Sexual assault myths: Part 2 | FACTUAL FEMINIST

As I said last week, the United States
is not a rape culture; but it is a gender propaganda culture. We are overwhelmed by
false information about men and women, and nowhere is this more true than in the area
of sexual violence. So let’s do some fact checking. That’s next on the Factual Feminist. We often hear that “female students are
at greater risk of rape than their non-college peers.” But this is just not true. According
to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, females enrolled in college experience lower rates
of rape and sexual assault than their non-college piers. Senator Gillibrand, and others who
repeat this canard, they have to stop. “If you are a young woman who attends college
today, you are more likely to be sexually assaulted than those who don’t.” Now where does the claim come from? The original
source appears to be a 2000 study by Bonnie Fischer and her associates. Well a reporter
at the Chronicle of Higher Education recently contacted Fisher to ask what data she used
to justify her claim that female college students are most at risk. Well according to the reporter,
Fisher could not answer. She was confused. Later, she responded: “That was probably the
current state of knowledge or belief at that time, given the research available.” But
the data were no different in 2000, and they were available. In a recent New York Times
op-ed, University of Colorado Denver researcher Callie Marie Rennison pointed out that our
fixation on relatively privileged college women has distracted us from the far greater
vulnerability of poor and less educated women.  Rennison found, for example, that “Women
without a high school diploma are sexually victimized at a rate 53 percent greater than
women with a high school diploma or some college.” Poor women are at greater risk but they have
been lost in the current panic over sexual assault at places like Yale, or Swarthmore,
or the University of Wisconsin. Let’s consider another damaging myth. Almost
every college employee who receives training about campus rapes will learn that campus
rapes are committed by 6 percent of males on campus. And these men tend to be ruthless
and incorrigible repeat offenders. This is known as the predator theory of college assault
and it’s is taken very seriously by university officials, and they use it to justify cutting
back on due process and expelling anyone implicated in a campus date rape. Now this is understandable:
deans and college presidents don’t want to keep sociopaths around. Now the theory
was developed by a researcher, David Lisak, retired from the University of Massachusetts
Boston. In 2002 he and a colleague published a study on campus sex offenders, and for the
study they analyzed questionnaires distributed to male passersby in a busy pedestrian area
at UMass-Boston. According to Lisak, of the nearly nineteen hundred men who returned the
survey, one hundred and twenty respondents – about 1 in 16 – admitted to committing acts
that met the legal definition of rape or attempted rape. And more than half of this group admitted
to raping more than once and they also confessed to a range of other heinous violent crimes.
Well in her excellent critique of Lisak’s study, Slate’s Emily Yoffe points out that
the participants were hardly typical. I mean most college students are age 18-24. Lisak’s
subjects were 18-71. Now UMass Boston is an urban commuter school with no campus housing
and a four-year graduation rate of 15 percent. I taught there in the early 1980s. Things
may be different today, but at that time most of my students were adults with full-time
jobs and more than a few had been in jail. Now Lisak admitted to Yoffe that his study
probably needed to be replicated on a more traditional campus, and I would say that because
the sample was self-selected, it’s not even clear it gives a good picture of UMass Boston.
Now researchers like Bonnie Fisher and David Lisak paint a false picture of campus life.
Non-college women and college men are paying the price. The non-college women are at far
greater risk, but they are neglected. As for men, Lisak’s research has made it easy to
demonize every 19- and 20-year old who’s caught up in a campus accusation, and they
want to see him as a ruthless serial rapist. Well what do you think? What can we do about
this avalanche of misinformation? And are there any other studies or facts you’ve
heard that I should examine? Well let us know what you think. Tell me on Twitter or in the
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100 thoughts on “Sexual assault myths: Part 2 | FACTUAL FEMINIST

  1. I would like you to compare sexual assault to women raping women, men raping men and also women raping men. All of those are issues, but the public does not really recognize them.

    But also, the prize of freedom is that we cannot lock people away just because they looked weird at someone else and due process is required to lock someone up.
    I gladly pay this price in order to enjoy my personal freedom.

  2. I would like to know about Marital Rape. I once heard that 70% of women are victims of it (at least once in their lives). I've seen a lot of numbers but I don't get where or how the 70% came in the picture. 

