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Wasshup. Alright! So, I’m going to tell you guys a stoy about something that happened between two people––we’ll call them Person 1 and Person 2––while they were at the beach! All you’ve gotta do is tell me who was innocent… You ready? Alright, let’s go! So! Person 1 and Person 2 both were both at the beach on the same day. 1 was taking a
walk down the shore, and 2 was laying down in the sand. 1 turns and sees to laying down in
the sand and decides to go over there. Before 2 can even say a word, 1 steps on 2. So 2 yells out loud, “Hey you stepped on me!” 1 responds and says, “It’s no big deal plus we’re asking for it.” 2 is SHOCKED. “How was I asking for it?!” Then all of a sudden, somebody who was nearby jumps in and says, “If you didn’t want anybody stepping on you, then you shouldn’t have been laying in the sand in the first place.” So 1 hears this and kind of just turns away and stars walking down the shore again. Lastly: there were a bunch of other people who saw the whole thing, but just decided to ming their own business and stay out of it. Now! You tell me. in this situation, was anybody right or innocent? Was anybody wrong or guilty? And was anybody in between? Pause the video if you want to think or talk about with the person next to you, and then I’ll give my opinion. Okay! Three things… First: 1 walked up and stepped on 2. “Stepped.” That’s a verb. That means 1 did something. Therefore, 1 is wrong. STRAIGHT FACTS. Second: 2 did nothing to deserve it. As a matter-of-fact, 2 didn’t do anything at all. It doesn’t matter if 2 was laying on the ground because one made the decision and the action of stepping on person 2. Therefore, 2 is innocent. PERIOD. Third: of all the people who spoke up, did you notice… that nobody said anything to Person 1? Everybody had something to say in person to about how the situation would’ve been different if they weren’t laying on the ground in the first place. Okay, I know this seems really, really, really random, but it’s not. What this is is a metaphor for sexual violence. Harassment. Abuse. Assault. It’s so important to understand that
when people are sexually assaulted, somebody had to assault them first. Sometimes we treat assaults or violence like rain falling from the sky or just… the occurrence of a natural disaster like an earthquake. Look: we can’t help it if it starts raining and we don’t have an umbrella and the rain falls on us–– Or if an earthquake [or lightning] strikes and we just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those events are out of our control… but if a person wants to step on another human being, they have to control their body parts in order to execute that action. If a person makes the decision to violate another human being’s body, then it is that person’s fault. However, a lot of times we’ll often ask the victim or a survivor what they did to deserve it. And just doesn’t make any sense! If we’re going to ask the victim or survivor anything, it should be about what they want to do, if we can help them, and if so, how we can do that. In terms of the perpetrator, yo: what’s the first thing we learn in school? Keep your hands to yourself! with the
promise that was not going to be seen But the problem is that we start growing up and seeing things on TV and in movies and online where people just do whatever they want to somebody, and the scripts are written so that somebody never ever says no, but it’s not realistic because it’s all scripted, but we grow up thinking it’s realistic It gets us thinking from a very early age that that’s just how supposed to be. So everything is framed in this way that if
someone doesn’t want to do something They’ll naturally think that it’s rude or corny or selfish to say no. That is false. That is incorrect. That’s wrong. This is why we have to stop blaming victims and survivors for attracting their perpetrators and assailants. What do I mean by that? Where were you? Who were you with? What time was it? Were you by yourself? What kind of clothes did you have on? Were you drinking? How drunk were you? What exactly were you wearing? What did you say? Did you say no? Did you yell? Did you fight? Why didn’t you fight? Why’d you let it happen? Why do I have 3 wigs and a mannequin head? I don’t know! All those questions are examples of victim blaming where we end up blaming the victim for what happened by asking them questions like it was their fault! Why not ask the person who did it… why THEY did what they did? We’ve got to put the blame on the perpetrators for perpetrating! We cannot just sit back and accept or not
realize that a lot of the media we consume–
and language that we use–– “Bro, I just got RAPED by that test…” Is constantly making us care less than we should about sexual violence. What I just explained is the definition of rape culture. and rape culture is how rapists are made. The truth is that no one is born a rapist! Just like no one is born a racist! People are taught these things. These behaviors and beliefs become ingrained in people by the societies that they live in. In America we are taught by the media that
we can do whatever we want, whenever we
want to whomever we want. And the craziest thing is because this idea is wherever we look, There are actually time when someone will assault somebody else and not even realize that they did something wrong. But the good news is that we have
the power to change our culture. We can literally reprogram how our culture
thinks about sexual violence just by
changing how we think and talk about it. Just by changing it we allow ourselves to see. Just by changing the type of media that
we consume and produce and just by making sure to actively teach people from an early age what is right, what is wrong, and just how to respect other people. According to RAINN, the rape and incest national network, people commit acts of
sexual violence every 107 seconds… IN AMERICA ALONE. That’s over 800 a day, and that’s just an estimate! That statistic will not slow down until we take this problem so seriously that every time we hear about a person assaulting another human being, we all feel a sense of responsibility as a
community to make sure that justice is served, people are educated about it, and most importantly, the victim or survivor supported,
and healing takes place. If you want to learn more about sexual violence, rape culture, statistics, how to get help, or how to help others, check out the links that are putting the
description below. And if you like this video, please subscribe to my channel for more serious content like this as well as some light-hearted funny concept that I’ll be posting every single week. My name is Jess Smith, and this is

