55 thoughts on “Sexual assault rampant on Native American reservations

  1. My teacher sent me to the principal's office after she found me passed out on the curb with a liquor bottle in my hand, yet SHE was the one who told me to sit Indian style…

  2. This is absolutely disgusting!! Who would dare do this to a child? And it's a damn shame to see the federal government not do a thing and ignore it completely. Says a lot about their character

  3. Cut that salty finger off and I'll bet you will have an effective deterrent!
    You must have to be some specially gifted person to hear a little girl say something like that and not mortally wound the man during your temporary insanity!

  4. When the government gets involved the bad guys get free meals and a bed, t.v. plenty of boredom, a workout room and free rent, free obaminablecare and no more financial troubles!
    And since most sex freaks are gay, you will not impede their sex life!
    Your best bet with prison is that they will want something better in life but the freaks always return because they know they cannot have better!

    But leave it to the people and the people will administer an effective deterrent!

  5. TheBrightStar8
    You do not read the Bible very much!
    The sons of God, the children of God Inherit Judgment and Power from God, you worm!
    You can't forget about me either? Ha!
    Go about your own way, enjoy your moment before your cursed breaks you down and your mama kicks you out!
    Welfare junkie!
    I suppose you know that the hair on your face means that you are not much of an Indian!
    Too much "coward and losers" in you!
    Need more of a tongue thrashing, worm!
    Your enemies are watching you!!!

  6. TheBrightStar8
    Your riddles are easy single welfare junkie living with Mama!
    So you think that you will have a wife and a marriage one day do you?
    Women think boys like you are retarded fools!!!
    Just as the men do!
    I guess you won't have yourself a boyfriend neither!
    Just ur mother who raised an outright LOSER!
    When will you grow up boy!!!
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    Do it boy & move out!

  7. The problems- alcohol, drug addiction, DUI, incest and rape in Spirit Lake are a problem on ALL tribal reservations. The unwritten rule is "Leave the tribal people alone."

  8. Does the federal government even have jurisdiction on Indian reservations? Perhaps that's why there is not much prosecution.

  9. No problem these white people are no threat to any one unless they got Thousand of dollar an payed mechanarys in riot gear an attack dogs…

    you realize these are the kind of white people who hate other white people right…

    they only care about money an the only humen they fucking care about is A person with lots of it.

  10. I heard about this before, and I thought it was a lie, but I guess not. What a disgusting culture. They were like this before the white man came and I guess they don't want to stop raping children for pleasure.

  11. @gameVStruth You obviously haven't read much of history. Shut up, white men were a lot worse than this, they rape Native American women and children during the "great Indian Wars" and cut out unborn babies from their mother's womb. As well as cut out the Private parts and sport them around like trophies. I bet you have Done something like this if you want to "blame the Indians" and call it an "ugly culture" Maybe you should go and Find the root cause. Because I can sure Tell you right now, that what's more disturbing about this video. Is that you group an entire race together and Stereotype them, Not all Native Americans do this. Go up to Native American and Say this to their face. Instead of sitting behind a computer, if I knew who you were I'd Ask you what it is you commented about My race. I'd ask you to your face, Not sitting behind a computer Like a coward.

  12. The Indians I knew (Cheyenne-Arapaho) had a "tradition" where the females lost their virginity to their older brother, if they had one.  It wasn't just one or two families either. 

    Rape and incest is wrong, regardless of race or culture.  STOP THAT SHIT.

  13. it's not unbelievable, and it's not a result of a "weak" federal government. They don't really care, this the same government which tried to drive them into the pacific ocean.

  14. Utubbeelest who are you to tell brightstar hes not much of a native cause he has facial hair that's from eating American junk food nowdays ppl put hornmones in all kinds of stuff in beef chicken turkey and pork so maybe cause he eats the bad food he has facial hair or maybe hes half blood like me im white and black native mixed

  15. these are not Indians         sipirit they  use to believe doesn't welcome them anymore     these way less than once called Indians centuries ago      they are way behind their anchestors way less than their anchestors even centuries ago with the life  they choose

  16. ….🦊…..you ever notice where Catholics have been in the world ‘, spiritualism dies out’,…the people here have no clue the Catholics have been following them for 500 yrs., Stockholm syndrome comes in many different forms ‘,….the tribal people on this reservation who work for the tribe are only recognized as the tribal people ‘,….keep your kids away from other kids who have an high I.Q., and express no emotion,…that’s the profile of a child,….who’s been raised in rape,….their populations is on the rise,….if any of these so called medicine people have not told you something for your protection,…then their not real ‘,…stay away from them ‘,…🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  17. If the FBI and BIA won't do anything then tribal members need to beat the shit out of these people and out them publicly.