  3. We can tell young men to be more vigilant when in college. Better yet, avoid women altogether in such situations. They will save themselves an infinite amount of trouble. What is a man left to do at this point?

  4. not to forget that a lot of women falsely accuse men of rape. either just for revenge, to feel superior, for dominance, some even just for fun or they just dislike said man.
    those men then have to suffer for that, people will treat them horribly and they even lose their jobs. even after it was proven false or the woman admit for falsely accused him of rape, the damage is done.
    and those women don't even get punished for doing something like that.
    yet most feminists ignore that fact and even have the nerve to say "well who cares, he is man. sooner or later he would have done it anyway" … it's just disgusting.

    they even ignore the fact that it's hardly men that judge women that are sleeping around and being sexual open, it's mostly other women that do that. yet men get the blame for that even thought most men don't care and actually like it.

    they try everything to make men look like a monster and even call women like me, that disagree with them, sexist against their own gender. it's scary how fenimsts like the factual feminist get ignored most of the time and those horrible feminists get so much attention and power.

  5. "Avalanche of misinformation" so true, there needs to be an organization to document reports on "hostile" lessons and lectures, also any attacks or confrontation to men. We need to protect the citizens who's life's work is in jeopardy

  6. How about the myth that only 2-10% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail?  I regard that as particularly harmful as it probably stops some rape victims from coming forward (why would you put yourself through all that if you're only going to have a tiny chance of getting justice at the end?).

  7. That's entirely backward.

    Feminists and college staff consider ALL men a rapist in waiting, and that makes ALL men monsters, hence the lie of the 1 in 5 women getting raped on campus when it is actually 0.03 in 5. Thus it is justified to strip men of their presumption of innocence and due process rights and just toss them out at a pointed finger.

    While the truth, that there are but a tiny number of repeat offenders, if they accepted this, would mean that the vast vast vast majority of men are perfectly innocent, well-adjusted normal people; and thus they should keep their innocence until proven guilty and due process rights.

  8. I love and consider myself a factual feminist, even though I'm a hyper masculine dude. But I hate radical feminists to the point of actual disgust. Those angry bitches make it hard for actual progress toward gender equality. 

  9. THANK YOU! I appreciate the videos. I was never really in the gender differences of anything. ..that is till november last year. 3 months ago I was raped by a female in my college. When I reported it I was given the "rape isn't as bad for dudes" talk. They gave me a business card with a counselors name on it and sent on my way. It was an all female panel, that included the womens studies teacher. To be honest I tried to fool myself that they were right. But as time went on I fely as though I was walking through pea soup. I would sleep all the time, and to this day im obsessed with showering. I couldnt find any resources or official groups to help me because I had the audacity to be raped while having a penis. Mid December I discovered a group of male survivors who met privately. We had just 16 in our group. We now have 26 individual male survivors just from my college. All of whom the college dismissed. I cant tell you how much it means to have people such as yourself strive to get the truth out.from my view in the trenches there are vastly MORE male rape victims than female…but the male victims are dismissed and forced to try and deal on their own….so keep it up, stay the course…you have me and my male survivor groups utmost respect and encouragement.

  10. Ms. Hoff Sommers, I appreciate your views of feminism and other aspects of the propaganda that is utilized by the feminist movement. I would like to request that you attach your sources to the information that accompanies the videos. I would also like to peruse the information that you are referencing in your videos. I have long had a good deal of trouble parsing the good from the bad information that is used on both sides of the feminist/rape/gender studies debates currently moving through the national conversation. Thank you very much. 

  11. If 1 in 3 women on campus really were raped, women would stop going to college.  It's that simple.  But not only are women still attending…. they're attending in higher numbers than men.

  12. As someone who works in the field of science it appears that the language of evidence ends pretty much outside of the petri dish or test tube.
    Science itself has become politicised to such an extent that marketing, money making  and networking have trumped the truth.
    This then allows groups with loud voices to garner support for their causes irrespective of the veracity of their causes.

  13. Crazy-eyed Jane Hathaway is right. There's no rape problem on cmapuses.

    So all you co-eds go ahead and walk down dark alleys on your ways to your dorm. It's a short-cut, right?  And if you see a guy following behind, stop and say, "Hey, stud!  What you looking for tonight"?

