See3 Case Study: Greater Chicago Food Depository Online Annual Report

see3 Video + Web Strategy + Campaign WEB CAMPAIGN CASTE STUDY:
Food Depository is the largest food
bank in the midwest. And like many non-profits,
they have been communicating the impact of their work
with the printed annual report. Let’s face it,
most end up as an over-sized coaster
that sits on your coffee table. They came to us for a way to
reimagine a more engaging report. Our team of designers,
filmmakers and web strategists set out to answer
some questions. How do retain all the
essentials like donors’ list and financials
while telling the real human stories behind
the numbers, behind the programs. More importantly, how do you give
your audience a way to get involved? The answer was simple,
meet the audience where they are with an online annual report. By hosting the report online, we
developed a vehicle for storytelling and gave the users
something to do with the content. At the center,
captivating multimedia stories about the real people
served by the organization. To maintain the page
turn feel of the paper report, we implemented YouTube’s
free annotation feature so that users can
flip through the videos. Unlike their print annual report,
these stories could be used to drive a direct action like
reaching out to elected officials on behalf of the organization,
opting in for email alerts, finding volunteer opportunities, donating, renewing memberships
and sharing the stories. We delivered all of that
in one intuitively designed web experience with
audience tracking ability. You can’t do that
with a printed report. We wanted to make sure they
had the best return on investment. The video content
could be repurposed for other marketing channels
and the web template is ready
for next year’s report The annual report isn’t dead,
but the ways to distribute it has got to evolve
to connect with constituents. Every organization’s
story is different. So call See3 to
find out how we can bring your organization’s impact to life
with an engaging online report. see3 E [email protected]
P 773.784.7333

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