Navy. These Crosstech have their manufacturer engraved on the package, BSUN . Searching in Google this brand appears to us the first page dedicated to keyboards. Which has a Brown BSUN mechanical switches. So I have contacted the engineer and designer to provide me with information about these Crosstech. They have not solved me much but of
indirectly they have confirmed their method of construction. BSUN does not admit to have relation with the manufacture of these but neither denies it. Honestly these Crosstech have nothing hybrid, because it is nothing more than a push button directly on a membrane. Continuing with the analysis we first have the stem, which has no spring, since it is the dome itself that exercises resistance. This is wide enough to cover the entire contact surface. Something that strikes me is that it ends concave which suggests that with the passage of the pulsations that edge may end up cutting the membrane. The clickbar is very similar to the Kailh BOX, more specifically to the Navy version as we have said before. An addition that has no other function than simple noise and sensation, not like in the MX versions. A relevant fact is that for the space key, two springs are needed since it is the longest and heaviest key, and a greater recoil is needed. Next we will make a sound test of this keyboard and its Crosstech switches: Once we get inside the keyboard, we have several good factors and several bad ones. Starting with the lighting, it is not transmitted individually switch by switch. Instead, a side strip with 9 LEDs illuminates a screen with luminescent dots at the location of each switch. So the light propagates horizontally instead of vertically. This causes that the illumination is not uniform and some switches with light leaks can be seen. Once said the bad part, we can move on to the good part of the lighting and these are its cycles. Nothing relevant in all of them except number 5 and 9 With FN + 5 we have static lighting, which by pressing repeatedly we can change between different colors. This together with the combination FN + Direction we can put the color we want to the intensity that we like the most. The one that for me is more relevant is the FN + 9, here we have part in the price of this keyboard. This lighting mode is the reactive mode, which is that the keyboard lights up in relation to the external sound. This is thanks to a sound sensor installed on the smallest PCB. This next to a spring welded to its side perfectly collects each auditory vibration, next we have a sample of this: Alright guys, we should not lose our focus on the price of this keyboard. Its official price is less than 40 euros therefore this price can only go down, you have to keep it in mind. In addition this keyboard is fullsize, it has a decent quality although its failure is that it is promoted as gaming. Sincerely this keyboard I see it more for standard use and typing than for gaming, also its clicky sound is far from the gamer community. I would recommend it for people with a very low budget or who need a fullsize to be able to work. One thing that would have caught the attention of the gamer community is that the printed typography would have come on the front as well as the spacebar. Well, guys, if you liked the video, hit the LIKE and subscribe to be aware of upcoming reviews see you fellas!

12 thoughts on “Review Ozone Alliance | Hybrid Typing Keyboard

  1. Sin duda, los mejores teclados son los MEMCÁNICOS.

    El teclado la verdad es que a mí no me ha atraído mucho, y lo que verdaderamemte mola es que lo desgranas hasta el límite que muchos queríamos ver en reviews para no tener que hacerlo nosotros.

    Por cierto, si sigues así, lo que va a estar chapado en oro va a ser tu canal.

    Mola que hayas enseñado la cara, me recuerdas al profe sexy del life is strange.

    Siempre tuyo, Ratasuiye

  2. Mi Acgam también tiene sensor de sonido! Y joder, no crees que un minuto de prueba de sonido es un poquitititito excesivo? XD

  3. ¡WTF! ¿Por qué no había visto este vídeo antes? :O Bueno, ya sabemos como va YouTube, que me he tenido que meter en el canal a ver si habías subido algo nuevo y me encuentro con esto. El vídeo está muy guapo tío y sobre todo profesional y tocando aspectos en profundidad y el comentario 10/10 😀

  4. The keyboard is bad quality the G and M keys stop working in a while
    i dont know why so if someone knows what is wrong please tell me

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