    And if you go a frat party, and you find that you're the only female invited, just relax, and say "Thank You"

    And, for Jesus" sake, invite a stranger up for a drink, now and then. It don't matter if you don't know his name. Remember, it's not rape if you asked him in.

    Especially if you"re a big-bootyed white bitch

  14. You are truly a saint for digging through all of these figures and statistics and reaching their respective sources.

  15. I think this whole lie about there being more rape cases involving female college students is to make previous statements about womens futures (careers, jobs, employment. etc.) true to make society see less women as leaders because fewer women would go further their educations because of these statements. Women leaders today like that blond politician at 0:50 in the blue suit are or will be the reason fewer women go further their educations not men.

  16. God I'm glad I didn't study in America, being a white guy over there seems like you may as well tattoo the swastika on your forehead.

  17. The second of these statistics may be of some interest, I must say – depending on further quality, and provided it is used with proper caution.

    Yes, wrong age group. Doesn't say much of campus, especially of campus today. May also well include serious numbers of people who committed no crime – moral understandings change in 50 years. may have some further weaknesses.

    But do those factors significantly affect the most interesting portion regarding "repeat offenders"? Indeed, if instead of 6% it were 2% of men, would it not be 3x as much repetition by that same 2% (assuming the same # of victims)?

    As for schools using that to justify seriously penalizing men on a mere accusation: there is this tiny thing called human rights. I would respectfully suggest dragging those who institutionalize human rights violations in your countries, to whatever court you can find that still has any credibility. The Hague might be the best option…
    No, I don't quite see how the above research allows schools to violate human rights. Maybe it's because I haven't studied law, but I doubt that. And when this regards the people in charge of educating the next generation, that doesn't seem like a very good idea…
    Until then, just start beating them up with title IX. Might not like it, but equal application is often the best way to show when something's abused. Might take a few pounds of flesh though…

  18. I have to disagree with the statement "The United States is not a rape culture, but it is a gender propaganda culture." When rape comes up in many popular songs and is the main theme and plot line in so many of today's shows, I have to say that it is indeed a culture. Or at the very least a very prominent problem in the culture of the United States.

  19. Definitely my favorite feminist on YouTube her arguments are so clear and well presented she's a breath of fresh air 😀

  20. why aren't science studies financed by Patreon or kickstarter? I would pay for someone's work, if the described methodology seems fair and correct.

    The problem with this topic that there are very few good quality studies.

  21. Please do some facts about Domestic Violence, with Australian Government trying to focus on a federal commission that looks into issues of Domestic Violence,

    it is easy for information before the federal commission to do its work to deviate the issue of domestic violence and turn it into a gender propaganda about women needing to earn more than men or equal representation of women in the workplace when in reality those issues don't even focus on the real issues of domestic violence.

  22. since lisak's study has never been replicated, it's not unreasonable to expect that he fabricated the data. why do i say this? well, in the scientific method, the only way you can trust a study is if it has been replicated. scientists rush to replicate a study in virtually every field except for gender studies. why is this? because the only people doing research in gender studies are people who believe these myths already, and they just automatically believe any study that comes out which confirms their mythology. i rarely see a student majoring in gender studies who understands the scientific method. it's like they simply have no idea how research works. if lisak's study is trustworthy, it would have been reproduced by now. nobody has ever replicated it, in almost 15 years. is that suspicious? you bet… what's the problem here though? for one, the study was based on handing out surveys and collecting data from the responses. now, this is already prone to bias. how do the researchers decide which people to give the surveys to? moreover, this was probably conducted by volunteers. in my experience, these minor jobs like handing out surveys to pedestrians are filled with students looking for school credit or small amounts of money, NOT by professors/researchers. so right off the bat, who's likely to sign up for this? people who heard about the job. who would hear about such a job? students in gender studies. right off the bat you introduce bias into the equation by letting students of gender studies decide who to pick for the sample group. that is, they might pick sketchy looking people to answer the survey so they can get a higher population of potential rapists. moreover, the questions are incredibly vague.

