Sexual Assaults On Campus INCREASE On College Game Days

Sexual assault on college campuses is growing
to be a national epidemic and according to a new study, sexual assaults actually increase
dramatically at some schools by as much as 41% on days when they host college football
games. If it’s an away game then the average increase
of sexual assault on that campus is only 15% higher than usual. But when it’s a home game 41% increase at
some schools, some are not that high, in the number of sexual assaults reported. Now let me ask you a question, have you heard
of any of these sexual assaults? Has any of it made major headlines? Some of them have. Mostly because the student who did it gets
let off the hook. But the rest of them, no. We aren’t hearing about this rampant epidemic
of sexual assault taking place at colleges across the country and there’s a very real
and clear reason for that. Colleges, universities, have basically made
it their plan to downplay any allegation of sexual assault that takes place either on
their campus or at any of their facilities, any of their sporting events, any of their
frat houses or anything off campus between two students. They are setting up panels, committees at
some colleges, some of the bigger ones in this country whose job it is to deal with
these sexual assault allegations. So if a woman gets sexually assaulted, instead
of going to the police she has to go to this committee and one of the first things the
committee makes her do is sign a non-disclosure form. Then they say “Okay, well we’re going to investigate
it, thank you for telling your story.” And then they basically do nothing. They don’t go to the authorities, they might
talk to one or two people who were there, you know, the accused and maybe one of his
buddies and they’ll say “No I didn’t do it.” Then the committee says “Well, our hands are
tied, he said he didn’t do it, I don’t know what to go from there.” And that’s the end of it. The victim signed a non-disclosure form, so
she can’t go out to tell her story. She’s agreed to waive her rights, so she’s
not able to go to the police and tell them what happened. Meanwhile, the college or university gets
to keep their spotless reputation and their rape statistics go down because they’re not
actually reporting what’s going on. There are lawsuits at many different colleges,
some of the biggest ones in this country right now because there is an institutionalized
coverup of sexual assault taking place on college campuses. This week the University of Maryland students
staged a protest because that university is trying to coverup the amount of sexual assault
taking place on their campuses. This is inexcusable, its indefensible and
these colleges are acting just as bad as the accused. Just as bad as the rapist. Just as bad as the assaulters by helping those
people keep a squeaky clean record because if they go down for it, that’s gonna look
bad for the university. And as we’re right at the three, four weeks
into college football season at this point, sexual assault is going to increase. We know that, the numbers tell us that. So this Saturday while you’re sitting there
watching college football or maybe you’re at the game cheering on your team just remember
that where ever you are, there’s a good chance that more than 25% more women than normal
at that college are going to be raped that day. Enjoy the game.

61 thoughts on “Sexual Assaults On Campus INCREASE On College Game Days

  1. Non-disclosure agreement forms, cover-ups, just sweeping inappropriate treatment against men and women (not on equal rates but still it happens to both sides) seems to be the rule nowadays, specially under the new administration…
    But if our own government does it, what else can we expect from this other institutions…

  2. In the era of Trump, it’s not surprising! Trump himself has been accused of sexual assault by an least forty women, and is getting away with it. Why wouldn’t Trump’s followers think they couldn’t get away with it as well? When colleges look good, more students go to them. When more students go to the colleges, more students will be sexually assaulted and abused!

  3. "Land of the free, and home of the brave" not anymore more like, " Land of the guns and home of the rapes, so this is making America great again.

  4. Why don't they just admit college football is just the minor league for the NFL. Change it to the way baseball does it and you won't have so much crap from it.

  5. Well of course because society is telling these young meatheads that they can take anything they want just because they can throw a ball across the fucking field.

  6. You see all this comes from that helicopter parenting and tiger mom shit. They hover over these kids and do everything for them and never let him get any kind of experience. So when they do leave home they might have book smarts they don't have any Street smarts. Number one thing about Street knowledge be mindful of your surroundings. Number two if it doesn't pass the smell test then don't do it. Number three everybody that smiles at you is not your friend some people smile before they kill you. And number four and most important of all if it can go wrong it will go wrong.

  7. Good and because no one believes the victims and side with the men, oh well, it will happen more and more because women accept it.

    I have never told this story.
    When I was 14 or 15 years old I was sexually assaulted by a student 2 years older than me, no penetration, I remember what happened that night, how it was a rainy night, I spend the night in his parents house, I slept in one of the rooms by myself and around 4.30 or 5am I felt someone pulling down my pant sucking my private part, I woke I said what are u doing, I remember he told me he wanted me to eff him, I said no I was strong enough to get out of the bed ,pulled up my pant and left, after the incident I never talk to him again ,I have never told my mom or friends, I kept everything inside.

  9. Sweeping these sexual assault cases under the rug will be even worst for the reputation of these campuses. My advice for the sexual assault victims is to not sign these non-disclosure agreements, that'll force the staff members to act to address these issues.

  10. Fire all those BASTARDS!!!! They keep protecting their diseased good old boy's!!! Uncoverthem and hit them in the pocket books. Women continue to be prey for these sick ass son's of bitches.

