Hey guys, it’s Emily! For today’s
video I’m bringing you my September TBR. So starting out the month, I finally
joined NetGalley and I have been going crazy on the requests. So I need to get
through some of the approved titles that I’ve been sent, because right now my
ratio of books I have been approved for on NetGalley and the books that I’ve
actually reviewed is not great. So the first book that I have for this TBR is,
you guessed it, a book that I received through NetGalley. And that is A Guide
for Murdered Children by Sarah Sparrow. The concept of this is that the spirits
of murdered children are able to come back and inhabit someone’s body and then
seek their revenge, or something like that. It sounds like such a cool concept,
so I’m really excited to read it. Next I plan on reading Giant Days Vol. 1
by John Allison and Lissa Treiman. I think those are their names…
Yes! Got them right! If you couldn’t guess, this is a graphic novel just about some
friends in college. It’s supposed to be adorable and hilarious and wonderful.
I am so excited to pick this up! Next I have Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan
Matson. I read and really enjoyed Amy and Rodger’s Epic Detour in August, which
I will be talking about in my August wrap-up, and so I figured I would pick up
some more Matson. To my very limited knowledge this is about a girl whose
friend disappears, and she leaves behind a list of things to do to be more
adventurous. I don’t know. In all honesty I’m very skeptical of this because the
friend who disappears and is like, “Here’s a list of things to make you interesting,”
kind of sounds like a sh*tty friend. So we’ll see how this goes! But at the same time, I know that a lot
of people love this, that it’s their favorite Matson book. So I’m really
curious what I’m going to think about this. Next I have Fragile Things by Neil
Gaiman. I have been on a bit of a short story kick. I’ve been loving short
fiction! So I wanted to continue that and pick up a short story collection for the
month of September. I believe this includes some poetry as well… Maybe? I
don’t know. Neil Gaiman is one of my all-time favorite authors. Everything he
touches I just love. So I’m expecting to like
this as well. Next I have Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong. I
have no idea what this is about. I really really, really do not know. I know next to
nothing about this thing. I read one review on Goodreads that said that this was an exploration of toxic masculinity, and I
was like, “Sign me up!” It looks so cool. This is covered buy–not “a bit,” this was
a total cover by for me. Also the title is dope, so it’s like a title buy? Is that a thing? I don’t know. I’m so excited to figure out what the hell is going on in
this book. Next I have The Fair Fight by Anna Freeman. This is about lady boxers
in the 18th century. I think the 18th century… I should have checked that…
But I think that’s it! I’m pretty sure. I might be wrong. Whatever, it’s fine. It’s
blurbed by Sarah Waters who wrote the book Fingersmith, which I love. I loved
Fingersmith! What what more do you want? I don’t even know. I’m unbelievably
excited to read this. Lastly I have an ARC that was sent to me by the
wonderful Madalyn, who you can find over on her blog Novel Ink. What I’m
talking about is Wild Beauty by Anna Marie McLemore.
I am so excited for this book. I’m so excited! The cover is gorgeous, so beautiful, and McLemore’s writing is incredible. I
don’t know much about plot here, but what I can tell you is that it is queer
ladies and magical realism, and I am so pumped! I have read McLemore’s book When the Moon Was Ours, which is just… It’s just gorgeous. I love
that book. That’s another work of magical realism. She knows her stuff with magical
realism. McLemore writes YA books, so this is YA magical realism, just as
an FYI. Again, I loved When the Moon Was Ours. Her writing is beautiful. She
has amazing prose. So I’m very excited to pick this up! So that’s it, all the books
I plan on reading in September. I will definitely be picking up more, but this
is a little bit of structure, and then I can add in what I want when I
want. Kind of like a mood read situation. So that’s what’s going on. Thanks so much
for watching! If you like this video give it a thumbs up, hit subscribe to see more
of my face. You can find me on Twitter @possiblylit and on Instagram @possiblyliterate, and I will see you next time!

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