    but what's the real issue here? it's not been reproduced. this means that the researcher could have just sat in his office and fabricated the data. we haven't seen any of the methodology being conducted. this is how science goes. ANY data can be fabricated, and this often happens. so why don't scientists sit in their offices fabricating data? saves them a lot of work, doesn't it? well, if the data don't look right, other researchers will rush to replicate it… they will soon find that his data was way off point. then, the journal and maybe his university will demand to see his materials. they will demand to see where his data came from. if he can't provide anything, he will lose all scientific credibility, if not his tenure. fabricating data goes right up against the principles of science.

    so this guy who formulated this study… there is literally zero evidence that he didn't fabricate all the data. why didn't anyone replicate it? because gender studies professors aren't suspicious or intelligent enough to replicate it. if they accidentally proved him wrong by trying to replicate his data, they would ruin the credibility of one of the major claims of gender studies: that there are millions of male rapists. the fact of the matter is that this study may or may not be completely bogus. since it's not been reproduced, we have to assume it is false. that's how science works. numbers are not evidence in and of themselves. it's a statistical analysis, right? other forms of experiments work a little differently. they don't depend on numbers that can easily be fabricated. they depend on a lot of materials that can be displayed quite clearly, and we believe the studies to some extent even before they've been replicated. people didn't believe einstein completely until physical evidence proved his predictions. that's because einstein's work was nothing but numbers. the math worked, but was it just a weird loophole in mathematics? a lot of research can't be trusted until it's been replicated, PARTICULARLY statistics. it's just well known in statistics that anything could be bullshit until it's been replicated. nobody trusts numbers unless they've been replicated, or unless they're replicating existing numbers. his numbers seem WAY off previous studies, so it's right to be highly suspicious. if someone tried to replicate his crap study, and found he was wrong, the guy could blame it on a bunch of other factors. it could just be randomness imposed from small sample groups. it could be tons of variables causing differences in data. either way, there is no reason to believe that he actually had students go out and ask men to fill out surveys. the only reason to believe he did this is because 1) he said he did, 2) he'd be risking a lot by lying about it. but would he really? like i said, if someone catches him in this lie by proving his data wrong, he could blame it on all sorts of other things. the window for asking him for methodological materials is gone. it's been too long now. if he had any materials, they would be gone by now. so there's no way to prove he made all the numbers up.

    even if he didn't make all the numbers up. the questions are vague. the sampling was not blind at all, and it was put in the hands of students who probably had a STRONG incentive for biased sampling. the school chosen was not representative. the population was not even necessarily college students.

    in summary, there is zero reason to give any credibility to this study, and it might be completely fabricated. anyone who repeats the conclusions of this study is either: 1) completely scientifically illiterate, with no understanding of credibility OR the scientific method. or 2) scientifically literate, understanding of credibility, but deceitful and using this data as propaganda, to lie to people who will not check out the data.

    after all, most people just believe the studies they see without checking the data. they expect other scientists to prove shit wrong for them. they assume it's all correct, or the researchers would have been fired by now. so you can easily get away with throwing bullshit data at people, especially people who want to hear it. if you tell people what they want to hear it doesn't matter whether it's a lie or not. notice how feminists always act suspicious of studies that disprove feminist claims, but have no suspicion at all for feminist studies? it's not that they understand credibility. it's not that they understand the scientific method. it's not that they've even SEEN the methodology, or SEEN whether it's been replicated. it's that they approve of studies that tell them what they want to hear, and they disapprove of studies that tell them what they DON'T want to hear. regardless of credibility. even if 50 studies show the same thing, that feminist lies are bullshit, they don't care because they don't UNDERSTAND SCIENCE. if just one study comes out, that hasn't been replicated, that has shoddy methodology, shoddy samples, shoddy blinding… and it tells feminists what they want to hear, they will trot it out in every argument AS IF THEY UNDERSTAND IT. all they understand is the headline. the headline based on an exaggeration of the conclusion. they never read any of the study, they just read an article about the study… and since it told them what they wanted to hear, they use it as "evidence" that they're right. when you provide a thousand studies that prove them wrong, they say "well those studies are biased." LOL. a thousand studies that disagree with feminists are "biased," but one study that's never been reproduced and was done by a feminist or fem apologist is "objective evidence."

    fuck feminists, they aren't just dishonest, they are stupid and scientifically illiterate. all of them. and that means you, NAFALT.

