100 thoughts on “Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs

  1. Oh my gosh, that South Park Indiana Jones scene really disturbed me. I was really surprised how far they took that joke when I saw that episode.

  2. Respect to all victims, but it is so normalized, It'll take a generation or two for it to be considered wrong. But I could be wrong though with society evolving in a faster pace. I have to admit I still laugh at some of these jokes which I find horrible if I think about it. As a black man I find it a bit easier to reflect in terms of jokes. Racist jokes are still kind of a thing in my environment. I never had a big problem with people cracking these jokes, but I never found them funny for obvious reasons. I let them crack these jokes when I'm not around, but would rather not hear them. Though people still tend to crack the jokes when there's a black person around, just because the joke was towards a "black friend". It's easy to just not crack some jokes, but people still do which is pretty bothering and at some point even hurtful. I can't imagine how hurtful harrasment jokes must be.

  3. The Family Guy scene (with the pie) made me cry the first time I saw it. His screams and cries sound far too realistic. I'd been raped at gunpoint about two weeks before it came out, just wanted to watch some casual evening television, and ended up sobbing and being close to vomiting over my bathroom toilet.
    i don't know why people think that this shit is funny.

  4. I think this video needs to be shown in high schools. Show the young men and women that will soon become adults that rape and/or sexual assault is not okay in any context. Not for cheap laughs, not for punishment, not for revenge, NOTHING. Honestly I have no idea who the hell disliked this video. I think EVERYONE needs to see this video.

  5. Honestly it's such a relief knowing I'm not the only one who is uncomfortable with all this. When I watched the Shawshank Redemption in college for a class, I didn't even think twice about prison rape or the scene in which it's suggested. It was only in hindsight that I suddenly became aware of what was implied, and how indifferent I was. That was the beginning of me noticing. From then on, it's become harder for me to watch movies/tv/youtube/etc because of the widespread amount of "humor" surrounding what was described in this video. Even people like my fiancee, as loving and good as they are, are also desensitized to it. In her case, only when I brought it up as something that made me uncomfortable, did she begin to see as well.

    Since that time, I also have had a growing interest in reforms for prison and rehabilitation centers. Hopefully one day we can be in a place that is better than where we are now.

  6. I missed/overlooked a lot of the rape jokes in these movies and tv shows. o-o
    I didn't laugh or react for many of them when I first saw them. In fact, I didn't understand a lot of the meaning of these "jokes".

  7. ive always felt uncomfortable when rape jokes in movies where brought up especially prison rape jokes. it was never funny to me. so glad this was a video so we can spread awareness

  8. @6:55 where Terry Crews is telling his story, why does it look like the 2 black guys behind him find it amusing? I could be wrong, but seriously they look a little smug.

  9. @19:00 the law and order SVU detective uses rape as a threat during an interrogation. How disgustingly ironic.

  10. God seeing this stuff in children's media is just sickening. I never knew it was in children's media too (although it should be in no media at all)

  11. For the perpetrator being female, two examples I can think of are Married With Children, where there is at least one extremely rapey scene where Peggy forces herself on Al, and Legend of Korra, where Eska is being extremely abusive again Bolin (not sure if it counts for this list as I don't remember how far they went with it, but there where some disturbing scenes that nobody would have found funny if the roles were reversed)

  12. I've only made it 5 minutes into the video but all of these jokes are deeply disturbing and I'm not sure I can continue watching it, however, thank you for bringing this topic up and giving it the attention it deserves. I haven't watched many of the shows or films shown in the video because their content is so unnerving, and I have been told that I'm just too sensitive. Sexual assault is not funny and never will be, and I can't wait for more people to realize it.

  13. This video is amazing and much needed rn! I don’t know if this paints a clearer portrait of Denzel Washingtons acting choices but I remember he was the one who advised Will Smith to not kiss a man on screen (in Six degrees of separation) in order to protect his image.

  14. Did you see Lego movie 2? It's a perfect anti-toxic masculinity movie (for what it is). It showed perfectly the societal factors instead of focusing on the individual, it showed how a good guy goes in the alt-right rabbit hole just to learn it's bs and all that. I thought I'd be watching something to pass the time and it turned out to be a pretty good movie.

  15. when you do the episode on women sexually assaulting men being played down and for laughs etc. please include the scene from GLEE where one of the main characters comes out about being assaulted by his female babysitter and the rest of the guys (IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER) are like "i would have dreamed for that to happen to me" and "you're so lucky" and "thats not sexual assault" etc. I remember watching that scene and thinking 'oh my god thats awful' and thinking that they'd talk about how wrong what the boys said and how they acted to the victim was later in the episode but there was NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Left such a bad taste in my mouth ugh.

  16. Great video. These kinds of jokes always made me uncomfortable, but even despite that, I hadn't realised just how pervasive they were. Stunned by how many examples you had, and that won't even be half of them.

  17. Fully expected this video to be yet another over-sensitive PC fest.

    Instead, this is SUPER important. Thanks for making this

    A positive note is how badly these jokes have aged. Times a changing.

