Tonight on Scorpion Hunter Up to this point Yukari has- Hey hey, the other day there was one on that wall. Scorpion Hunter! Y: Hey, don’t go out that way. Don’t go out this way? Y: Yeah obviously? Oh, is that obvious?
Y: Yeah obviously? Even though we’re going to the
backyard I shouldn’t use this door? Y: Yeah, since they’re mostly at the front of the house. Ok. Then it would be better to go out this way, right? This is the spray. Y: Yeah Poison.
Y: Yeah Didn’t you kill them all already? So like, how many… How many scorpions did you kill again? 12? Y: Yeah! Including those, um, ones you caught, how many? Y: 12 plus 3. So 15 then? Y: Yeah. There’s probably gotta be a limit to them yeah? In this environment. You’re the only person in this house
who’s been bitten by them. Y: Shut up lol Y: Oh, got one! Really? Where? Y: Look, here. Where? *GASP* *DIFFICULTY BREATHING* HOLD UP *ONEROUS AIR INTAKE* WAIT WAIT WAIT! Oh my god. Y: See it’s in this crack. I’ll get it out. Thi… what.. that… where? I can’t see it. Y: I’m gonna spray it okay? Y: It’s in here. Y: It might look- Turn the light off.
Y: It might look- Y: Ok I can’t tell… Put the light directly… wow. There it is. Look at that. Y: I told you it was there. And now you’ll kill it right? Y: Look. You might think it’s dead, right? Y: But it’s just pretending. Y: See, it’s alive. It’s alive! Y: Right~? Y: Right? Wow x 3 Y: Are you really gonna film this? We have no choice but to kill it right. Y: Sorry little guy. This is so gross.
OMAE WA MOU Y: *sounds of disgust* Gross!
SHINDIERU Y: Goodbye~ Oh, there was another one here the other day!
Y: Goodbye~ Y: Ah, yeah, after I killed it.
G: Yeah it was the dead one. Y: It’s probably dead now. Y: *VIGOROUS EXERTION OF KILLING SOUNDS* Goodbye! Y: It’s okay. It’s dead. It won’t come back to life. Y: Ahh, sorry. SCORPION HUNTER! 1 Y: But you know immediately right? Yeah I get it. Y: With this light, you know if a scorpion is there
even if you’re standing far away. Yeah they really glow. Y: That’s right. They really- They need to evolve, so they don’t glow. But there are the ones that don’t glow right?
Like the black ones. Y: Well… per… perhaps? It’s a little scary though. Y: What is? Y: No no it’s not like that. Y: When I found the two of them that time I thought there was no helping it and they ran away. Y: When this becomes warmer they move. Yeah. But for now let’s make it so they can’t lay eggs. I think it’s better that they’re dead. When it gets warmer, right.. suddenly there’s gonna be like several hundred of them and we’re gonna be in trouble. Oh, sorry. Y: Yeah they have a lot of babies all at once. Y: Geo… Geor… I should go first.
G: Ah, okay okay, sorry sorry. Sorry Scorpion Hunter. Y: Yeah you’d better be. Sorry Scorpion Hunter Part Two Electric Boogaloo. Y: Got another one! Found one? Y: Yep.
Found one? Where? *GASPING* It’s scratching! Wait wait! Y: See, it’s not moving. Y: Since it’s cold it’s not moving. Y: Wow~ creepy. This one seems strong. It’s running, it’s running, it’s running. I can see it, but be careful. Owowow. *IT’S ALL OVER, LAWBREAKER* Y: Sorry little guy.
G: GOODBYE. Y: Oh look, it’s trying to pinch it. Y: Sorry♬ Y: We have cats in the house (so I can’t let you live). You were bitten by these jerks so it’s okay to kill them. That’s one dead scorpion. 2 Y: Are you happy? G: Yeah. Y: Oh, got one! No way! Another?! Y: Look. G: This-
Y: Look. Y: Look, look! Hold on, hold on… Uwaaaaa. Uwaaaaa. Y: We’d be bitten by this one. Look at this punk, it’s waiting for someone to come along! Y: No no, it’s waiting for bugs. Y: Can I? Go ahead. Y: It’s huge. *SPRAYING IN JAPANESE* Y: Bye-bye. G: Uwaaa, it’s trying to sting. Y: Goodbye~ Y: This would be a lot more difficult without spray, yeah? Right, just killing them is difficult. Y: Since they try to run away, you have to
do *this* to an extent. Y: Eugh, bye-bye. Y: Ewww, gross. Ew, it’s still alive. It kind of looks like a toy under this light. Y: Like- Y: It doesn’t die that easily, right? You’re putting them all in a pile? Y: For now. Wow, amazing. Gotem. 3 Ohh, another one! Y: It got away! No way! Y: Tell me before they run away (that you found one). Y: We gotta spray them before they run away. Good job finding it! Hold on. Y: You want me to wait!? This guy was well hidden. Y: How can I do this so that it doesn’t run inside? Y: From this side. Y: Oof, sorry. Y: Sorry, sorry. Y: Get over here. This makes 5 today already doesn’t it? Y: Dunno. 5 Where? Y: Look. You’re right! *wows in Japanese* Y: It ran away!
G: It got away! Y: Like I said *squat noise* *finding scorpion noise* Y: Can you see it? I just caught a glimpse of it! Y: I wonder if I can get it. Oh, there it is!! *frantic madman noises* It came out it came out it came out it came out ahahaha. Wait wait wait. uwaaAAAAA HERE IT IS! *furious fumigating* Y: It’s nearly out. We need to buy