  23. These videos are absolutely essential in contradicting the shrill propaganda generated by rabid feminists. 

  24. First, why is it Christina Sommers is comparing the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) of 2013 to Fischer's study in 2000, when the Campus Sexual Assault (CSA) Study in 2006 by Krebs et. al., also regarding campus sexual assault and offering disconfirming evidence, is both more recent and relevant? Second, why does she submit the statistics of the NCVS but fail to include the statistics or methods of Fischer's (albeit outdated) study? Instead, she shows a pink journal? Third, did anyone here read how the NCVS, the survey being praised here, asked its questions? Or to whom the survey was offered? Because people's responses to questions vary greatly depending on how the question is asked, and who is being asked.
    While neither study is perfect, here's some light reading to compare the two suggesting four areas where the NCVS is inadequate in preventing false- and under-reported sexual assault:

    One in 52.6 isn't at all surprising given the NCVS's inadequacy in methodology in controlling for confounding variables. While 1 in 5 itself is staggering, we shouldn't dismiss supporting evidence simply because a five minute video blog spends five seconds telling us the content of outdated research and 25 seconds telling us how a reporter failed to get an interview with the researcher. If convenience is sufficient cause that 'Factual Feminist' would have us discredit and cherry-pick research, it only serves to prove its own point that today's society is propaganda saturated.

    For your convenience:

  25. Miss (Mrs.?) Sommers, you are one of the only mainstream feminists I respect. Not because of any arbitrary reason, but because almost all other mainstream feminists today are these psycho radfems like Anita sarkeesian and Rebecca Watson. You take a look at the truth of matters, rather than assume "patriarchy" or some other such crap. Keep doing what you do, and I'll keep enjoying your content.

  26. David Lisak has a good and a bad side. Sort of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He has done good work for male survivors and is the president of the 1in6, an organization dedicated to helping male survivors. At the same time, he's published bogus studies that demonize men. He is an interesting character.

  27. Posted Christina… good series, and good mini-series:

  28. You ask people to subscribe to the series, but since it isn't on its own YouTube channel, there's no way to do so without subscribing to AEI as a whole.  That's too many videos for me, so I'm not doing that.

  29. A study by the national justice institute (NJI) in 1996, shows that DNA can exclude 25 percent of accused or sentenced men in rape cases, they took a sample of 10,360 cases. Other studies have confirmed the results with only one percentage point difference between their results and the NJI result. So the main problem is false convictions, no false accusations. Having said that, in regard to false accusations the 1994 Kanin study and an air force sponsor study found the up to 41% of rape accusation to be false. This is the most extensive study in this matter, they choose two police departments int the Midwest of the US, with a policy to investigate any rape accusation regardless of the merits, and submitted the accuser to a polygraph test. The Kanin study found the main two reason a woman lies about being rape are:

    -To have an alibi (real concerning).

    Professor Kanin explicitly state that the results can't be extrapolate to the general public because of two factors: His sample side size wasn't big enough and not all police departments have a mandatory investigation of rape accusations, at least no back then. My main concerned is the due process is disappearing in campus rape cases, in some case the expelled student have being clear of accusation by the police. The accused don't have his identity protected, not even when is a minor, exposing him to vigilante justice. a 17 year old boy in England was beaten to death by an adult man after being clear of a rape accusation. Also police used the term "unfounded" in a very different cases. for example:

    -False accusation (some time there is evidence the shows that the woman fabricated the accusation)

    -No evidence or strong evidence of rape, the rape may have occurred but there is no evidence to prosecute (that is a real unfortunately case for a genuine survivor).

    -the main suspect is clear by DNA testing.

    The erosion of due process in campus rape cases is denying innocent men their rights to an education, according to NJI is around 25% or one in every for four cases. Also false rape accuser don't get punished for abusing a system put in place to protect genuine survivor. As an anecdotal fact, the woman involved in the Duke lacrosse team rape case later was accused herself of murder.

  30. My advice for young men entering college is: Do not become closely involved with women (or men for that matter) who are connected to "gender studies" and/or campus feminism. Many of these people want sex just as much as anybody else, but they are being taught to use their sexual experiences in college to further their gender biased political career.
    Remember that, no matter their gender, there are people willing to manipulate and abuse you to advance themselves.

