Rock, Paper, Scissors, GUN! (Warning strong language and graphic violence) | Viva La Dirt League

Alan is it your day to do the dishes? No I thought you were on dishes today? No I did it yesterday so its you uhhhh paper scissors rock? okay oooo you got a gun too? do the dishes – na na na you do the dishes I’m gonna shoot you Its your turn to do the dishes Oh – who’s on dishes? careful with those guns what the f- what the fuck?! what the fuck??? what have you done?! goodbye Adam No don’t do it! Oh god Oh god Well I guess you’re on dishes then – hah

89 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors, GUN! (Warning strong language and graphic violence) | Viva La Dirt League

  1. Appreciate the warning – just a nice gesture for those who care about it. Doesn't bother me, but might bother others.

    Pretty cool idea…I don't know how you guys come up with all of these originals! They don't get the views of your other content from what I can tell but I think they are pretty dang sweet.

  2. gotta love the Minor details like the screen border coming in and the screen darkenung once rowan was shot and how they went away as soon as the mood turned light again.

  3. I was waiting for someone with a real gun that actually shot Rowan just as Alan pretended to shoot him, as a plot twist.

  4. Hey ! Nice ! Love you guys !
    In france when we play this game we cheat with "the well" where everything falls into and you are guaranteed to win. (except if you super cheat and say that the paper covers the well's hole)

  5. Kind of funny.

    I mean the bit where the "HAND gun" actually fired a shot got a chuckle out of me but the repercussions were more then a little dark.

    It might've been funnier if the shot missed or just grazed him. Though if the shot missed you could've used that to do a Clue parody with the missed shot grazing the cord holding up a chandelier (1+2+1+1+?…Crash!).

    And if it were a graze…

    "What the hell?"

    "I didn't mean to! I just didn't want to take out the…..wait, isn't it your turn to take out the trash?"

    "Are you kidding me?! I've just been shot!"

    "I know! I know! But….to be fair…'s more like a graze."

    "A graze?!"

    "Well it's not bleeding that much."

    "Because I've got my hand clamped over the wound!"

    "Yeah. But you still have a free hand…."


    "And that trash really needs to be taken out."

  6. And here's me thinking Alan would turn on Adam to force him to do the dishes… oh well! Dark either way! Wooo!

  7. expected the last sentence to be:

    oh god, now i have to do dishes 🙁

    good one, props for ma bros from the other side of the world!!

  8. As a Public Service Announcement,
    They violated the first two rules of gun safety:

    1. It is loaded. Always assume it's loaded.

    2. Never point a "gun" at anything you don't want to destroy.

  9. no… no..

    Not #TeamRowan! Whyyyyyy!? He wasn't even playing!
    It's all fun and games until someone gets shot in the head…smdh…

  10. 1:12 Jokes on adam, alan and rowan have excuses not to, gonna take a while for those holes to mend.

  11. I really like the emotion here.
    This is a lot like Imaginary Warzone

  12. Escalated quickly! Reminded me of this old classic …

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