Sexual Harassment Charlie – SNL

100 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment Charlie – SNL

  1. Charlie is less threatening, so it's seen as cute coming from him. I have to agree with other people commenting, that we let older men get away with a lot more.

  2. The character played by James Franco if this were real didn't do jack shit wrong or at least bad enough to cause termination whereas Kenan Thompsons character would and should definitely be fired

  3. Wow, I'm kind of surprised SNL exploited this liberal hypocrisy which completely happens. Blacks can totally
    get away with sexual innuendos and actions against women and get way with 100 times more than a
    white man can get away with. Also, non self loathing white men just get shit on all the time by cunts
    on the left. Good for SNL for exposing this travesty in a comedy sketch.

  4. That's literally how it is. At most work places. Manual labor to professional work places. The unintelligent guy can say what he wants. Us regular guy's can't even look at a woman wrong. What race we are dosen't matter man. Lol. Trust me I've seen it in action. They're all smiles when these dudes say "Charlie" type shit. Some even give compliments back. No! I'm not mad, just confused.🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️


  5. It was merely because Charlie was just a front desk guy and Doug was CFO. They weren't threatened by Charlie's lack of power.

  6. "Why can i do the things you can't? Why can i say whatever I want and if you try to do the same you get slapped, if not worse?"

    "I'm cute"

  7. NOT funny. Double-standards & demoninizing a white-guy, who's comments were NOT overtly sexual. How tha phuukk iz this crap 'humor'??

  8. So…apart from not being able to be racists…blacks can't be creeps either…hã? Lovely..just lovely…

  9. What the hell is up with Keenan's wig? It looks like the makeup artist forgot to blend the cap with his skin

  10. “so it’s still kidnapping if I bring them back? All right, that’s my bad” this line killed me 😂

  11. That’s how I never got in trouble. "Charming and Harmless" was the consensus. The "Harmless" was a bit of a sting, but better than being fired. Love the subversive counter-message of this skit.

  12. The sad thing is, this is about how bad that the white establishment has become because of idiotic social justice nonsense.

  13. One important thing I took from this video is that it's still kidnapping if you bring them back. Learn from this video like I have, people.

  14. so if you are getting fired anyway, then why are you apologizing to the group in such a humiliating way?

  15. I think many times people like Charlie get away with it because they appear non-threatening and sometimes too old to be actually able to act inappropriately whereas a young or middle-aged guy acting like that gives the fear of what will happen if they do act on their words. Hence, the discrepancy in reactions.
    P. S. Yes, i agree that being non-threatening doesn't mean those people can't be dangerous given the right circumstances and such behavior remains unacceptable.

  16. “I’m sorry for suggesting you’d get more ahead if you’d smile more” “Ugh that is legit AWFUL Doug” 😂😂😂😂😂so funny

  17. 100% legit . If the girl doesnt like you, your offensive. If she likes you, you could be in middle of murdering her and she'll be like, "Its Charlie."

  18. Keenan Thompson is so unfunny it makes me cringe… Literally one character with small variations in 15 years on the show!

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