  31. i myself was accused of a sexual charge, though i was never accused of assault. on my way to the bathroom (with a teacher's note in my pocket), i found a friend of my sister in distress, so i decided to be nice and be someone she could talk about her problems to and help in anyway that i could. after some time i told her that i needed to use the restroom badly since i have been holding it in for sometime now missing class as well, when i got to the restroom she was still talking to me and stuff and since no one was there at the time she walked into the restroom with me to continue our coversation while did what i needed to do. several days later i get called into the dean's office during first period, when i got there they accused me of having sex with her in the restroom, their proof is the video of me walking into the restroom with her. after several hours of illegal interrogation, and missing several of my classes including my lunch, they had the nerve to tell me that "no one will believe you, not even your mother, because you are a boy and she is a girl so just admit it already". now i am a person who is well documented to have emotional disorders, so the entire time was in that room surrounded by school officials from the dean, Principle, Vice Principle, and Student Counselor telling me the same thing over and over, i was in tears and there was no escape. it wasn't until after school that they decided to call my mother to tell her what had happened and about the accusations, at this point i was fully broken and "admitted" to everything because i just wanted to go home. after that i never walked into that school ever again and now i have a hard time even walking onto a college campus to get a college degree and finally better myself.

  32. At 11 & 12 I was raped by my fathers friend along with my sisters. My father was also molesting us. He had been out of prison for molesting for a bit and my mom believed he was cured. This was the late 70's I am 47 now. We went to the police when I was 15 and finally told my mom. We were laughed at because they were friends of my father even though they knew why he was in prison. Also the poor and uneducated you are right as well. My husband raped me when I was 9 months carrying our 2nd son. Coincidentally we were living at my dads then because he decided un-disown me. Why didn't I say anything then? because my dad would have said it was my fault for not giving into my husbands godly right to fuck me. I stopped talking to my sperm doner though in 2008 because he was telling me on the phone about the little girl down the road he wanted to be with. But there are to much rape lies out there though. Even if these people are cleared of the charges it stays with them.

  33. FF, are you familiar with the "Not Anymore" campaign that's being adopted as part of a code of conduct pledge at various universities? I'm curious is you've had a chance to examine it or fact check it, because when I took it, one of the questions you had to get right to pass the "training" seems based one the predatory offender theory that you bring up in this video. Thanks in advance.

  34. Don't forget the unknown number of men who were raped by women on campus who either weren't taken seriously when pressing charges or were too humiliated to report it. My close friend was fed drinks by two girls to get him into bed with one of them after he told her no several times… women rape men too…

  35. I wouldn't be surprised if lots of the guys who responded to the 'self-report' rape survey were real life trolling.. I can imagine the 'heinous events' some rowdy young guys would come up with to fill in said survey.

  36. Could you please do a video which incorporates the 90% female rave victim statistic study that came out of Harvard in 2003 and is bunk because it wasn't until 2006 that men could legally be raped by women under US law.

    Maybe you could also point out some of the numerous organisations who though they know better still perpetuate this lie over a decade later.

    Thank you for all that you are doing.

  37. Is there a way to move your next/last episode overlap things in your videos? their placement makes it hard to X out of them. The next video one has the X right on your American Enterprise Institute link so I can't exit it off without some actual effort, and as an American, I find having to put effort in to get the wanted results offensive.

  38. Does this mean that the official FBI rape statistics which suggest that 33,000 white women are raped by Blacks annually, whether they be attending colleges or not to be wrong. How many rapes, in your terms, would it take to justify the claims that there is a problem, without excusing one set of figures, which appears to ignore the overall problem. College students have been the target of sexual harassment for generations, but because it is carried out by fellow students, it is accepted as mere horse-play and as a result is under-reported. Do you deny this?

  39. So wait, let me get this straight, if a woman doesn't go to college according to "feminists", then she won't get rape……..

    There you go feminists, deprive yourself of education!!!

  40. Hi Christina in this post the figures quoted are:
    A study conducted by the Department of Justice, released in late 2014,
    found that the actual rate of sexual assault of females on college
    campuses is 6.1 per 1,000 students — or about one-half of 1 percent.
    Plus, non-students are 25 percent more likely than students to suffer
    sexual assault — the rate for them is 7.6 per 1,000 people.