more spray before it runs out. Y: This one isn’t dead yet *sadistic voice* Y: It’s just covered in the spray. Y: I think when it gets cold, they stop moving,
so that’s why they’re like this. Y: It would definitely still hurt to be stung by this. Yeah that’s right. Y: Huh? Y: Sorry. Y: It’s still moving. 7 This is why I’m not using my hands. It’s gonna be like living in a new home after this. Right?! *agrees in Japanese* Each one has their own territory right. Y: But look, their babies… *sound of George not listening* What about their babies? Y: I said they don’t glow.
What about their babies? They don’t glow?! Y: That’s right. Y: I don’t know why, but they don’t glow. Y: So until the babies become big… G: We have to wait until they grow up.
Y: Yeah. Y: So surely we’ll have to do this 20 to 30 more times. Um, after some time passes, right? Y: Yeah. Y: I think they’re gone from over here, maybe. Yuki-chan♡ G: You need to kill these. Y: What’s that? G: Yuki-chan needs to kill these scorpions. Y: She’ll die!! Y: Found one! Really? Where?
Y: Look! Y: Can I? Get ’em. Y: This is tricky… what kind of angle do I need… *why is there still spray left in the can* Focus! (camera) This is the 8th one! 8 Oh, I see one!
Y: There it is.
Right there, right there! It’s in a difficult to reach spot! Oh, it came out! He came out! Can we kill this one?! If it doesn’t come- UWAAA Is that just one?! This one looks huge! F***in scary! Y: Ah, it went back in. Y: What should I do… I can see it. Stick it in… stick it in and kill it. We have a screwdriver here, don’t we? Y: Nope, I’ll do it like this. Number 9! This would be impossible without the spray, right? Y: Even if we find th-
G: It would be impossible without you.
uwu In any case we need at least one Scorpion Hunter in the family. Y: But like, don’t write this in a book, okay? lol Y: Either that, or- That’s okay, Arisa will record you. Y: Call Pest Control. Y: This gravely area… Y: Even if I kill them here it’s difficult. I need to bring some chopsticks. 9 Scary… just scary. You’re really brave. Y: Why’s that?
G: You can move that thing. *flashlight noises in Japanese* We got 9 of them! Congratulations~ Wonderful. On the way back, um… The 10th one might come back out. Y: What are we gonna do about that?
G: Just leave them… Y: Leave them? Y: Gather them all up? You’re gonna gather them? You wanna gather them? Y: idk
G: It might be better to gather them up. Y: Here
G: No way
Y: I leave it to you. No no no, it’s so gross. I’ve decided not to it! Incredible. I wonder if that guy (the one that got away) is there. Y: Nope, that’s it. Y: I wonder if we should … I bet if we did at Fukamachi… Nah, I’ll just film from over the fence. Y: I wonder if there are any. There’s gotta be a lot. We haven’t even begun to kill them.
(The Fukumachi’s don’t usually live here) *Yukari pinches in Japanese*
G: You surprised me! Stop that! Y: *Maniacal laughter in Japanese*
G: Ahhh, too scary. G: Too scary. Y: Surely I’ve sprayed too much already. Y: But, like, they’re scary and-
G: Yuki-chan is… G: Yuki isn’t helping out at all here. G: She’s cute but useless. Y: We need to spray them until they stop moving. G: Oh, there was another dead one here so doesn’t that make 10? Well anyway, I can count them up in the video. *VERY LOUD GATE SLAM* G: That didn’t even phase you did it. G: Even though I did it to scare you. Y: I’m done.
G: Good work tonight. Scorpion Hunter Yukari! She’s not done yet. Y: Nah, it’s okay. I’m ending the video then. Y: That’s it.
G: Good work! If you enjoyed these subtitles leave a thumbs up! And share your favorite one in the comments. 🙂


  1. I'm currently at the point where I'm finished with hiragana and katakana and I'm on basic grammar and sentence making (I'm I'm a rough spot so I can't buy books yet however I am useing the course here on YouTube ment to go with the books around pt.10 out of the 91 videos) but I'm kind of stuck and I'd like to ask what I should do. Should I learn random new words in hiragana first such as (いぬ) and then learn it's kanji counterpart (犬) or some other way maybe? Or is it possible I shouldn't even be trying this yet. All in all I'm kinda confused on how I should move forward. I was planning on just learning the new words I hear form your videos in hiragana but I read somewhere before you should learn kanji with all the new words you find. I apologize if I'm being ignorant and the answer is simple.

  2. I came to your channel in hopes of finding a video about verb form but now I'm watching a scorpion hunt.

    Not only am I learning japanese but vicious scorpion attack techniques

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