SCAR-H Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (BFH)

Hey whats goin on guys, Kris here, with a
battlefield hardline weapon guide and today Ill be going over the scar-h battle rifle,
only the law enforcement faction can use the gun, unless youve got a weapon license, it
can be used by the enforcer class, and is costs $26,400 dollars. Its one of the heavier
hitting weapons that can destroy your enemies over most distances.
So, first Ill go over all the base stats of the gun without any attachments, the scar-h
has a maximum damage of 43 which starts to drop off at about 20 meters, and its minimum
damage is 24 and this dealt at 50 meters or over, so just like the other battle rifles
its a very powerful weapon. It should take about 3 bullets to kill within 35 meters,
4 bullets up to 48 meters and 5 bullets beyond this. The weapon fires at 625rpm, and Its
muzzle velocity is 410 meters per second, so this is actually on the slower side, and
its actually the lowest of all the battle rifles meaning it might be a little bit tricky
trace your shots over an enemy if theyre running at a distance, and you might need to aim slightly
ahead of them if theyre further away. As far as recoil goes, the scar-h has an upwards
recoil pattern of 1.1 with a left movement of 0.2 and a right movement of 0.3 so this
means that the gun is gonna kick mainly upwards. the vertical recoil of the scar-h is the most
dominant so expect your shots to bounce up quite a lot. Its first shot multiplier is
1.1, so each time you start shooting the gun will kick 1.1 times more for its first shot.
The scar-hs magazine has 21 bullets in it, and have an overall ammo capacity of 105 bullets.
The reload time on empty mags is round about 2.4 seconds and if youve still got bullets
left in the clip, itll be slightly shorter at 1.9 seconds.
So, thats most of the main stats out of the way, so as far as attachments go, because
the gun mainly kicks upwards, and it jumps up quite a lot, a compensator is probably
your best bet, dropping the vertical recoil down by 40% from 1.1 to 0.66, making it much
more easier to use and keep on target, itl actually decrease the upwards recoil down
to a similar amount as the akm assault rifle. The muzzle break will also lower the vertical
recoil, but only by 18% so it wont have a huge impact on that kick, it will lower the
sideways recoil bt 50%, but honestly it probably wont make a ton of difference as your main
problem is the scar-hs bouncing, so Id pick the compensator over the muzzle break in this
case. As for the underbarrel attachment, id go for
the angled grip, because the gun has a lot of recoil, and fires at a slow rate, youll
probably find yourself tap firing or burst firing lot more, especially at medium to long
ranges, just to tame that crazy recoil. The angled grip is gonna be your best friend in
these scenarios, and itl drop the first shot multiplier down by 33% making your first few
bullets more likely to make contact, and because the scar-h has such a high damage model, youl
probably only need a few bullets to drop your target anyway, the stubby and vertical grips
probably wont really be that beneficial due to the lower amounts of bullets youll be firing
as you probably wont be firing too much in full-auto for too long unless your enemy is
up close. The Scar-h actually allows you to equip a stock as an accessory, so it might
help you out, this might be a handy attachment to equip to increase your weapon stability
when firing fully automatic in close up firefights, reducing your recoil by a little bit and making
your weapon more stable. So just to summarise, the scar-h is a slow
firing battle rifle that you can use with the enforcer class, it can only be used by
police to begin with until you get the weapon license, its a pretty good choice for most
ranges, the recoil pattern kicks like mad when you first get your hands on the weapon,
but just like all battle rifles, it gets a lot more user friendly over time the more
attachments you unlock for it. The gun fires very slowly but can kill with just 3 bullets
at close range and 5 at long range, so if you can stay on target, providing your bullets
hit the other player, theyll die very quickly. The scar-h has some serious short, medium
and long range killing potential, its hard to control but once you start to unlock some
better attachments for it and learn how to handle its recoil pattern by tap and burst
firing, youll definitely be glad you persevered through the grind.
Anyway thats basically the scar-h as a whole, so I hoped you enjoyed this weapon guide,
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  1. I see so many people using this with a heavy barrel and strafing all over the place? Doesn’t that completely fuck you over? And make it pointless even using the heavy barrel??

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