Security at the Texas Bullion Depository

I’ve been with the state of Texas and Treasury operations for about 30 years now, the last 20 or so with the Comptroller’s office. My name is Tom Smelker. I’m currently Director of Treasury Operations with the Comptroller’s office. I’m also the Administrator of the Texas Bullion Depository. Well the measures of security that we’ll be taking for the depository, of course, will involve both physical security and information security. A lot of the interfaces will be online. So customers will come and open accounts and initiate their deposits and withdrawals online. The owner of the gold would need, in most cases, a safe and secure place to store their gold. And we would charge a fee for the storage. But we’re gonna provide security and control of their assets, and as they deposit/withdraw, we’ll provide services around those functions.

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  1. I do hope that the Depository will implement online gold transfers between account holders so that people and businesses transfer gold as gifts or payments for work, products and services. I develop an online marketplace priced in gold and I'm very interested by this development: (and

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