Rich Crims – Battlefield Hardline HOTWIRE

>>Boom, we’re all in.>>Alright, boop.
>>Alright, walked away, cool, we are all, god dang criminals.>>Hey, what’s up?
We’re playing Battlefield Hardline, for three days and shooting our Snapper Hero
web series. Follow Snapper Hero on Snapchat to watch
it. But we’re taking a break to play some
Battlefield Hardline Beta. So, we’re here with Sean Duras from the
Sean Duras snap chat channel. We’re having a good time. Either being criminals or robbing banks,
like, criminals like [UNKNOWN]. Or being cops and stopping criminals and
bringing justice to the world.>>Wait, wait stop I jumped out.>>Why did you get out D?>>I’m trying to press the button to get
out the window.>>Oh no [UNKNOWN]
>>D right in front of us. Blow it up. I can’t. How do you look out the window?>>Z.>>Z.
>>We got a car in front of us.>>Let’s take em out, take em out, take em
>>Oh, I hit him.>>Oh man.
[CROSSTALK]>>Hit him again. [UNKNOWN] Get him down guys. Get him down bros. Oh nice.>>That’s awkward.>>We’re on fire. No we’re not. No we’re not. No we’re not.
>>You still up. You still up.>>There’s a guy back there. Take him down.>>Take him down. Someone got sniped, one of us got sniped
out of the car!>>Yeah that was me, I just got dropped
hard.>>Woah, they shot a missile at us.>>I know I’m hitting them with bullets.>>We’re about to take another probably.>>Oh! Sam.
>>That was, good try. How much you gonna guess, RPG in the back?>>I, I definitely got the death scene
down.>>Oh, yeah.
>>Chopper responding.>>Wait, why’d they as crazy as that?>>Forget a car, try to take a motorcycle.>>All right, Sam I’m responding to your
chopper. And just respond me I’ll help a retreat.>>Yep.
>>Yeah parachute you know how to do that.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Someone just took the B car. .
>>Who is this?>>He’s taking the E car.>>All right, we’re taking another car.>>Cool Sam, I’m with you.>>I would run after, oh someone died in
the B car. [INAUDIBLE] I’m behind you guys
[INAUDIBLE]>>Yeah we gotta take these guys out [INAUDIBLE]>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>I’m in a helicopter.>>this uses his gun.>>I’m gonna use this gun too.>>How many, how many helicopters is
>>Super rich crims.>>Rich crims.>>You gonna shut down this helicopter. Uh-oh. The helicopter went down. Dude, I just got a sick double kill.>>Were you [CROSSTALK]
>>I’m right behind you. Brandon?>>Yeah?
>>Yeah, yeah, I’m the green guy right behind you.>>Oh, shit.>>Who am I in the E car with?>>Steve from Clev, Cleveland, it must be. All right. [LAUGH]>>You gotta start
driving things fast, all right?>>Yup.
[CROSSTALK]>>[INAUDIBLE] get something to drive fast. [SOUND]
>>No, I’m still good.>>Yeah!>>Nice, that chopper went down so hard.>>I know.
I hit it with a freaking rocket. [LAUGH]
>>Boom, that was so sick looking!>>Dude we’ve got a solid hold down right
here.>>Yeah, another guy C.>>Got him. Got the guy behind the truck.>>Attacking C, attacking C.>>If you can pick me up on->>I’m getting on C, I’m in C get in the
car.>>K, coming coming coming coming>>Let me get in, let me get in, let me
get in.>>Hold up, Hold up, yellow van hold up.>>Come on hurry! Go, go, go, go, go.>>Get in, let’s go. Drive fast [UNKNOWN]. Live life.>>Two on a motorcycle, two on a
motorcycle.>>All right, I got this. Ready?
>>Drive fast.>>Just let him, let him, just let him
chill. Let him chill.>>Are you the one in the back with the
rocket launcher, Zan?>>Yes.
>>Nice. [CROSSTALK]>>Jump in.>>Is it bad that we’re all in [CROSSTALK] take us all out. Yeah but it’s sweet cuz we’re all friends. [LAUGH]
>>So much fun.>>Yeah let’s do it. I’m gonna go drive in front of
>>Oh no I accidentally threw away my grenade launcher [CROSSTALK]
>>I’m gonna drive in front of him.>>I’ve got a promotion guys. My boss just called me.>>Choppers. Behind us. Yo, I’m gonna drive right past this thing. I want you to ice it, okay Sam?>>All right.