  18. Thanks for lighting us about this subject. I didn't know it was a whole trend. Some feminist needs to understand this and some guys needs understand that patriarchy affect us all

  19. Ahh… this reminds me of when this guy in middle school said something like “gay people are ok, I just don’t want them to rape me” or something like that. To which I responded with “just cause someone is gay doesn’t mean they’re a predator.” He wouldn’t have it. I think I now understand why he thought the two were one in the same. I never realized how much the media would demonize the LGBT+ community. Some of the scenes you showed here were really hard to watch… Yikes.

  20. Hey, You make some good content. I was wondering if you were going to cover the masculinity shown in Brooklyn 99, escpecially by terry's character.

  21. The sexual attraction or orientation of a monster doesnt fucking matter. A monster is a monster.

  22. Hey Pop Culture Detective.
    I love you, can you please take apart Nolan's Batman.
    He is a reactionary piece of shit imo, that crafts narratives serving as subtle and vile propaganda for fascist power structures, corporate feudalism and the delegitimisation of left wing ideas

  23. I want you to watch Kung Fu Panda and please do a video essay on it. I want to see your opinion on it.

  24. Bro… Thank you for making this video.

    First off I did not know what "don't drop the soap" meant and have been confused for all 21 years of my life.

    Second, you've opened my eyes to the truth about rape as revenge against rapists in prison. The only place I have really seen this is in procedural shows like criminal minds. I definitely thought "yeah that man is a murderer and/or a rapist and deserves to have that exacted against him". Rape is violent and having that type of violence as an implied part of a rapists punishment is definitely revenge and not justice. But (and you didn't bring this up) any other culture that uses rape as a punishment is seen as barbaric. Raping women to dishonor, shame, or taint a family is perpetuated by the idea that the victim of the rape is the one who carries blame. I understand now that prison rape and the general concept of male rape in media is the same. We are assigning blame or fault to men for allowing themselves to be victimized. That's messed up.

    Also I feel bad for laughing at like two of your examples.

  25. My bestie (male) has been sexually assaulted several times by other men, whether on the train, on the street, in a urinal, etc. but every time I get mad for him, he waves it off. Honestly, I think men don’t take sexual assault of women seriously because they don’t take sexual assault of men seriously. Not saying he doesn’t when it comes to women, but I know for a fact some don’t.

  26. That clip of The Hot Chick is particularly disturbing considering the actor Rob Schneider was sexually abused as a young man in Hollywood.

  27. This is a very good video but I have some issue with the use of clips from Always Sunny used as examples because it's kind of ignoring the context of the series and many of the scenes. Like, the Nightman song scene isn't really a joke, it's supposed to be… kind of tragic and unfortunate.

  28. Watching this actually reminds me of a subject matter for jokes that were very popular back in the 20th century. Pedophile priests. Like the one about the newly ordained priest being asked to take a confession for the first time, and having to whisper for advice from an altar boy regarding how many Hail Maries to require the penitent to utter. "Psst, how much does Father O'Leary give for fellatio?"
    The kid's response: "Usually he gives me an ice cream cone and a dollar."

    Cue the rimshot and the canned laughter. Ha ha ha. For a long time it was just a joke… and then suddenly people stopped laughing.

    Same thing here. These jokes will be made until people stop laughing and start saying, "this isn't funny."

  29. It's horrifying how common these jokes are and easily they slip by until they are literally played again and again in a 30 minute video,

  30. I know this is the wrong place to ask, but I didn't know what else would be more appropriate.
    Is there any way or any place where one could watch the new video "How The Shawshank Redemption Humanizes Prisoners" since it has been taken down by Warner. Bros.?

  31. … not sure where else to post this – my inbox showed me a new video by you about shawshank redemption humanizing prisoners, but the link doesn't work and is nowhere to be found now. Was that another video that has fallen to some claim or other, or am I having lucid daydreams?

  32. I think your new video on Shawshank and humanizing prisoners got copyright claimed or something- it tells me it isn't available in my country. Hope to see it soon!

  33. I still probably disagree with you on plenty and tend to think you go a bit too far. I must say damn good job with this video series

  34. FACT: Most people think of adult rape as a crime of great proportion and significance and are unaware that children are victimized at a much higher rate than adults.Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur to children aged 17 and under.

  35. Life changing videos, your work deserves an Oscar!

    Ps: I thought you were going to talk about American History X

  36. 1. Keep the good job dude, nice and rational and well explained videos are need it.
    2. This whole issue is a slap in the face to our "civilised" society, it has reached a point where as you said, we don't even notice, we don't see how extremely sick it is and how it affects lots of people all around the world; the basic question to ask is : how is being rape a joke? Regardless of gender, sexuality and situation sexual assault it is not a laughing matter.
    Edit: grammar

  37. Nothing has ever made me as uncomfortable as this video.
    No well. "Sleepers" did. Same theme though… must have a soft spot.

  38. Watching this and the video on the Shawshank Redemption makes me realize how certain aspects of our culture is seriously effed up.,

  39. Nothing is more redundant these days than comedians telling lame jokes and blaming the audience for not being cool enough to get their "edgy" material. Any comedian who does that is a hack. Try writing something original, or get used to being called out as a hack. The jokes are not only abusive, but they are just all the same.

