Sc*ence F*ction Book Recommendations

Hey guys. It’s Trina and this is my
monthly recommendations video for the month ofSeptember. This month I
am recommending science fiction books. I’m just going to very quickly give you
like a summary of the book in under a minute so that I can hopefully help people find more science fiction books that they might be interested in reading.
So first of all, if you are more of a classics reader, I’ve got two classics to
recommend you. Number one is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This is a classic about
a scientist trying to discover how to create life on his own and he does this
by piecing together different body parts from corpses and he ends up bringing
this creation to life and there are kind of some repercussions that happen
from it. Another classic is The Strange Case of
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. This is about a scientist that
is trying to discover how to separate out man’s good and bad sides. He creates a
potion that actually unleashes his full evil side that ends up kind of is of terrorizing
his town. For readers that are new to science fiction or just kind of want to
dip a toe into it I would recommend a couple of books that I think lean very
much more on the contemporary side of the spectrum. The first of those is Noggin by John Cory Whaley. This book feels very much like it’s set in
present-day with the exception of medical advancements being made in the
field of cryogenics. Our main character has a form of cancer any chooses to
freeze his head and he ends up waking up only five years later to find out that
he has been given a new body and he wants to resume his normal life but all
of his friends and family have aged five years whereas he has not. The other
contemporary leaning science fiction book that I would recommend is More
Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera. Science has made another medical advancement
where you can choose a select memory and erase it from your brain. The main
character in this book is gay and he is considering undergoing this treatment to
erase the parts that make him gay because he feels like his life would be
easier if he weren’t. If you want like the full-on space alien adventures, here are some
books that I recommend for that. I would definitely recommend These Broken Stars
by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner. There are three books in this series, they are
all companions so they each follow a different set of main characters. This
series takes place in space and on different planets and it has our characters kind of
uncovering this mystery that’s happening where a large space business
is taking over these planets to conduct really weird experiments. I would also
recommend Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. This is more of a space
survival story. It’s about a planet that has been attacked and all of the
survivors have escaped on ships but they are being pursued and things keep going
wrong on the spaceship. There’s an outbreak of an illness and the
artificial intelligence that pilots the ship has gone haywire. The Lunar
Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is a sci-fi young adult series that it is largely
set on earth but it’s an extremely futuristic version of Earth and there’s
also a colony of people that live on the moon. These are fairy tale retellings
so it’s like a futuristic sci-fi twist on very classic fairy tales. I would also recommend 172 Hours on the
Moon by Johan Harstad. This is a mildly creepy story about three
teenagers that are randomly chosen to go to the moon with the supervision of real
adult astronauts, but once they all get up there they realize that they’re not
alone and can they survive? The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey is another great young
adult series. It’s about an alien invasion of Earth. We follow a group of
survivors that are just trying to survive this alien apocalypse and learn
more about the aliens and why they have invaded. If you like adult novels I would
definitely recommend The Martian by Andy Weir. It’s about an astronaut who is
going on a manned mission to Mars and he gets left behind by his crew because
they presume he’s dead but he’s not and he has to survive on Mars by himself with
no food and no water until the rescue team can be sent. Another adult sci-fi
novel is The Host by Stephenie Meyer. This is a story about aliens that don’t
have a physical form, they are just beings of consciousness and they have
invaded earth and are taking over human bodies. The main character that we
follow has had one of these alien’s consciousness put into her but she’s
refusing to relent control of her body. If you like comics about space and
aliens definitely check out the Saga series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona
Staples. It’s wildly popular. It’s about this intergalactic war and it’s about
