Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King Early Access Preview

This is the dark souls of blank, it’s an
overused and common phrase in gaming. As generic as the phrase has become, Shattered
Tale of the Forgotten King wears its inspiration on its sleeve. Combining the art style of something like
Hollow Knight with the combat of Dark Souls, it creates one promising concept for a new
action adventure. Your journey begins in Hypnos, a collapsing
kingdom that looks like a 3d Hollow Knight game. After the king of this once beautiful kingdom
disappeared, chaos and despair reigned and society fell apart. You play as the wander, a figure who wakes
up in this world now seeking out the answers as to how the world fell apart. It’s a dangerous world though, one where
monsters have begun rising all across the kingdom. Your only guides are the small whisper figures
that can speak to you despite us being a silent protagonist. Now, this is an early access game, that means
it’s still being developed. It’s still missing features and has bugs,
quite a few of them too but more on that later. I played the few first hours up to the first
boss fight to get a general feel for how Shattered would play. I was surprised to see how nimble the wander
controlled. Despite having that Dark soul like feeling
to the gameplay, the wander handles like a light character that can land some heavy attack. He can sprint, double jump, dash, and roll
to his hearts contempt or rather until his stamina gauge runs out. This design choice is used cleverly throughout
gameplay to introduce platforming sections to what would otherwise just feel like a boss
rush game. Instead, there’s plenty of sprinkled in
moments where the camera will pan over to 2d side scroller view. It completely changes the feeling of the game
but also made for some exciting moments. They tend to not overstay their welcome but
do provide a breath of fresh air every time they pop up. Primary gameplay will have you in a third
person view as you explore the world around you, looking for keys, activating checkpoints
and taking on the monsters around you. In these moments it truly does feel like Dark
Souls got thrown into a blender with something like Ratchet and Clank. I’m sure that sounds weird but somehow it
works out well. Combat has you using light and heavy attacks
with the sword your start off with. Holding down the attack button charges up
attacks. As for defenses, the wander can either block
or dodge oncoming attacks. Figuring out the attack patterns for lower
tier enemies is simple, it’s the bigger boss fights that feel like a greater and more
entertaining challenge. The first boss, for example, rushes at you,
sending projectile sword slashes. Suddenly you’re not just dodge rolling but
also jumping, dashing and sneaking your way up behind them. It’s much more fun and gives you a taste
of what’s in store. Outside of that, there’s a handful of rpg
elements throughout shattered. As you take down enemies you’re leveling
up and increasing your battle stats. There’s an inventory system to manage though
at the moment it feels a bit bare bones with an incredibly simplified ui. Certainly, it’s something that will be fleshed
out on in future updates. Sadly with this being an early access game,
there’s a lot of bugs here. It’s easy to break through invisible walls
you’re not supposed to enter. Sometimes you won’t respawn at the right
checkpoint. Enemies will freeze. Hit detection will be off. Boss ui will completely break. Yes, this is an early access game, things
like this are always expected but I think the amount of bugs right now is a bit much
for a game charging $24.99. You can’t even modify the audio or video
settings right now. That’s not to say this project is bad, in
contrast, I think it shows a lot of promise for something that can be great once it’s
done. I hope that it turns out to be the case. For now, it’s a game that you should keep
your eyes on as the developers are working hard on the feedback they’ve gotten so far.

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  1. This might be a stretch but are you gonna review Persona Q2 lol?

    Yooooo this game is pretty. It looks a little empty but since it’s early access I’m sure that will be fixed later o:

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