S01E10 Talking underwater and some deco fun – Battle of Lissa 2018

so today is day six and it’s a diving day the weather seems quite good we are going to dive the Palestro again the task for the day is to try to do some more epic shots from the distance and to do also the 360 videos so we will test the Vuze camera so today finally it was really a s#?!y dive we ended up with a very bad visibility actually we saw the bottom just when we crashed on it visibility was really awful I lost them basically immediately I took a couple of minutes to find them again we took again some few minutes to try to see if we can find anything actually we found the bow, but it was almost touch contact the footage is just milky
a milky way but anyway in deco we had a little bit of fun so we are here with the discoverer of the
shipwreck my name is Lorenz Marovic and I am the owner of the diving center in the past I was a commercial diver and I collected the coral very deep and this is the reason why I found the Re d’Italia in April 2005 I started to survey in the farthest place that I have in my map in one moment I had on the side scan
sonar a picture and then I made measurements, I put ROV down and I saw that this is something strange but I knew from history that somewhere near VIS there has been a big battle from 1866 and then I sent information to the ministry that maybe I find something from this battle Palestro is a new one it is not my research, this is another group but during the this time from 2005 ’til today I found several more wrecks all around the island it’s 4:20 in the morning we are getting to
the ferry it’s really too early! morning it’s so unfair! Already taking pictures for
Facebook good morning! I feel wonderful, how about you? so we had pretty bad visibility the last
day, but that made it a little bit easier for us to leave because I think if we had perfect visibility and we had great weather the whole week then we would have probably just bought a house there on the island and stayed and we would just keep diving which might be bad because we would have run out of money…when? Tomorrow? at some level they were a little bit more broken up than I thought so I was expecting maybe a little bit more structure but at the same time many
parts of the wreck are actually in really good condition so, you know, you had some of the bow areas were really held together quite well and in good shape and very dramatic epic looking kind of stuff and then some sections were quite
flattened it looks like the wood is degrading pretty significantly and so a lot of the iron cladding is falling in on the ship there’s some discussion about actually allowing access to the wrecks which I think broadly would be a good thing but I think first they should really do a nice
thorough documentation and get proper thorough baseline conditions and then they should also really regulate it somehow because I think there’s a lot of
very cool history that would quickly be lost if it was wide open for anybody to dive and diving any way without any kind of oversight and that would be unfortunate I would like to see many people have the same kind of experience and see the neat history that is present there

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