>>Oh my god!>>[LAUGH]
>>What happened?>>I got iced in the driver’s seat. Someone switch seats.>>Oh!
>>I got iced in the driver’s seat.>>I’m in the driver’s seat.>>No, get me back in!>>[CROSSTALK] Why did you guys get out? I’m on you guys.>>Guys, I’m [UNKNOWN] you too.>>It’s okay.>>Bad guys!
>>Bad guys. Lots of bad guys. Oh, look out!>>Lots of bad guys!>>Oh God, one of those bastards!>>Nice, nice!>>Damn it.
Got me.>>Do we have to start a base?>>Oh my God, no! [LAUGH]
>>I’m the last man in the squad!>>I’m on Sam, I’m on Sam. I’m about to die!>>I’m on you Sam.>>Oh, I got exploded.>>As soon as I spawn on you we all died.>>I know.
>>I saw that too.>>Team wipe. Team wipe.>>All right, let’s all spawn back at the
base again. Six cars.>>Yo, who wants to take a ride in my
muscle car? Yeah, I’m gonna hop in with you.>>No, helicopter. Helicopter.>>I’m in the helicopter.>>I’m in the heli.
>>Everyone get in the [INAUDIBLE]>>I missed it.>>It’s a good like two seconds out there. We can just go [INAUDIBLE]
>>We can’t leave Shawn behind.>>Yeah, we gotta pick up Shawn. Come up, take them out, we’ve got friends
down there.>>[UNKNOWN] I don’t know what I’m doing.>>I’m in a helicopter. [UNKNOWN]
>>Take out C, take out C.>>C’s going down hard.>>Man the criminal life sure paid off.>>Why is this not working? It is.>>It is.
Keep playing into him.>>I need someone to promise me that this
is working. [LAUGH]
>>I need someone to bail and get the C car.>>I’m doing it. I’ll bail.
Ready? Just fly me over. Fly me over.>>Go, go, go, go, go.>>Go.
I’m on it.>>All right. I’m going to fly someone else on another
car.>>All right. [CROSSTALK]
>>I get next car. I just let a parachute out. I’m leaving you guys to set up an ambush
for A car maybe.>>Yeah.
Let’s go for A car.>>A car is getting rig rolled. Steamrolled. [SOUND] Yeah.
>>You got him?>>Oh he’s down.>>Okay here we go. A car has re-spawned.>>D car, D car.>>No, A car has re-spawned I need help.>>I’m driving right now if you guys want
to spawn. Someone drop out and get the B, A car.>>Whoever’s got a gun drop out and get A.>>Oh we have enemies down at A car. Enemies at A car.>>Hold still.
Hold still. Hold still. I can’t get him I’m on the left.>>Guys there’s an enemy helicopter coming
towards us. [SOUND]
>>Whoa. Whoa.
Whoa. Whoa! Everyone bail. Spacebar! Space bar! Space bar!>>Oh no. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] I’m watching you guys
go down. Hop in my car! Hop in my care!>>Whoa!
>>Press E! Press E!>>Anywhere? Oh shit.>>I’m in! I’m in!>>All right I’m in.>>Press E! Press E!>>I’m a mess.>>Just go, just go. I don’t care.
>>Oh fine. It’s full.
The car’s full. Anyways.>>Hell yes. [CROSSTALK]
>>Got lit up, man.>>Take us out, Brandon.>>Yup.>>Yeah.
[CROSSTALK]>>It was like a five out of ten. [LAUGH]>>This is my first time driving a dirt
bike. [CROSSTALK]>>Can I bring you up alongside the
driver. See if this opened up. Lets see.>>We’re the only ones, sorry guys, it’s
over.>>Oh.>>I thought we did so well.>>That’s bullshit, man.>>We had such good communication.>>Yeah, how did we lose? We were really enthusiastic!>>We believed in ourselves the whole
time.>>You start screaming, and you stand like
a little kid, you nick his arm, and your swords dig deep
into the wall, and it gets like.>>[LAUGH] Wheels, motherfucker! Yes!
>>No!>>That’s what you get for not watching.>>I told you, I told you!

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