    Whatis the discrepancy between the 1 in 53 you site and this statistic Thank, James (Jim)

  41. Can you please include links to your sources in the description? It'd be so helpful in finding and reading these facts. Thank you!

  42. thanks for doing this, we do begin to feel like monsters and to mistrust ourselves under the constant barrage of projections. I understand why the young guys these days are so 'gay' for lack of a better word and subserviant; god forbid if a kid is a 'typical jock' or boyishly exuberant today, because he will be dragged before kangaroo courts and castrated by them if he is.

  43. LOL, that's so wrong (0:40)

    If you put it that way you're comparing a population that have access to high education and a population that don't. Those are extremely different social-economic groups! Of course you gonna get more rapes in the groups with lower education/lower social-economic rates, that group show more rape rates than the one with hight education stats/hight social-economic rates. Statistics, you're doing it wrong.

  44. To do it right, you should get the same social-economic group and separate it in students and nonstudents. That way you would not mix many social factors and would not fuck up all the statistic you want to see

  45. I've got news for you, women lie about rape not because they are human, but because they are women, locked in a disgusting French kiss with Karl Marx.

    Your anti-feminism is lukewarm. You have never really walked in the shoes of men.

  46. have you seen this study? It shows omen are responsible for 62.5% of DMV

  47. This kind of crap study goes on way to much. No thought as to who is getting the survey and if they would actually take it seriously and answer truthfully. Many guys if handed a survey like that might look at it as something to poke fun at and purposely answer positively to the worst types of activity. When doing a study especially one which can have huge social impact they need to make sure their surveyed sample group is reliable. Too much many of these "fast food picked up at the drive thru" studies are taken as the stone tablets handed to moses

  48. Its population control….tell them "college educated" that they are victims lol! Sounds like College is worse for people than just not going!

  49. I love this series because as A Man I feel Men are denigrated and made to be public enemy number one.This starts with these Neo-Feminists who want to push their radical Agenda and downgrade actual fair Feminists who believe in equal rights for all Genders.I am glad this series shows some truths that radical Feminists distort for their twisted lies about Men.

  50. 1 way to get an 'accurate' college male response to the questionnaires is to have the entire male college body to answer the form–away from their(maybe feminist) girlfriends. Yeah, herd all the males into various classrooms and get them to fill out the forms. Then you just have to worry about the trolls in the group. You know there's gonna be some guys that are just being stupid(trollish) and will say they rape 14 women/wk. Really, due to the trolls and the others who may not answer honestly, there's just no way to get the actual number

  51. Simple fix for us guys. 1. Wear a go pro all day every day 24/7 2. Never date a girl that goes to your college 3. Never talk to any other women besides your current girlfriend (not even your mom or sisters!) 4. Never get within 20 feet of a woman 5. Never get within 100 feet of a girls dorm AND room! 6. Become a sexually brain dead zombie 7. Wear a second go pro just Incase 8. Only have sex with sex dolls! (Be careful they might claim rape too) there you go! Easy way to ruin your college years, but at least your safe from lying sleazy sluts and women who think just because they regretted last nights one night stand it qualifies as rape.

  52. Don't put your dick in crazy. It's just that simple, that's what you do to stop this. If men stop puttin their dicks in crazy, crazy don't reproduce.

  53. thank you very much for your lovely information. I know it very well that some of the rape cases are not being judged properly. You cannot just take a word as an evidence.

  54. Woman do get assaulted more I’ve done heavy research on it, just not necessarily college students. We also do have a rape culture, if you don’t realize that well you are ignorant beyond belief. Look around you, look how woman are blamed, dismissed, told they asked for it, etc. look at what something actually is before you make a claim.

  55. “Rape is defined on a state-by-state basis. In some states, the rape of men is not defined by law under the same terminology or degree of offense as the rape of women.”

    Male is raped < Female is raped

    This is unfair and unethical! RAPE IS RAPE! Having rape being defined on a state-by-state basis is fucked up! It should have the same degree of offence and same terminology as it does if a female gets raped.

  56. USA is a rape culture.

    Gordon Fiala
    Just now ·

    "women submit to sexual relationships hoping to build respect and men Fuck them condescendingly, demeaningly, abusively, selfishly, publicly exploited, sexually exploited (gagged), put in her mouth in her sleep or in her drunkenness, fucked in her sleep Before he decided to leave her (recently or long term).

