Saffell Gardner’s Creative Practice

I believe you have to be in the studio for a certain amount of time. With me, six to eight hours is good. If I’m in the studio and I don’t leave, and that’s when I start to really communicate with the work. Jack Whitten. Jack Whitten, he said, “You go off to the studio every day, even if you just sweep the floor, ’cause something’s gonna happen.” These pieces seem like… Now, it just seems like they’re guiding me. A lot of my work deals with what I call a spiritual, ancestral type of work, because I believe it comes to me through my mother and my father. They were real spiritual people and they were real creative people. It all builds from a whole ancestral type of a thing, where I’m standing on my ancestors’ shoulders, all the way back. So it’s sort of like trying to complete something. I’m not sure where it’s going, and I’m not sure what I’m trying to complete, but it is evidence of me being here and having that type of a lineage going back.

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