two people from different sides of the war that have fallen in love and are now considered traitors, so they are
running for their lives. If space and aliens aren’t your thing maybe you
prefer robots or stories about artificial intelligence. If that’s the
case I would recommend The Adoration of Jenna Fox, which is by Mary
E. Pearson. It’s about a girl that was in a very tragic accident and she’s woken
up ok and healthy but discovers she might
not really be her former self. Then there is the Cold Awakening trilogy
by Robin Wasserman. The first book is called Skinned (title was changed to Frozen). It is also about a girl who has been in a tragic accident and her parents have paid a lot of money to
download her brain and her consciousness into a robotic cyborg body but there’s a
lot of hatred and prejudice against cyborgs in this community. And again for
comic lovers I would recommend the Alex and Ada comic series. There are only three
volumes in this series and it is a finished series. This is a futuristic world where
service androids exist and our main character Alex finds himself in
possession of an Android but he’s worried about if she has free will or
not. If you prefer time travel stories I would recommend Passenger by Alexandra
Bracken. This is a YA book about a girl who discovers she has the ability to
travel through time and she finds herself captured and basically
threatened into working for a guy that basically rules time who wants her to
track down this legendary artifact. I would also recommend The Future of Us by
Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler. This is set inn the 90s and it’s about two
teenagers who get AOL internet for the first time and when they first log onto
their computer they’re able to see several years into the future on this
website called Facebook that they’ve never heard of yet. So they use that
information to change their actions in the present in order to get a better
outcome in their futures. I would also recommend 11/22/63 by
Stephen King. This is an adult novel that follows a man that discovers a doorway
into the past, into the sixties, and he decides he’s going to go back in time
and try to stop the JFK assassination. Kind of going along with time travel is
interdimensional travel. If you like stories about multiple dimensions or
alternate universes I would definitely recommend A Thousand Pieces of You by
Claudia Gray. This is about a girl whose father has the key to interdimensional
travel and when he is murdered she ends up traveling through
different dimensions to try and seek revenge on his murderer. And I would also
recommend Fair Coin by E. C. Myers. This is a story about a guy that finds this
mysterious coin one day and he discovers that any time he makes a wish with this
coin and then flips it his wish comes true but it seems like the rest of the
world has changed in some small way. And then if you prefer a good old dystopia,
which a lot of times have a lot of science fiction roots, I would recommend
the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. The series is about a world in which
everybody goes through this operation to make them pretty once they hit a certain
age because this society believes that being pretty puts everybody on equal
footing and no one will be able to discriminate against people for looks. However, there are characters in this
world that believe that taking away how you look can erase part of your identity and they
are fighting against this system. I would also highly recommend the Uninvited
duology by Sophie Jordan. This is about a world in which scientists have
pinpointed the gene that causes violence and aggression. We’re following a main character that
was living a very privileged life, had a lot of opportunities ahead of her, she’s
going to this private boarding school and she finds out she has the gene and
she learns how quickly people turn on her and assume the worst out of her. The
last dystopia I would recommend is Under the Dome by Stephen King. This is another
adult novel. There are several science-fiction elements to this story
that I don’t really want to mention in detail because they could definitely be
spoilers but this is about a small town where people wake up one day and there’s
an invisible dome around their town that cuts them off from the rest of the world.
They’re just trying to like stockpile supplies because one day
they’re going to run out of supplies and also of course they want to figure out
why this dome is here and where it came from. So I know that was a ton of book
recommendations but I hope that I presented a good enough variety so that
many people can find at least something that they would be interested in. If you
have any science fiction recommendations for me definitely leave those in the
comments. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the comments. Bye! [music only]

