RUSH | Inspired by BATTLEFIELD (Teaser)

I don’t like hurting people. Running through that building… The Rush… I never felt anything like it. You’re a solder. You’re built for that. So what’s the deal? You just kill anybody if they pay you enough? Would you kill anyone if you were ordered to? You slow us down you’re on your own.

41 thoughts on “RUSH | Inspired by BATTLEFIELD (Teaser)

  1. Hey guys, please do a couple of thing with this series.

    1. Dont forget that people reload, and show that on screen.
    2. Show people dying on both sides.
    (I remember a shitty thing that, in a new starwars movie SPOILERS a small group of x-wings had to stop A LOT of Tie-Fighters. And because X-Wings were good guys, they rarely crashed, and also the reason of that was because there were not many of them, so the battle seemed more like a show off.
    If you will have a bigger battles between factions in this series, add more people ,(CGI or not) soldiers to the friendly side, and kill them, because if we will only see bad guys with terrible aim, and no friendlies dying, it would take away from whole experience.)

  2. IM so so happy for you guys, as a young film maker, you guys are my heroes you do absolutely what you love and you're really really starting to cross into that level of professionalism keep up the amazing work guys! Btw can't wait to see this!!

  3. Honestly who gives a shit if it's Go90?! It's free and it's from Corridor. Can't wait to see what you guys do with this. I just watched Sync today! Great story, some plot holes but it was well written, shot, and post-produced overall

  4. I agree that Netflix is a more popular platform. Many I have talked to have never heard of Many can get this series on iTunes but many have Android phones. Will this series be available at Amazon prime?

  5. If you put at least half of effort and scale you put in this series into the TETHER (and I can bet that you want to put triple the effort into your own idea), it's going to be so awesome, some heads going to asplode!

  6. I can't seem to find this series anywhere, it doesn't appear to be on go90's website. Googled it, and found the direct go90 link, and it said there was nothing there. Please help me out?

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