VLOG #3 going to kakao museum Common state of the hong dae station I didn’t stop by kakao friends shop to protect me from getting something accidently. It’s on right side of kakao friends shop So psyched, wasn’t i? So ready to take selfie Two ryan shot Don’t u dare come into my heart(heart attack) If u download the application, they direct u Me : what a technology huhh? The first stage was of battle ground get ready to go down I was experiencing the VR of jumping with parachute, screaming and shouting Hoooooo.. ready to touch down noticing it’s so embarrassing hahahaha The Racing zone was the next Up to 4 people could play together cool cool My friend got 4th place with taking my photo
And I just won 3rd place.. The last stage : Black desert There is photo spot they take ur photo and synthesize with the scene u choose I need to invent another pose..i guesss right? Was pleasant and good to make memory press like and subscribe button plz♥ I went to lohbs after. I couldn’t take video cause of crowds Tho I bought mask packs having sale, for 2 months To stop by muji, we headed to AK tower I haven’t used the facial product here But my friend said it’s fine. So I’m like, should I review these? There is air cleaner in muji also? wow Looking for the pajamas Which is expensive, making me get ryan pajamas ㅎㅎㅎ Trying to walk like a model(ruined) i found out something that word originally means the food that help man’s.. problem. which was kinda interesting passing the park on the way to sinchon taking the video before march, sinchon wasn’t that crowd we went to the restaurant providing the free refill how is pork belly(sam gyeop sal) for ur dinner today?(not a commercial haha) u are not a primitive man,, woh.. scissoring.. i know you want it making 8:2(beer : bubble) sati-sfied starting with kimchi + meat didn’t realize I have such a big mouth.. ㅎㅎㅎ yumm… yuumm… d-e-s-t-r-o-i-e-d The beer always means the end of the schedule Now let’s go home~ like my vid, subscribe me.. 🙂

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