Sadhguru at Siachen: The World’s Highest Battlefield

I Bow to your Service and Sacrifice – Sadhguru an Isha Foundation Production Sadhguru: Anywhere, when a human being holds
something else higher than his own personal well-being, suddenly that space is powerful
and fantastic to be in, and that’s how it is being here. (Siachen Warriors With Sadhguru) (Siachen) (World’s Highest Battlefield) (International Day of Yoga 21 June) (Inner Strength At Siachen) (Yoga for Indian Army in Leh Chapter One ) (18 June Leh Kushok Bakul Rimpochee Airport) Sadhguru: … Is in the making of a nation, preserving the sovereign borders of a nation
is the most important thing, without a well-protected border, there is really no nation. Different dimensions of the country are working in different ways – the industry, the business, the social aspects, the spiritual dimensions, many things are happening. But for all that to happen, you are the basis, if you do not give us the (Laughs) a peaceful situation for us to function, none of the other things would function. Sadhguru: All the wonderful work that’s
done in the harshest of climate and terrain, we hugely, hugely appreciate this. This is why on this yoga day, I asked them what is the extreme place that they have, that’s where I would like to be, so they said Siachen.
So I am… here I am, on the way to Siachen. It’s… I’m… I’m overwhelmed with
privilege to be with all of you. Sadhguru: If a human being has to function in an extreme situation, the most important aspects are – balance, clarity, and a limitless sense of
exuberance towards what we’re doing. Yoga has a certain dimensions which will offer
a completely new dimension of strength and balance within a human being.
With powerful systems like Angamardana, as we have done for Border Security Force,
Indo-Tibetan Border Police and the CRPF, we would like to do that for the Indian Army. (Supers- Under Sadhguru’s guidance, Isha
Foundation volunteers offered scientifically designed Yoga modules to the Country’s Armed Forces) Sadhguru: Angamardana literally means
to have mastery over the limbs. You can make your limbs in such a way, it’s almost like your body is absent, you don’t even feel it. To bring it to that state and this would be tremendously useful for people who live in extreme climbs like this. We are indeed fortunate and blessed to have amongst us today the Mystic. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Ladies and Gentlemen, In Conversation with The Mystic (Applause) Questioner 1: Sadhguru ji, namaskar. We are at Leh, the headquarters of fourteen corps, this corps has the harshest climate, the most difficult terrain, and the most sensitive region facing two adversaries. Sadhguru ji, please enlighten us of your perception of the issues that need to be addressed in this region. Sadhguru: Namaskaram and good evening to all of you.
There are two ways to deal with things. One is to finish off the enemy.
Another is to finish off the enmity (Laughs). I think with one adversary if we have the will,
we can very easily finish off the enmity and build bridges of friendship
which is very much possible. With the other I don’t wish to comment (Laughs),
it’s a different situation. I don’t think you will see relief in this generation
for variety of reasons. There is a possibility, many nations which
fought bitter wars, well you see Europe. World War II is not another eon, alright?
It’s less than a century. Just eighty years ago, they fought as bitterly as any men could fight,
alright? As dirty as anybody could fight, but today, they are existing as one economy,
almost as one nation. Beginning to happen, problems are there but beginning to happen. Well, we could also envision something like that for Asia.
It’s not… it’s not impossible. There are two ways of settling it, sometimes you kill the enemy, but it’s less expensive and more beneficial to kill the enmity. Killing the enmity may not be in your hands, killing the enmity is somewhere else, but if that is done then forces could be used in a much different way. All this young men and women could be used in a much different way which is beneficial for them and for the nation (Applause) Sadhguru: We are all very proud of you,
all the Jawans over here. Thank you very much. Thank you for having us here. Since we’ve been in Leh, we’ve spoken
to many groups of officers here, and also taught yoga in various groups and battalions. The level of commitment with which
the forces operate here, this is an exhilarating and an overwhelming experience. (Drive to Siachen – Chapter Two) (20 June 9am) Officer 1: Thank you sir, thank you so much,
it was really nice meeting you. Thank you sir. Sadhguru: 20th of June 2018, we’re here,
just about to leave for Siachen glacier, where Indian Army has a base camp and further
up, the Siachen glacier. Right up to 22,000 feet above mean sea level, which is considered as the highest battleground on the planet. Our forces here go through a variety of…
literally, the battle is not necessarily with… when things happen on the border. Every day
is a battle by itself with the weather, with the altitude, and the terrain but this is
an adventurous band of young people doing this and in service of the nation and people last there for
up to hundred-and-eighty days, staying in small bunkers.