  18. I think how there ancestors were treated,they have become stereotyped.
    Shoved on reservations,or more like ghettos,they have no freedom ,now labelled ..the young men have no real purpose in life
    They been corrupted by the white mans ways…drink n drugs.
    It’s difficult to believe …this is happening, if it true, and not just more propaganda to just oppress them and keep them down,where the white man wants them,then there needs to be a concerted effort to sort it out.

  19. They think they are above the law cuz no cops there and because they rich enough to afford a good lawyer. This shit needs to change! Stop dating these Indians for money cuz yo kids will get abuse.

  20. ..🦊…the first church of the catholic’s started this from day one of their arrival,…( they have a long history of rapping aborigines worldwide ),..with this action they also started christianity,…other people’s started their own church because of what was going on inside the catholic school/churches ,…this dismay is intended to redirect our people from what is to be given ( spiritual power ),…..the split family issue is the catholic tribal members Vs., the natural people,….here’s the main issue ‘,….the catholics run the B.I.A., and councils,…i sat out side the council chambers and watched them give a million dollars away to an outside business,…( gave them support ) ,..the Flathead council does not support us ,….they took our ten thousand and invested our money without our permission ,into a casino that’s a money pit ,….i haven’t met a priest who isn’t a child molester,….here in Montana they call their pictures ,portraits ‘,..where i’m from they call them mugshots ‘,…the catholics are generational child molesters,…our people’s are rapping our own people,…and the feds are helping them ,….oh’,..get this ‘,…all the tribes have programs for children and child protective services,…..wow’,….there’s no way any tribe should be in charge of such,….because of the issue they have with children ,….🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  21. I came from farms in Illinois, my dad was a farmer and my mom was Shawnee. I say we get these bad men and tie them to a tree , drop their pants and bring in a hungry calf, I can guarantee you they won't even think about doing it again.Rape will be a thing of the past on the rez, By , Little Weasel

  22. Trump, says that he wants to make america great again, he needs to start with cleaning up the Indian Reservations. Prosecute those crimes against women and children, provide better living conditions for them. The native indians are Americans born and raise on this land, we are neighbors to them and need our help as well against injustice. Black lives matter need to change it's logo to American citizens matter, we the people need to start helping our native brothers and sisters, not just certain groups of people. The news media need to do more coverage on the reservations to let the people know what is happening to them. Please we have the power of the internet to voice our concerns, let our voices be heard. The American Indians, they desperately need our help. Let our voices for injustice be heard.

  23. I was just on my tribe trying to foster… They make it impossible… If it's not your family it's the government…


  24. So , their being raped on the rez by their own ppl ? Incest ! I'm sure alcohol plays a big role in this digusting mess ! Sad !

  25. It is a shame when women and children are not safe in their own homes, because of the male family members. Nobody should have to suffer the abuse that these people suffer, this why I do not understand, when an american family adopted a little Indian girl to give her a better life, why on earth would the Indian family demand for that child to be given to the reservation knowing what goes on there. Why would they want to make that child endure the abuse of being rape by a family member.

  26. its federal ,so fuck i,t kill all the criminals ,cuz nobody gonna come a look for them anyway, so take it into ur own hands and start killing all those fuckin sick ass people , cuz government don't care …..

  27. RIP Robin she died in 2015 . She and her children were abused by her tribe and family. Spirit Lake tried to defend the abusers, she had to leave the reservation to get help. There is a documentary on her called Kind Hearted Woman. May her children and others in the world find peace.

  28. Consequently, you will see the enemy’s children the enemy personality being held
    up as normal, as representing the norm.
    Our behavior to the degree that it differs from that of our enemy, is seen as deviant and thus abnormal. To
    the degree, we think differentness automatically represent inferiority and therefore we become alarmed at anything that says we are somehow different from our enemy. Consequently, you will see the enemy’s children the enemy personality being held

    up as normal, as representing the norm. Our behavior to the degree that it differs from that of our enemy, is seen as deviant and thus abnormal. To the degree, we think differentness automatically represent inferiority and therefore we become alarmed at anything that says we are somehow different from our enemy.

  29. RIP Robin Poorbear. Documentary on this amazing women called Kindhearted woman on PBS. May your children continue your legacy of speaking for the vulnerable and abused. God Bless. Through sorrow a beautiful Rose blooms….

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