Roding Park Sexual Assault | @TorontoPolice & Crime Stoppers Re-enactment Appeal

I’m Chris Scherk from the Toronto Crime Stoppers
program. We’re up here at Roding Park in North York where back in March, a sexual
assault took place right here in the park, in broad daylight. Here’s Detective Patel from the Toronto Police
Sex Crimes Unit to tell us a little bit about what happened on that date, and
what you can do to help. [Detective Patel] on Tuesday March 8th, 2016, approximately 12:00 p.m. the female
victim was walking through Roding Park in the area of Keele Street and Wilson
Avenue at this time, the male suspect attacked
the victim from behind, forcing her to the ground. The suspect then told the victim to stay
still and be quiet. The suspect then sexually assaulted the
victim. A violent struggle ensued but the victim
fought off the suspect. The suspect then fled southbound towards
Wilson Avenue. The suspect is described as male, asian,
with a tan complexion, five foot eight thin build, wearing a grey jacket and a
white baseball hat, which he left behind at the scene. To this date, the suspect has
yet to be identified. If anybody has any information regarding this incident
please call Toronto Police Sex Crimes at 416-808-7474. [Chris Scherk] You’ve had a chance
to hear from Detective Patel, and his appeal to call toronto police with any
information, however, at Toronto Crime Stoppers we know that you can’t always
contact the police directly, sometimes you have a need to remain anonymous. If that’s the case, call us at 416-222-TIPS… thats 416-222-8477. Toronto Crime Stoppers…you stay anonymous…crime doesn’t….

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