So yoga can be a tremendous tool for them. It’s exciting time driving up these mountains and at one
point, we are touching Khardung La pass, where we are touching nearly 18,400 feet MSL. Officer 2: We are great fan of you. We have been listening to your videos. All your videos. It’s great too and it’s out pleasure meeting you. Sadhguru: I will be at Siachen tomorrow. All the best for you. Officer 2: Thank you. Sadhgur:u We are heading towards Khardung La pass,
and thanks to the Range Rover, we are able to travel at some speed. (Supers-Khardungla Pass One of the highest motorable roads on the planet. It is the way to carry supplies to the Siachen Glacier.) Sadhguru: 18,380 ft, among the highest motorable passes on the planet, it’s our privilege to be with our brave officers. Sadhguru: Here we are going downhill after
crossing Khardung La pass and on the way we touched north Pullu where there is a small army transit camp, and we had fun playing little bit of pool with the officer there (Laughs). And here we are driving do… down to Kalsar
on the way to Siachen base camp. I think all the tourists will stop at Kalsar. Here you see some bikers and lots of bikers
on the road, many of them from southern India. This is unique, these two men are riding motorcycles,
and the lady in the front is riding a scooter, hats off to her! In this terrain riding
a scooter and she seems to be doing great. So, as you see we will pass her now. This is just almost like an extension of the
Tibetan plateau and it is I think, phenomenal terrain. This is the most spectacular part of India.
This is something every Indian person should visit. Everybody should see this place. If you’ve not been to Tibet, this is your taste of Tibet for you. Wow! Look at the rock, crazy! What a valley,
hmm? Kannan anna, are we driving too fast for you
(Kannan anna Laughs)? And tomorrow we’re doing the yoga sessions,
tomorrow being the International Yoga Day. (Supers- 5.30 pm Siachen) (Supers- Yoga at the World’s Highest Battlefield
Siachen Chapter Three 18,875 ft) (Supers-Siachen Base Camp) Sadhguru: International Day of Yoga, 21st of June 2018, being here with the Siachen warriors it is my privilege and honor to be here among
the bravest men of our country. A proud moment for us to be here among you because most of the nation unfortunately does not know
what men like you are going through to keep the nation safe and well. All the activity and achievements that we have
in our lives are rooted in your service and sacrifice. Without your service and sacrifice in the nation
whatever else we are doing would be meaningless, so we bow down to you on this day. (Practice instructions) (Supers- Yoga Session for Siachen Warriors) Sadhguru: When we say you’re in yoga, it is
not twisting the body, doing this and that. Yoga means union, in some sense of union if you are
with everything else, no matter who you are, what is the nature of your activity,
what you believe, what you don’t believe, it will bring light to your life for sure. And above all, being in these cold climbs, human body temperature is made in a certain way,
we’re not built for this climate. Of course we cover ourselves, do so many things but there is a way to internally develop a certain level of Ushna or heat in the system. There is a system of yoga called Angamardana. I think if we bring this in its right perspective,
to people like you who are every day put thorough rigors of extreme weather and extreme levels
of activity, it will be of immense help. This International Yoga Day being with you
is a great privilege and pleasure. We are deeply, deeply indebted to you to have us here. Officer 3: मैं सबकी तरफ से, पूरे बसे कैंप की तरफ से
(On Behalf of All the soldiers at base camp ) सद्गुरु जी, योग गुरु हमारे साथ थे उन सब का धन्यवाद देता हूँ, .
(We thank Sadhguru thank you so much) Officer 4: Welcome to Sadhguru ji Maharaj,
What is the similarity between Yogi and Fauji? Sadhguru: (Laughs) One thing is I’m not a Maharaj,
no kingdom, alright (Laughter) (Laughs)? And what is the similarity between
a yogi and a fauji- both stay awake in the night (Laughs). One is constantly guarding against the
external enemies, another is constantly guarding against the
internal enemies (Laughs). And both are committed beyond their life, whatever they are committed to, their commitment
is beyond their comfort, their well-being, their likes and dislikes, even beyond life and death. For both of them, this commitment is important. Sadhguru: Here, here, I’ll say ha ha,
you say he he (Laughter). (An Isha Production) #ISaluteIndianArmedForces

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