    Fucked her in confidence, then cheated on her (she did not consent to promiscuous sex*.

    convinced her he was fidel, but was not a virgin*. He lied. She did not consent to sex with a womanizer. She engaged in a fidel relationship, He did not."


    "your video sucked.

    pull your head form your ass.

    statistics favor the court findings. not the Proven cases*.

    courts go on Reasonable Doubt for the Judge, Not based on Occurrences.***"

  57. Holy Shit. Obama gave free education to Druggies, sexual predators, bigots and womanizers, whoremongers and corrupt assholes.


    hitn hint.

    shit woman. smarten the fawk up.

  58. Sexually victimized: "Betty Sue, wanna go out?" "Why yes Brad".

    Sexually victimized, sexual assault, abuse, emotional abuse; terms created to allow non-events to be sold as yet more evidence of patriarchy.

  59. Men Rape Women
    Women Rape Men
    Men Rape Men
    Women Rape Women

    Rape is Rape! Doesn’t matter about the gender of the victim or the accused, WE need to stop it by coming together as one

  60. You know I keep hearing about this lestacks ?paper and the one thing that nobody mentions other than how ridiculous and pathetic is Gathering of information was is the way that he did it pretty much invited a bunch of mentally immature idiots the turn in a lot Boggus surveys you know like for shits and giggles. When I was a teenager there was a South that used to be in the shopping mall or they paid you between one and five bucks to fill out their little surveys. They didn't give a rat's ass what you put on it as long as it got filled out and you signed your name to it. We used to go in there and Beer Money by filling out as many of those damn things as we could and we didn't give a damn what we put down. I can honestly say after the second or third trip I didn't even read what the thing was for I just went down randomly checking boxes filling in numbers signing my name and date to it. Would do 25-30 of these things and 15-20 minutes. So I seriously doubt anyone took this morons study seriously and I really doubt that he did a whole lot of checking into anything or paying attention to what he was reading. My experience with acadamia is they've already decided what the outcome is before they even start.

  61. Feminist move is to divide women against Men. Weaponizing rape to take down men. Feminist "Believe the women" Movement. Men are not safe in America.

  62. I was raped in college. I'm male. The police officer who found me laughed and just drove me home. I begged people for help but everyone took it as a joke and left me to wallow in my own severely degrading mental state. I then realized my democratic liberal friends were full of shit, full of themselves, and unwilling to accept any information that contradicted their narrow view of the world. So, I formally left the party, voted for Gary Johnson, and laughed when Hillary lost because of them.

  63. I was kidnapped masmI have proffabd they made these counyriesbased on my udenty they used me the home time this tone they did it all together and took my identy and mad nee a black man they romance girls thoughout my whole hodyabd has justmade nea kesbian a lesbian I can no longer liceanumore oh God the thought us killing me he just yses mewbd my body I am jolonger safe I can't gone on him and their determination is deadly it's deadly oh God y lp me I'm in her bead tight now masm in get head and body he plans my luf firsthesaid I had said O gadsecwitha hirl in the tbrid grade and he wouldn't stop they are wearing my anseyey ud no ow I'm gonna die

  64. There needs to be some kind of accountability for professionals like politicians, teachers, administrators and perhaps even reporters who propagate these canards.
    We may also have to clarify the term "sexually victimized" to include the sexual responsibility of BOTH parties. If women are wanting to reach for true equality (and no reason why they shouldn't) we need to abandon this tired old myth that women are too stupid and emotional to understand just what is going on in a sexual encounter; and too weak to just say no and walk away. Or so foolish that they would rush into a sex encounter with a total stranger before knowing just what kind of person they are becoming intimate with.
    Women have most of the power at the onset of a sexual encounter. If they say no and you proceed it's a crime that will put you in prison for years. And with this very great power comes . . . next to no responsibility??? There are already ample cases where equally-drunk have sex the woman later regrets. The drunk man is found totally responsible and the drunk woman totally blameless.
    This is not equality — Feminism (the equality movement) approves; perhaps even cheers and applauds.

  65. Woman: I've been raped!
    Everyone: We shall avenge your honor!
    Woman: No, I lied.
    Everyone: Oh thank goodness. We were worried half to death.

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