  40. Wade Wilson's queerness was a mixed bag, I loved some of the scenes (and his look), but god some of those "jokes"…

  41. Its fascinating how writers bring in racism, homophobia, glorifying rape perpetrators all in one package and still for years as viewers we were not able to point it out, rather we fed on them for entertainment. I feel ashamed of myself. 😔😔

  42. So we are calling them now powers-that-be. Alright.
    Also you are doing an incredible job you have no idea💙

  43. for all the "men's rights activists" in this comment section, this is a feminist analysis. patriarchy affects men and women in negative ways. the strict enforcement of gender roles in society is just as bad for men' identity and development as for women's, even if women are more often victims within the dynamic. women are forced into a submissive role, but that also means men are forced into a dominant role that can be just as uncomfortable internally.

    please fuck off

  44. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I try really hard to switch the genders of the characters when I'm watching something to put the scene in perspective, and I realized how often this type of comedy happens, that would be massively frowned upon if it were women instead of men at the butt of the joke. So many, in fact, that – even though I'm a strong believer in equality – I started to think that female and male rape just wasn't comparable. It's insane how often these types of scenes show up in the media, and honestly it's disgusting. I'm really happy that someone finally said something about this, because it's a massively overlooked problem. Thank you for finally putting it into words!

  45. I didn’t know Terry Crews was a survivor. I have always admired him and adored his work. I’m glad he is a voice for those who haven’t spoken up.
    The fact that he is an advocate increased my respect for him.

  46. In my country and my environment, I never thought the “You know what happens to pretty boys like you in prison?” was a rape thing.
    I have certainly heard it lots of times, but I always thought it was meant to emphasize on the fact that prison is a violent, and mentally scarring experience.
    I seriously never thought it was about rape culture, not once.

  47. when do you think part 2 will be done? I assume you needed shawshank as a way to not burn out totally ding into this exhausting shit

  48. I always try to explain shit like this to my family and my friends. My friends take it way more seriously than my family. Not even that long ago I was talking about that sexist jokes about men were no less bad than sexist jokes about women, and that people were treating man rape way too lightly. My family kept making fun of me while I said that. They kept making jokes off-topic, treating it less than it was, and telling me to 'calm down', and that 'they can't do anything about it'.

    I cut the conversation off and walked away, I was crying. They somehow said it was my fault they reacted like that (which was laughing at me), and they said 'I don't know what you want us to say. Do you want us to get angry or something?"
    I told them they could at least take me seriously and not laugh in my face as I discussed a topic this important. They again said it was my fault or them reacting like that. That was kinda an eyeopener for me about how ignorant and disgusting my family can behave. They have the 'I'm not involved in any kind of way so not my problem' attitude. It makes me sick.

  49. Your videos are always on point. Rape jokes (against anyone) are the worst thing. I kept thinking during the video that it's unthinkable to make a rape joke against a woman, even if she holds the same qualities you describe for most of the males in this video: the bad person, criminal, worthy of punishment, vulnerable, etc. No matter who the woman is or what she's done, the joke just won't land. I think this is because a lot has been done for conscientization of rape (and the fear of rape) as a problem in women's lives, but, as you say in the video, because this is not a reality or concern for privileged men, it's just like it didn't matter.

  50. I had a friend, who in an attempt to clear his record, went to jail for three days because he couldn't pay the parking fines he had. He didn't sleep for those three days because the entire time he had his back to the wall trying to keep from being raped. When I have told people about this experience he had it's almost always seen as funny, or that he deserved it for some unexplained reason. When I express anger and contempt for these points of view most people are not only surprised, they may even make some comment about how he probably deserved it. I point out that rape is illegal and wrong and they just shrug. This horrifies me. NO ONE SHOULD BE RAPED. It's NEVER FUNNY.

  51. I don’t know if I want to throw up, punch something, or cry. I feel so disgusted with myself. I can’t believe I haven’t noticed this before. I’ll try to start spreading awareness immediately.
    If any rape victims or ex-prisoners are watching this, I am so sorry for ever having laughed along with a joke about male sexual assault. This aspect of Our society is absolutely abhorrent and I hope things get better for you in the future.

  52. Are you by any chance still working on that video on sexual assault on men by women played for laughs? There is a scene in Spiderman: Far From Home that fits the idea perfectly. In case you haven't seen it yet, it's the moment when Peter is told to undress by a random (and hot) female Shield operative. It's all presented in a very light-hearted, playful manner that apparently is supposed to underscore Peter's awkwardness and inability to stay out of trouble while also playing on the stereotype of the young inexperienced boy/older attractive woman dynamic. I must say it really bothers me that there is room for things like that in a major blockbuster in 2019.

  53. Bill Maher is really one of the worst when it comes to being an apologist for men being raped. Especially if it's about the reoccurring news of female teachers having sex with minors or forcing themselves onto them – it seems to be one of his own fantasies. Yuck.

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