Shh…! Welcome to Frightfearland / Haunted Museum 2 – 100 Hostages Rescued! (Part 1 ; Old)

Youtube Quality sucks so… HD Quality will come up later soon but on Google Drive only. Anyways, I will be showing you a walkthrough of saving all 100 HOSTAGES. Stage to best deal with: Swing. There’s a reason for that… (Maps and some images are small due to resolution) In the beginning of the “Swing” stage, you will come across these two survivors. Shoot enemies that walks with the best speed. If you do not, you will likely end up killing one of them. Mostly applies to the man. Or woman in rare cases. This is where saving hostages gets intense. Another two survivors will pop up on your screen, running in a scripted way. Shoot the animatronic teddy bear first then shoot the enemies walking in a row chasing the lady. Another survivor appears out from the recycle bin. That should count up to- wait what? Another survivor? In a locked barrel? Oh, did I forgot to say this? (Note: There are few hidden survivors hidden in a locked barrel, randomly. If you don’t shoot all the locked barrels you come across, you won’t get the perfect ending.) F**kin’ whore Welcome to the first “Rescue Hostage!” mini-game. In each route you chose, there will be a mini-game like this. However, they are styled in a different way… Tips: Wait for the clowns to jump at you. There are three survivors in total. *Laugh* Chris is complaining about that. XD This is one of the worst “Rescue Hostage!” mini-game you could ever imagine. You will use Sniper for this one which you may think it’s good but not only that, camera will be shaking. Tips: When your timing is right, shoot two or three more times. You can back off for a while. There is no logical explanation of how this survivor is able to climb up to the roof. Why ladders though? Is she “First Lady” and clowns wants to help her too? Another “Rescue Hostage!” mini-game. Tips: Shoot the clowns in a fastest speed you come across or shoot the fat clown. “First Lady”: I assure you that I will hire both of you as my bodyguard! They chose the wrong spot to place the survivor in. Never shoot the fat clown first in this stage people. There are two survivors from the seating area. Better risk your lives because there will be some health items later on. Another “Rescue Hostage!” mini-game. Time bomb, apparently. You have to memorise the order. Tips: Memorise the first, second, third and fourth order. Or just chant the words. (Some images are affected like the map) Shoot clowns normally. Don’t you ever dare shoot for the health unless “Help!” bubble is gone. Two running survivors that wants to go down for no reason and a another hidden survivor. Shoot it what you did in a normal way. Self-Explantory This survivor is completely fine! Self-Explantory Forget the barrel. Shoot it! Don’t shoot the clown now. He will just ignore her. If you do, you lose another hostage. This is actually another “Rescue Hostage!” mini-game despite the fact that you didn’t see any of them during this mini-game. If you don’t shoot them all, you end up killing them which is dumb. They should be fine even after the crash. 😛 Tips: Keep shooting it! Yeah… Another “Rescue Hostage!” mini-game. This time, they added a new element: “DANGER”. That means that you have to shoot the clowns quickly even if you want to save them all. Playing this on PC is definitely easy but on the arcade is definitely hard. Tips: Shoot the danger ones! No worries. There isn’t any survivor in the house. Do it in our way. But remember to shoot the fat clowns. And… the clowns doesn’t give a damn about that guy. Tricky. Shoot the second and third ones for the lady. There’s no survivors in this stage. (Except random hidden survivors) This is a different type of mini-game. They are known as “Boss” mini-game. They served as mini boss. Another hidden survivor You can interrupt the scene but it still does the thing. Shoot it in your own way. Self-Explantory Another “Rescue Hostage!” mini-game. Easy enough. Tips: Don’t shoot the back. Shoot left and right first. Another one. It’s a game of dice. Tips: This mini-game has survivors and clowns in random order. (Except the door sequence..) Do it your way. Another hidden survivor

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