Secret Faction Assault Pets! Rebuilt Mechanical Spider and Rebuilt Gorilla Bot Guide

Hi! I’m Hazel, and today we’re looking at how
to get the secret battle bot pets hidden in the faction assault feature of patch 8.1. There’s two pets you can get. one can only be created by horde characters
and the other by only alliance. You can have and use both pets on any character-
but you’ll need an opposite faction alt if you want to create both of them yourself. You will need a level 110+ character for this. It doesn’t have to be 120 althought it certainly
can be. To create the pet you need to loot three pet
parts and then combine them together. In order to get started, the Vol’dun faction
assault must be active. Doesn’t matter which faction you are, only
the Vol’dun one will do. Once you catch one up, head out there and
go here. You should see a bridge with a big mecha spider
and gorilla over a salt flat filled with krolusks. That spider and gorilla will battle it out
over and over and over again. The spider fights for the Alliance and the
gorilla fights for the Horde. In order to loot one of the parts, your faction’s
robot needs to win. When the enemy bot falls, it’ll drop a lootable
jar that gives you one of the components you need. You’ll notice pretty quick that this is a
strictly robot based battle, and you cannott attack either of the combatants. You could just loiter by the bridge and wait
for yours to win randomly, but that’s no way to live your life. Instead, we need to rig the odds. Head out into the salt flat and farm the Saltspine
Krolusks. Those will drop you Briny Salt, which has
a 15 minute duration and is only for this. How much of that you’ll need will depend on
whether anybody from the other faction is also working on this, but get as much as you
can while your bots are recharging. I like to pick up 20-30. Turn that in at the NPC managing your bot
on the bridge. Alliance talk to Binny Sprigspinner the gnome
and Horde want Blixthraz Blastcharge the goblin. They’re both short, so if you can’t see ’em
look down. Turn in your salt in batches of 10 to give
your bot energy. You can do this while it’s repairing for the
next battle, or mid-fight. Energy lets your bot use special attacks,
which do more damage and turns the battle in your favor. Multiple players can all turn in salt to buff
up your robot, and of course the enemy faction could be doing the same on their side. if it’s being contested and you keep losing,
you might be better off finding a group or inviting some friends to help. Once your bot wins, that jar spawns under
the enemy body. Horde can see it pretty easily under the spider,
but if you’re alliance you may need to go inside the gorilla model to find it. Loot that before it despawns, which happens
pretty quick so this isn’t a good time to afk. To make the pet, you need to do this three
times across different Vol’dun assaults. The parts are thankfully Unique pickups so
you don’t seem to get dupes. After your third piece, right click any of
them to combine them and create the pet. The pet you make is a miniature version of
the ENEMY FACTION battle-bot, which makes sense since you’ve been smashing it to bits
and picking up it’s pieces. To get the other one, you can use an opposite
faction alt as long as it’s at least level 100 and can get to Vol’dun. You can totally use the same faction assaults,
since the lockout is per character. Three total vol’dun assaults will let you
craft both pets as long as you hit them up on both alliance and horde characters. Having said that, both pets are cageable so
if you are a single faction purist or if all of this sounds like too much work, you can
buy and sell them on the auction house. In that same vein, if you’ve got the alts
and the time you can do it on as many characters as you like to craft multiple versions of
the pet to sell. Prices will vary wildly but as of making this
video both pets were averaging around a 40k list price on the auction house. You don’t need to actually do any of the invasion
in order to work on the pets, and the briny salts world quest does not need to be up. As long as the Vol’dun faction assault is
active, you’re good to go. To help with finding faction assaults when
they’re up, I like to check the timer on WoWhead’s front page. It shows the current assault if there is one,
and when the next few are scheduled to be. Each one lasts for 7 hours so I figure out
a time when I can look in on it and set a reminder for my phone. If you’re ONLY after the vol’dun ones for
this then remember that faction assaults alternate continents. If it was just on Zandalar, then the next
one will be a Kul Tiran zone and you don’t have to check until the one following. They flip back and forth. The pets themselves are learned at Blue quality,
which is nice, and have neat movesets to work with for pet battling. The gorilla has really average stats and a
mix of beast and mechanical damage, with surge of power as an option for move 3. The spider, on the other hand, is FAST. It’s got no health and less attack, but 349
speed will get you places in life. Between Flurry and Smoke Cloud, it’s almost
a mech pet with a rabbit moveset. And that’s the deal with the Vol’dun assault
pets! It’s a nice little gold grind for not too
much time invested if you’re into that kinda thing, or just a fun different way to find
pets for the collectors. Thanks for watching, let me know what you
think and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

25 thoughts on “Secret Faction Assault Pets! Rebuilt Mechanical Spider and Rebuilt Gorilla Bot Guide

  1. I got some of those items back in Dec. I had no idea what they were and vendor/deleted it. Good to know what its for. 1 question: Can the parts be sold/auctioned? Like can my alts get the other parts mail them to my main and presto insta-pet.

  2. This is such a cool thing, and I doubt I ever would've known about it if not for your video. Thanks Hazel!
    I have a question that's related to this: At some point 1 of my toons picked up some sort of "wicker wolf spine", this was back in 8.0. Do the three pieces work to combine the same pet you can get through archaeology (the Alliance one) or do these create an entirely different pet? OR are these pieces needed to do something else entirely?

  3. There are two massive oversights in your video unfortunately Hazel.

    1. The character MUST have done the Battle Bots Incursion quest, otherwise NO salt will drop!!
    2. Before you go collecting the salt, hail the respective NPCs. if you do NOT they will EAT your collected salts without boosting their bots. And you can collect from the start.

    Protip: Salt increases the energy bar of the bots. If the enemy bot has a 30%+ energybar and you do not have 100+ salt it might be better to wait for one fight. Also, you can donate while the fight is running it will still increase the energy bar and boost bot damage.

  4. Did you say we have to get 3 different items from the same dead robot? Is that random? Do we only get one per assault or can we just get all 3 after a few robot battles?

  5. SO THATS WHY THEY'RE FIGHTING THERE. Always figured something was up about those two giant mechagargantuans. Cool facts, great vid.

  6. I got mine a few weeks back. Since I don't have a horde and one of my pet battling guildies does I am grabbing the mats for the gorilla for him and he is grabbing the spider mats for me. So far on my realm you can find the rebuilt gorilla bot on our AH all the time, but not the spider.

  7. I scored the spider already. just need the gorilla, and i believe it's only 1 left.

    Also, people who DO read comments – PLEASE fight for the salt, and turn it in!

  8. I have collected all of the parts on both faction as of today. You cannot combine the parts if one or more are in your bank – you need then in your bags. Also, I had never gotten the salt quest before so the krolusks did not drop any salt for me until today. However, from watching the players around the battle area, it appears that if both factions are represented somewhat evenly during the fight, both bots can die at the same time so everyone can loot. TL;DR You don't need to be able to loot salt for your faction to win, it probably just helps a little.

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