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  1. Its person 1's fault, its like walking into a trashcan and saying its the trashcan's fault for being there

  2. I wish more internet figures such as yourself shared the same mindset. This is such an important issue that gets much too little attention. Everywhere in the media, I see the word "rape" being thrown so casually and towards things that don't even relate to it, and it's honestly quite discomforting and even triggering, as I have my own history of being violated. The worst part is that while most people who blindly use the term would never dare harass another person, they don't understand that simply putting that word out there in a humorous manner encourages others to think of it as "no big deal", thus the actual rapists are built. And why do they even mess with this word in the first place? They're not aware of the danger that they're causing, which is why this issue is so deserving of attention to educate others.

    Really, I applaud you for making this video and putting it in a simple yet informative way. I wish to see more people do the same.

  3. I am living for everything that was said in this video. I actually thought it was gonna be a cool little riddle to keep your brain sharp but this is so important that people learn and understand this. I'm so glad I'm seeing more and more people be vocal about this! Great job, dude! I love this so much <3

  4. Hey Chaz, LOVE this video. I'd like to talk to you about a project. Can we set up a phone call? I facebook messaged you but you may have to check your 'other' folder.

  5. I came to this channel for the "Pronouncing things incorrectly" videos. But after watching this, he earned my sub right away! Bless this logical human!

  6. Omg the fact that you did this makes me so happy. I've been through something similar and ik the feeling. Why blame the victim for something they didn't do? This is why I love you sm 🙂

  7. So true, it's nice to see a honest video on this violence. Our society needs this type of perspective on sexual assault so that it can start to finally stop.

  8. Chaz this makes me feel good to know that someone posting on the real. I have been sexually assaulted before and people in my school where split, some of them thought I was asking for it and the rest helped me deal with the ones who thought I made it all up even though it was all recorded. It was on school property though and he never actually full on raped me, but he did violate me many times. You keep doing you and posting about the real stuff.

  9. Ok now. I got this. So if two be laying down without no towels or nothing and just sitting there blending in then yeye there fault (basically being verbal about it) but if person 2 saw it and did it anyways then boom bang pow their fault. Just verbal confirmation, or visible discomfort.

  10. Real talk: was not expecting this out of a guy who I only know from comedy vines mispronouncing shit. Hell yes, man. You rule.

