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  1. It makes me happy that it has to its previous style without experimenting do not even do not even happened again to current Pop who gives disgust I like very much this Sara

  2. So it's okay for her to hate on men and 99% of female singers, but if I say I find women unattractive because I'm FUCKING GAY, they're pissed? Women so hypocritical and annoying. Thank God I'm not attracted to them.

  3. Sarah: "You brought the flame here comes the fetus" Derek: "here comes the flame." Ever watch suicide squad. Want that?

  4. I like the bass line: other than that, my advice to men is learn how to walk out on women like this. Never try to best a woman. You have to fall asleep around them, and there are knives in the kitchen. When they are so talented and lovely, you'll forget your plan, so get out while you can. Find a drab, untalented woman and treat her right.

  5. Can we stop making subtitles in all caps? Subtitles aren't an aesthetic, some people (me) need them to get the lyrics and making them all caps is making them so fucking hard to read for no reason. still thks for the sub but don't do it while thinking nobody actually needs them.

  6. Hope whant prouf tortillas de Harina cause my friends are taking a lot to sale is Jamie Villalobos and Jesús Quintana if you wan it cause i gona give it your email atte Amilkar Luis Flores tu Amigó

  7. Oh What a Sad Song soon came in by Adam he neglected The Authority God gave him he wasn't blame she's all the carnival she was there same time. Your name is woman does that name the animals but not his wife nothing new Under the Sun wives don't get it Juice by their husbands and wives get spiteful and look for other men. I've been that guy. I don't lie. Not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my own life I know God's my judge people thinks it's a one about the mistakes I've made in the past I get will last as long as I let it if I do it again after I know it's wrong but I might be singing this song blaming a woman for my mistakes at sound like Taylor Swift singing look what you made me do. But that was my early twenties screaming at my wife Foolery sometimes wrongly fix buy jewelry. I'm sorry I won't do it again usually written with a pen. Sound familiar? We all choose our own paths in life resentment pushdown leads to spiritual strife. there's one song she took the cover of that I didn't understand until she sang it a little slower get drunk push down resentment and hang from the chandelier I'm hanging on for Life what a great song the people sing on the radio every day going to work. Man I'm a jerk

  8. Not from a rational perspective in any relationship man and woman get together make an agreement man does something wrong woman stays says yeah but he says he loves me well you said he loves you in the beginning and you put up with that shit it's your own fault for sticking to it he said he changed and he didn't there's the door go out it the changes those time in the future the sticking around for that or I saw a play called the yellow dress when I was in Middle School. It's about a girl that stayed their parents found a bloody yellow dress in a giant mess I told her to leave she decided they were deceived then they were bereaved. the message of the song is not so wrong but if it's going to put scriptures to it at least understand what you're talkin about sister. God made man took woman from him put them in a sorority and then you didn't do it right fast forward to Abraham God told him I'm going to make you the father of many nations just go have sex with your wife. Well that lets us some Strife he listened to her she didn't know she was talking about. Fast forward to David King with a heart for God. Well he messed up neglect just like Adam stayed home and he was supposed to go out to neglect just like Adam stayed home and he was supposed to go out to war. named as wife Eve after. The historical Story Goes the woman took the fruit Adam ate with her. The fruit is the knowledge of Good and Evil not an apple. the ability to know right and wrong internally and choose wrong that thing you're taught about in school called your conscience. oh this guy's just talking nonsense. Or maybe not. But blaming others for choosing to stay in an abusive relationship well that's a two-sided issue. Demands wrong for lying the woman's wrong for stand knowing he's lying. Well that covers every abusive relationship ever. and as for those birthing pains that women have that men don't well you think that father doesn't wish he could go through that experience and you didn't have a very loving dad or husband Maybe

  9. Well that sucks you said you're going to teach a little sister to be just as spiteful as her that's the Next Generation awesome awesome awesome way to teach people to hate men no one can change when they make a mistake apparently from her perspective that sucks I'll be praying she gets to have some peace the code is the beginning mixed with the lyrics after that is the prospective I get and that's sad I heard Brave and I was looking forward to somebody that had love in their heart it's almost like she's saying that there's two different species and we should be segregated men and women

  10. Uber armor is so hard-hearted to say that whoever hurts a person is from a different planet as she says that she comes from the Earth but whoever enemy happens to be well that means they don't. Nobody comes in Mars and nobody comes from Venus we all come from her mama's belly and that starts with a man's penis. She seems to be saying she wants no one to have any more children. What a way to end the Earth. That is what would happen for what it's worth

  11. I wondered that too… why did Eve get all the blame? Same with Sara (not you, Sara B., but as in "Sara and Abraham")… However, the MAIN point is, this singer-performer-songwriter is EXTREMELY talented. Amazed at her songwriting talented versatility!!!

  12. I lOVE THE VOICE, THE PERSON, the lirycs always makes me cry. Makes me think about averything. LOVE YOU SARA.

  13. My high school women’s choir is singing this for a huge music event for the teachers in my state. I really love this song. It’s so fun to sing.


  15. This aesthetic 😍 I’ve been in love with Sara’s music since 6th grade ❤️ I just posted a cover of her version of Yellow Brick Road! 😉 please check it out if you’d like❤️

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