Sexual Assault At Massage Envy

– I was the prey, he was the predator. They knew it, I didn’t. It shouldn’t have happened. – The largest chain of massage
franchises in the country is now facing allegations
from more than 180 people they claim that they
were sexually assaulted at Massage Envy locations
across the country. According to a BuzzFeed news investigation many of the accusers say their complaints were either mishandled or ignored. (melancholy music) – One afternoon in May, 2015, a woman named Susan Ingram lay face down at her local Massage Envy Spa in West Chester,
Pennsylvania, which is one of nearly 1,200 Massage
Envy locations nationwide. This was Susan’s seventh
session with James Deiter. She trusted him, she was
very relaxed around him, so she closed her eyes and
lay back as he massaged her. And then without warning,
he sexually assaulted her, and Susan, like many
sexual assault victims, lay there frozen in shock,
really not knowing what to do. (pensive music) – [Newswoman] After Ingram
filed a formal police report Deiter pleaded guilty
to sexually molesting a total of nine female clients
and is now behind bars. Citing court records BuzzFeed
says two of those women had tried to warn the spa
about Deiter before Ingram had. (pensive music) – Melanie Hanson the General Counsel for Massage Envy franchising told me that the company has worked really hard to create the industry’s most
stringent rigorous policies for hiring, screening
and training therapists and she said we hold franchise owners accountable to our policies and when we say that
nothing is more important than treating clients
with respect we mean it. But my review of the companies
policies found at the time that they did more to
protect the company brand than they did to ensure
customer complaints were being handled appropriately. Customers were violated in shocking ways and then saw their reports brushed aside without any professional
repercussions or consequences. (pensive music) – At that time once the sheet
was all the way down I knew there was no going back,
something was gonna happen. – It went from being an
ordinary day to finding myself face down with the
masseuses hand over my mouth and him touching me
completely inappropriately. – Susan helped her representative introduce bipartisan federal legislation that would require owners
and employees of massage spas to report allegations of
sexual assault to the police. Congressperson said that
reporting alleged assault would help victims understand their rights like pursuing an investigation
and pressing charges and the resources available to them. And the bill would also require owners to publicly display policies about how they handle sexual assaults. Shortly after my investigation Massage Envy announced
sweeping policy changes. Although it remains unclear
how much has changed thus far numerous lawsuits have been
filed since my investigation ran and BuzzFeed News has
received over 100 emails from former employees and
clients and other people who wrote in to share
their own experiences. Many complained that Massage Envy Spas also mishandle complaints
made by employees against their colleagues
or against clients.

31 thoughts on “Sexual Assault At Massage Envy

  1. Good to know we're not entirely a generation of being told to not get raped than to simply flat out not rape period. Victims both male and female have all the right to speak up against their attackers regardless if they are also male or female.

  2. You are absolutely right about them mishandling complaints by employees. I used to work there and I had a scuffle with an employee. I told the manager and she did nothing about it. I tried reaching out to corporate to see if I could find someone to speak to in HR and they don't even have HR for their franchise locations. So the issue never got dealt with. Thankfully I no longer work there. Support your local spa or independent massage therapist.

  3. Don't be scared to speak up ladies! ( and men who become victim to SA) Stop these predators before they do it again.
    Good to see Buzzfeed has shown light about subjects like this. Making changes in people's lives!

  4. This is disgusting. I'm an esthetician and I work with a lot of LMTs. Speak up. If an LMT is touching you inappropriately stop the session. Talk to front of staff and call the police if they will not for you. If a therapist is found guilty or the massage board finds them guilty they will get their licensed revoked. If you aren't sure about your therapist state board offer a search tool on their site. There will have any pending cases and you can see if their license is up to date

  5. How is this news? 🤣 Most men are trash and society defends them. May they burn in hell honestly. I have no sympathy for those who disrespect and violate others.

  6. Now imagine if the story was of a female masseuse grabbing dudes' dicks.
    Would any of the guys report it? Hell naw, thats a free BONUS.

  7. I worked at massage envy for 2 years. ME is run by private franchise owners. There are many HORRIBLE franchise owners in the MD PA area who don’t care and don’t abide by the training that their employees are forced to go though. I had to sit through trainings multiple times a year yet it seemed like sometimes the franchise owners just didn’t want to abide by them because the owners didn’t want to interfere with production.

  8. Okay, fools. Why are men giving women messages without another person being present or why aren't women messaging women?
    I really do not fool any sympathy for these pitiful fools.
    Who in his or her right mind trusts a stranger with her or his genital region…dummies?

  9. Women have little kids suck their nipples until their 12 years old,but men aren't allowed to give a women a massage. Oh I see. Women's Lib

  10. HR doesn't return phone calls if you report something serious either because they know you may sue them. What a terrible company.

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