  11. As a child of two assault victims, I was taught that perpetrators are the ones who should take full blame & responsibility. I was told always to make it clear that I was not enjoying the attention. But as I matured I was shocked to learn that there were innumerable amounts of people who did not learn this or didn't know that pushing your actions on someone is unacceptable. Sadly, in my own situations i tended to blame myself for the actions of others. It's not complicated: Anything without enthusiastic consent is a NO. Unfortunately, this is not a growing issue but one that has been around since the beginning of human history. There are still large groups of men & women who don't believe there even is Rape Culture. Your explanation was spot on. Continue the good work ☝🏽

  12. I haven't experienced anything like this but this is a serious matter and I thank you for confronting this.

  13. I fully agree with your message, but I'd like to add to it if I may:
    Since we know all this, and police have a pretty good idea by statistics of the most likely conditions that make predators more likely to attack or even where they are more likely to attack, this can help us fight back by the community keeping an eye out. This might be why people ask those questions. They aren't trying to victim blame, and often the victims never even thought of things like not traveling alone at night, using the buddy system, traveling in well lit areas…Etc.
    It's not your fault that some A-hole attacked you, but we know this is what criminals do. If we do things to deter them, then they will be less likely to target our men and women and children. It will still happen, because some people will not be deterred no matter what you do, not that's not the case for every potential attacker. If we educate people on what attackers look for, then maybe we can lower the numbers and help the community spot them as they are trying to commit sexual assault and put an end to it. As he said, rainn has a wonderful website full of information:

  14. Everyone was in the wrong. Nobody was right. The bystanders chose to do nothing. #2 was laying in the sand but them being there

  15. When I was at my grandpa's wake (seriously.) this lady, who I had never met until then, came up to my dad and me from the front pew of the church and started talking to us, just friendly. Somehow one thing led to another, and she's telling us about how she doesn't let her granddaughter wear short shorts because 'girls who wear shorts like that are asking to be raped.' And obviously, my dad and I are absolutely stunned, and we go downstairs to the fellowship hall of the church and discuss what had just happened. In the process, I looked up the verses she used to defend her claim, which she had totally taken out of context in order to sustain her legalism. This is exactly what he's talking about.

    TLDR: If you're gonna say someone was asking to be raped, then we have to redefine rape altogether. Rape culture is everywhere, and it's a menace.

  16. Thank you for putting this out there because some people aren't aware of the cause so thanks

  17. Passerby was wrong. People don’t lie on beach to get stepped on. 1 was wrong. It is quite rude to simply step on 2. 2 was innocent

  18. If we're just focusing on who to blame for the crime then yes I agree with everything you said,the perpetrator alone is guilty no question
    But I think even after knowing who to blame, as a society we need to realise it just doesn't stop there,we need to make our best efforts in making sure it doesn't happen again.I think we should educate everyone,not just the men but also the women about their possible roles in this "rape culture" and how we can solve the issue coz I believe that you cannot just think that I can live the way I want without realising that it may have an impact on another person

  19. Watching this when the Kavanaugh thing is happening is just so sad but yes you preach the truth Chaz 🙌🏽 Honestly the questions that the VICTIMS get asked are so disgusting

  20. You are such a wonderful light. We are all blessed to have you here. Thank you for the many smiles you have given me. Thank you for the way you think. I pray you continue to grow and love those around you, much love man :3

  21. I love how he was talking about something serious but was simultaneously being hilarious at the same time.

  22. What if P1 is blind bitch!? What if P2 didn't get stepped on but P2 was so drunk that they trippin? What if P1 is walking minding their own business and P2 throws themself in front of P1's path?

  23. more clothes less choice of anyone being successful. I think females that dress in clothes too small want attention whether they say they're dressing for themselves why would they take selfies and post it waiting for likes? worth ..validation because sex appeal is a thing. yes Im wrong but logic blah. dressing modestly can help. if you have on secure clothing the attacker will have a harder time ripping the clothes off. you'll hate me for this. hate me more that I make some sense.

  24. Well Chaz, what would you say about the situation like this:
    Person #1 and person #2 are at a party, they both drink and are atracted towards each other, and they consentiually land in bed. The next day person #2 is not content with what has happened and blames person #1 for sexual assault or even rape. Is there anyone at fault here?

  25. This was the video we all needed. This is what everyone needs to hear and what people need to understand. Thank you so much.

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