RIBEYROLLES – Awesome or Average? | BATTLEFIELD V (Weapon Review / Guide)

hey guys hey you go on this is Billy
Eat World again and today we’re gonna have a crack at probably what’s gonna be
the most controversial battlefield 5 weapon review that I’ve done yet because
in this video we’re actually gonna take a look at the French ribbyrolles assault
rifle which I know a lot of you guys probably really liked because when it
came out a lot of youtubers were really hyping it up but here’s the thing I’ve
been using this gun on and off for a little while now and from my experience
in game as well as from the raw stats I can’t help but come to the conclusion
it’s just pretty average which isn’t to say that it’s a bad gun it’s just that
its average in the current weapon meta but if you don’t believe me let’s get
into the details and we’ll see if we can’t figure out why all right so to
kick off if you’ve never heard of the Reba roll well you’ve probably never
played battlefield 1 because that’s about the only place that you’re
probably gonna hear about it because I mean some of the guns in this game are
pretty rare but this one literally never came out of the prototype stage and
apparently there’s actually none that still survived to this day in saying
that though it’s still pretty interesting because it’s technically one
of the first real assault rifles ever made which fired not a purpose built but
a modified intermediate caliber round and considering this thing was first
produced in 1918 that’s pretty amazing because it wasn’t until the German Sturm
Gewehr in the mid 1940s that this kind of weapon was widely adopted into
military service now speaking of the Sturm Gewehr well we’re going to compare
these two guns a fair bit in this video because they’re probably the two closest
assault rifles when it comes to stats in the category like for example they’ve
both got a max damage of 25 which drops off to 17 translating to a 4 shot kill
out for around 10 meters a 5 shot kill out 250 meters and a 6 shot kill at
anything beyond that the big difference is that the ribby has only got a 25
round detachable mag and it also only fires at 540 rpm
compared to the STG which clocks in at something like 600 rpm
boo that being said that is kind of balanced out because it’s not only the
fastest reloading gun in the category it’s also got much much less recoil
which makes it very easy to use for new players or if you want to use it for
long range gunfights now another thing I should mention is that the Ruby also has
a folding bipod which makes it pretty unique and in real life that would have
made what was already a pretty heavy gun even heavier again but just bear in mind
that in World War one well they just didn’t know how to use a gun like this
yet and you can really tell by looking at it that they didn’t know whether they
should commit to it being something like an SMG or more like an LMG the main
reason they didn’t actually put it into service though is because it had some
serious reliability issues but it was also a case of its effective range being
about half that of a standard issue rifle and funnily enough that’s about
exactly the same issue that it has in battlefield 5 because as a long-range AR
it’s really trying to compete with the assault SL ours and well as we’ve talked
about in previous videos they’re pretty good and that’s going to be pretty hard
to do what you’ll find is that I mean sure you can take out targets at long
range but because this gun fires so slowly and has to land six shots often
they’re just gonna move out of the way and that’s assuming they’re not firing
an SLR back at you which a lot of people are now in which case you’ll probably be
dead before you can get them down to even half health which is why as you can
see in this video I’ve just got a one time sight on even
though it does have the recoil pattern to handle something a little bit more
powerful like at three times because I mean it’s just not worth trying to turn
this gun into a long-range weapon and trust me you want to be able to quickly
acquire targets in CQB anyway because needless to say with this kind of DPS
it’s going to get completely destroyed by just about everything else now
barring all of that in mind though probably the best thing about this gun
is because it is so easy to handle you do have the freedom with the
specialization tree to do things that you can’t necessarily do with the other
ARS and so as you can see what I normally do is run all the way down the
right-hand side except for light and stock at the bottom which I think it’s a
good mix of short and long range options
including stuff you don’t normally have the ability to pick like the bullet
velocity upgrade on the other side of the tree though well what you basically
have is the options that improve hipfire and that sort of thing which generally
helps out with more of a run-and-gun playstyle and so I mean sure if you
really do like that sort of a setup then your spec trees probably gonna look
something like this but at the end of the day just remember that that’s not
really what this gun is designed for but anyway to finish up as for my top tips
for this gun well I don’t want to just come out and say just use an SLR instead
even though it kind of is like that because I mean sure I can see this being
a really good gun if you’re a new player or you just hate recoil but in saying
that though just remember this gun is definitely a win more weapon so maybe
don’t use this gun if your team is getting smashed because that’s not gonna
feel very good this is the sort of gun that you want to use in matches where
you can flank around get into a decent bipod position and then shoot as many
enemies in the back as you can before you push in because I can promise you as
soon as they see you and especially if they’ve got an SLR you won’t be able to
kill them before they do damage to you and I know the same thing kind of
happens with some of the SMGs but in this case you’re not a medic and you
can’t heal up straight away but anyway guys that just about wraps up this
review so as always make sure you let me know what you think about the Ruby roll
in the comment section down below and also like I’ve said in the last few
videos if you’ve got a suggestion for a weapon that you’d like to see in the
next episode please leave that down there as well and I’ll see what I can do
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13 thoughts on “RIBEYROLLES – Awesome or Average? | BATTLEFIELD V (Weapon Review / Guide)

  1. I really like it, i use the 1x as well, sure it lacks a bit of damage but strafe a lot and keep the accurate fire going and it can really do some work.

  2. It's a bit disappointing that Dice just copy and pasted a lot of the guns in BF5 from BF1. This game is still very much a half finished product.

  3. The friench didnt use the gun becaus of 3 reasons:
    -reliability. The gun jamed every 2 shots becaus it used a open boult and they cant take the power of such a cartrige
    -weight and length. The gun was realy long, not as long as a rifle but still way to long and heavy for a smg
    -the idea of a AR was way to ahead of its time and they didnt know the beneffits of a intermidiat cartrige, the friench wanted to put it into a clas of weapons that existed back in the day (rifle, MG and SMG) it was way to heavy and long for a SMG and it didnt have the range of a MG or a rifle, tho today we know that the 400m range is good enough and that you dont need that extra range becaus your not going to use this at 9m shots (thnx germany) but back then guns were required to be able to hit targets as far as 900m

    I will say that you did a lot of reserch before making this video and i respect that

    Also i think its pronounced "hribihrole", dont quote me on that tho

  4. in BFV using X3 scope makes it beast in medium range. i like it when im into playing more calmly and less aggressive.

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