44 thoughts on “Sc*ence F*ction Book Recommendations

  1. the future of us sounds bye resting and 11/22/63 I need to get that one I believe you have mentioned it on your time travel recommendations video and A thousand pieces of you I'll love to read it, I like alternate universe it reminded me of one of my favorite show Fringe loved that show

  2. One day I will read The Host and The Lunar Chronicles, I mean I own them both so I should probably get to it. Under the Dome seems a lot like Gone but just the adult version instead of the YA version…. But that just makes me want to pick up Under the Dome more, I need to read a Stephen King novel I feel and maybe it will be Under the Dome who knows….

  3. Malinda Lo's 'Adaptation' is also really good – it's set present day but there are aliens and government conspiracies and stuff – anyway I recommend it 🙂

  4. Great recommendations Trina! I loved all the alien ones you talked about. I've also heard that A Long Way to a Small and Angry Planet is really good for a sci-fi read 🙂

  5. I don't think I've ever read any sci-fi books but some of those sound so good that I'll definitely check them out. Added about 10 to my TBR lol. Thanks for the recommendations.

  6. Great choices! I've read quite a few of these and enjoyed most of them.
    Since you asked for recs here's a few I've enjoyed: Tandem by Anna Jarzab, Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers and the graphic novel Descender by Jeff Lemire.

  7. As someone that has read little to no science fiction this was interesting to watch. I had heard great things about the Uglies series, so I probably will be reading that before too much longer since you gave a better breakdown of what it is. I definitely am going to be reading "More Happy Than Not" since that falls in my always read category of book with the LGBT theme. Thanks for some great starting recommendations.

  8. Ohhhh I loved The Adoration of Jenna Fox i had no idea you read it!!! I read volume 1 of Alex and Ada but I have not had the chance to read 2 or 3!! I need to read it soon!!! I watched the 11/22/63 TV show and I enjoyed it ALOT more than I expected I have been meaning to read the book ever since! Great video!

  9. I sat down to film my version of this video (which I never uploaded lol) and it was over thirty minutes because I had so many book that I wanted to recommend haha I just love the Sci-Fi genre and I'm interested to read some of these

  10. Great recommendations, Trina! I've read and enjoyed a handful of the books you mentioned so I'm excited to have more books to check out! 😀

  11. Definitely gonna try The Adoration of Jenna Fox. Robots and cyborgs and A.I's are my favorite but I can't seem to find that many of them.

    And thank you for not recommending Robopocalypse 😒 It's so bad but it pops up every time people talk about robot fiction. Hiss.

  12. This is a seriously impressive list and I love how you divided it into different categories of sci-fi. And I started Uglies last night. … So far I'm not really enjoying it. BUT I'm not even 100 pages in so it's still early and my opinion can definitely change!

  13. Great list, I saw so many books on it that I have loved 😀
    I would like to recommend the Insignia trilogy by S.J. Kincaid, I really liked that series!

  14. Thanks for this video 🙂
    If I can recommend you a time travel book that I loved to pieces, you should try Time and time again by Ben Elton it is phenomenal !

  15. Science Fiction is easily the genre I reach for the least, and I know I am missing out. Need to work on that! Thanks for the recs Trina – you're the best 🙂

  16. I've still got to read Illuminae, More Happy Than Not, and The Martian.

    I do love The Lunar Chronicles. It's such an enjoyable series, and I LOVE the twist Meyer puts on these fairytales.

  17. The Ghosts of Heaven is an awesome historical fiction/science fiction book told in four parts that explores a lot of abstract concepts in some really interesting and deep ways.

  18. I just heard of some Black Cult … sci fi I thought I'd remember the author (it's a female), I don't know what it was now. Help? It's futuristic. Does that help?

  19. split infinity series by peirs anthony, ender's saga by orson scott card, starman jones & stranger in a strange land, by robert heinlein

  20. Have you read either Free to Fall by Lauren Miller or the Pivot Point dualogy by Kasie West? I'm a big re-reader and I always go back to these when I'm in the mood for sci-fi.

  21. I'd have to go back through the list but I don't think you included a single Hugo and/or Nebula award winner. No Heinlein, Clarke, or Asimov? Two, count em TWO Stephen King novels? No Card, Bova or Vinge? This isn't the list of an SF fan. This is a list of someone who has read some books that they think are science fiction. The Martian is absolutely a solid SF recommendation along with Frankenstein and maybe Jekyll and Hyde. But if you are going to go classic how can Wells be excluded or even Verne? There are so many amazing and recognized SF novels that cover immensely diverse themes, reader markets, and time periods. Looking for a gender bending entry, how about The Left Hand of Darkness? Want something young adult friendly I'd go with Ender's Game. Politics and society more your thing? The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. For AI excitement I couldn't recommend Steel Beach by Varley more. A Fire Upon the Deep offers some of the most creative alien design ever. Almost this entire list is weak sauce and super disappointing.

  22. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. He won the Nobel Prize in literature, and it’s great for people who don’t like sci-fi.

  23. Why are all the sci-fi books for people who don’t like sci-fi the same list? Are these from a book club?

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