18 thoughts on “Sarah Hughes (USA) – 2002 Salt Lake City, Figure Skating Exhibitions (Encore)

  1. as much as i hated it; i have to respect her
    send her an birthday message on may 2rd.
    she had earn it no matter what!

  2. @MusicalFan1701 Have you checked the 1987 release of the Carousel soundtrack? "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Barbara Cook, Maureen Forrester & Paul Gemignani

  3. @allenglandlawns : i have to amited sarah hughes will and always will be an ture champion
    just watch this video and you think twice about hating sarah hughes.

  4. Hating figure skaters is not the point here, getrealandsee, but showing your tremendous lack of respect for other figure skaters like Michelle Kwan. You are a clueless little leech baiting figure skaters such as this to spread your poisonous venom into Michelle Kwan's forum. For that reason, you are no longer allowed to come into Michelle Kwan's forum.

  5. Like when I make a relevant point of hating that leech Tonya Harding When Tonya Harding became a perfect example for exploiting her career by denying the right to play fair to herself as well as to Nancy Kerrigan. The attack of Nancy Kerrigan has become a perfect ploy for Tonya Harding, a vehicle to which Tonya Harding is the driving force to remove Nancy Kerrigan as an obstacle so Tonya Harding would get the recognition she felt she very much deserved.

  6. This is exactly the kind of exhibition performance you should expect from an Olympic champion. A perfect blend of skill and heart and a picture of who the skater really is. This skate showed us the 16 year old Sarah. Well done and kudos to Robin Wagner who did such a fine job coaching Sarah Hughes.

  7. getrealandsee has devoted his/her life to trashing Michelle Kwan. Don't waste your breath or fingers trying to talk with this person. Not a normal individual. Sarah did a beautiful job and deserved her gold, and I don't think anyone can deny that. But there's something very bizarre and warped about someone who haunts skating video forums FOR YEARS to trash one skater. Some elevators don't go all the way to the top floor.

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