  11. You know this cycle of not reporting not convicting these offenders and protecting them is just setting up the way people are supposed to live the rest of their life. They don't want to ruin some college boys life because he got drunk and then committed a sexual offense. Well you could kind of maybe say well I could stomach it slightly if it happened maybe once every 50 years. And that's pushing it. But it happens all the time so it goes from protecting some young man's future 2 allowing young men to get away with this nonsense and somehow manages it as if it's something that's part of school life.
    They don't feel like they can be held accountable for their actions. they see everybody else doing that till they figure hey it doesn't matter I'll get away with it now I'll get away with it in the future and I'll get away with it when I'm in the real world. I think most people who refuse to believe this doesn't go on and that our culture hasn't cultivated it and then allowed it doesn't realize how it has been burned into their thinking as something normal. How do you undo what's going on. The whole system needs an enema.

  12. This just pushes the point that we as a nation have to take a serious look at sexual assault and misconduct. The problem isn't so much that this is happening but that it's become "the norm" in eyes of people. And that's not to say that these kids at colleges are going out of their way to assault people, but to them certain advances and misconduct aren't seen as that big of a deal. They don't understand the severity of the situation because they don't think the consequences will affect them. In their minds "rape" and "assault" are incredibly violent actions only perpetrated by career criminals or lunatics, and not someone who made a "bad decision" that night. They don't understand that assault is assault, even if you aren't a "violent" person. Also, like Farron said, because sports are so important in the eyes of colleges and other institutions they try to downplay assault allegations as to not reflect poorly on the sport itself. This creates an "unspoken rule" as such that so long as you're part of a sports team you can push the limits of what is "acceptable" and what's not. That misconception leads to more assaults. So in a sense it's not just that how we approach assault needs to change, but how these assaults relate to our understanding of what we prioritize. There's nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite sports game or striving to be the best in it, but when it allow it to consume your moral character, even for a fleeting moment, that's when the problems arise, creating monsters.

  13. College campuses should not have their own police force and legal system. Too many shenanigans when you can run your own private police.

  14. I am sure that fights or violent assaults also increase on game day. The idiots watch other guys run into and throw each other on the ground and get all emotionally revved up to violence. The problem is that colleges are admitting too many idiots.

  15. When we were in college, a college friend of mine did some work for our apartment manager who also owned the apartments. After completing the work, my friend was called into his office where she walked in finding him lying on a sofa masturbating. He then propositioned her to just undress and lay next to him while he masturbated. My friend refused and ran home. By the way, this man was also a city circuit judge. The only person my friend ever told this story to is me. At 19 years old and him being a judge, reporting it was never considered. The pay for work was more prioritized.

  16. With a president that has numerous complaints against him and who does porn stars for breakfast. With a judge who has a complaint against him and who will likely be promoted to a life tenure on the supreme court, the message is clear to those young ego inflated right wing wanabe alpha males…. you can get away with it…

  17. Football is soooooooooooooooooo boring it make a movie so bad it should never had been made look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This girl from my private high school came to the same college. From a class of 104 to a university of 40,000+. We grew up in the elite private schools but we're not equipped.
    There were 4 of us in total. She got drunk and a train was run on her at a frat house. She left college.
    Another girl in my dorm tried to commit suicide by jumping out of the dorm window. Unfortunately her luck went from bad to worse. She got stuck in a tree and survived. Sexual assault was the reason she jumped. The University responded by expelling her.

  19. Accusations does not mean it happened go to frigging court people lie the guilty and the attention seakers if evidence isn't there ? And yes i believe colleges cover up for people with $ but theres two many young people looking for likes also is a epidemic?

  20. Rape crisis center where I live gets more than double the clientele when an American ship comes to our city. No one reports it. Wtf?

  21. It is a reflection of the disregard this society has of crimes against women and children. They have been doing this since Adam and Eve. Blaming women for their weaknesses. Her dress was too short, her pants too tight, etc, etc. We do not teach boys to respect women. They learn what they see. What they see is guys getting by with it by shaming the women and blaming them for their behavior. Two young women were killed here in Iowa recently doing things women should be able to do, golfing and jogging alone, without having to have an armed guard around. As women, we have to watch how we dress, where we park, watch for who is following, watch drinks at bars, these are things we do every single day to try to avoid being molested, because, you know boys will be boys.

  22. Not surprising, Americans turn a blind eye to all kinds of shit when it comes to athlete's ( I mean except their 1st amendment rights), so who really is surprised here? Atheles and some form of sexual assault go together like PB and J.

  23. College football games are celebrations of violence, testosterone and often times underage drinking. Not really surprised that it leads to the vulnerable being abused as well tbh.

  24. are these the same studies that say that just asking a girl out when she has no interest is herassment or assault. or one of the ones that says its always the guys fault even if both parties are drunk? now i don doubt they do increas during game days, but i have to ask cause there are a lot of studies that like to pad the numbers like that and add things that arent actually assault or ehrassment

  25. And maybe it should be mandatory for colleges to administer testosterone inhibitors to all males on campus. Just like men try to control woman’s right to choose abortion. Just saying……

  26. Unbelievable. This is what betsy DeVos has been doing behind the scene to roll back whatever little protection girls had on college campus.

  27. Ken Star was sooo beside himself at Bill Clintons sex life . At Baylor he ignored the football players rapes under his watch. This is the GOP

  28. This has been happening for years. For every incident in the news like Baylor a couple of years ago, there are a 100 more incidents.

  29. I would think it would be more surprising if sexual assaults did not increase in rate on game days. Game days = more partying.

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