Room 117: My own Halo & Mega Construx museum!

Oh welcome to room 1 1 7 dedicated to halo
and especially the mega bloks collector series beneath the 2012 Signature Series
Forward Unto Dawn is my collection of over 750 unique different micro action
figures from Mega Bloks this display includes no duplicates but it’s actually
not even complete there exist even more figures that I’ve yet to collect on the
walls I’ve framed up some original sketches from a Mega Bloks package
design artist these sketches were developed into final production box art
for some well-known sets dominating the center of the room is this enormous jack
specific master cheifs statue beneath it many different sizes scales and forums
of Halo memorabilia this includes items that are old new store-bought custom
made and cherished gifts like all else you’ll see in this room everything here
is subject to change over time some items will be moved to storage and
others will be swapped in the main attraction of room 1 1 7 is the
wraparound display of Mega Bloks or now mega constructs buildable sets on
display are over 80 built vehicles craft and installations ranging in size from
Mongoose to mammoth and ghosts to scarab they are accompanied by over 100
individually posed micro action figures the entire display takes the form of a
War Museum set in the second half of the 26th century in universe the battle
scenes are all just static displays featuring full-sized models of
combatants and decommissioned demilitarized real machines of war right
now most of these setting details simply consist of old battle escapes and
preformed terrain plates there are only a handful of custom-designed items in
the future if time allows I’d like to shift that balance a bit and add more of
my own creations including more non-canon originals
I love halo the halo games the Halo universe and the vast majority of the
official Bungie and 3 for 3 designs but I love being creative
and more beneath the main tables are all of my sorted out spare parts so I have
plenty of easy to access materials to work with right here in this room like
with my figure collection this display is not exhaustive there are some sets
sitting out of sight in storage and plenty of others that failed to hold my
interest long-term resulting in them being broken down for parts of course
there are also plenty of official sets that I have never purchased at all
setting up this space was a major project and has been a long long time
coming but what you’ve just seen is only the beginning the very first phase of
its existence now that you’ve seen the brief formal introduction be sure to
watch the longer slower-paced casual tour linked from this video that’s it
for now as always thank you for watching thank you for your time I hope to have a
chance to speak to you again soon from room 1 1 7 you

100 thoughts on “Room 117: My own Halo & Mega Construx museum!

  1. I’m so jealous!!!! I love it😃😃😃!!! But I wouldn’t put that big master chief on top of that table it could easily fall!!!!

  2. I actually like that you sound like you know what your talking about with Halo itself. Its a nice add on to the collection

  3. Dude, the Master Chief doesn't hold the assault rifle up in the air, he either places it on his shoulder, or he holds it normally.


    Also you should make a destiny room!


  5. at 0:45 I have the same one but all the pieces are every where because I messed it up and my dad spent $400 I did not even get to finish it I hate myself

  6. Could u do moc tutorial I make mocs out of pea poles mocs. Edit because I'm not creative and I don't put any I build on yt plz replie

  7. I'm really not too keen on the artistic design of the Halo franchise. I really try not to post critically like this, but as a Sci-Fi fan, Halo has to be amongst the most unimaginative and derivative designs available. It's basically just US Marines in space, wearing Moto X helmets and armour. Far to bulky to ever be effective soldiers, basically 'Jocks and Jeeps' in space with Stargate level spacecraft design, it really isn't Sci-Fi at all in that context. It just leaves me cold. Where has all the imagination gone? At least something like No Man's Sky was a genuinely beautiful premise that harked back to the 1970's Paperback cover art work. But Halo? It is just a 'future' US Marine fantasy, where all the protagonists are on steroids. It's the 'US Wrestling' in Space of the Sci-Fi genre.

  8. I was playing halo reach the other day this guy that was on was named sevhen and like a bungie player or something

  9. No me oye sabes de qué soy fan de ti creo ver que si no me puede regalar tantito le digo ayer fue mi cumpleaños yo también hago videos se llama mi primer video haciendo en el Xbox soy fan de ti le doy like a todos tus vídeos y espero que mejoren más bye espero que me mandes eso Legos halo

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