100 thoughts on “Shop owner can’t remove Confederate flag


  2. the flag of the victor shall rise.not the flag of the defeated.heritage is just an excuse, to put that flag up.

  3. FUCK YOUR LAZY ASS WHITE RACIST CHRISTIAN FAKE “HERITAGE”…. you fucking turn coat treasonous cunts 🖕🏻😶

  4. How did Millennials get to be such pussies.. crying over Flags it's like little children who always get their way.. grow up protest generation real quick!

  5. It's a flag you all need to leave it alone we are forced to accept the gay flag but you can't except another flag?

  6. In that time. From the north. Blacks soldier Free Man's Kik you white racial idiot disgrace flag. We are brothers. No matter what colors o RACE. Take down

  7. Simple fix,It’s easy, build a wall to cover it . To separate from the restaurant. To let people know you’re not associated with the racist ideology. And put your own flags . Flags that racist people don’t like. Fight fire with fire

  8. Well it don’t make me feel no way. Just a piece cloth. That make some feel like they are the boogeyman. People don’t shop we’re they fly is true, that’s why mom/and pop stores nonexistent today. Go to franchise food stores, restaurants. Nothing is owned by people like that will be a success for next generation. Like my adult, all stores were boycotted, never could be passed on. Now it’s big business take over, not community people owning anything. Flag want feed you. Didn’t here.

  9. People won't shop because of the flag, thats petty and borderline ignorant. I get the history behind the flag but this guy wants to make a change. Going as far as attacking him and his employee. How are they any better?

  10. Heritage flag more like loser flag due to the South losing the Civil War and isn't the confederate flag mark of treason because of wanting to have their own nation?

  11. This is the one problem with North and South Carolina as beautiful as they are and the cheap and easy living ,KKK still lives out here strong smh

  12. You can't be a proud American and fly a nazi flag or a Confederate flag , we went to war to defeat those ideologies

  13. Lol it’s a flag. As a matter of fact it was Georgia’s flag. It was not meant as a symbol of racism. Hate groups made it that way due to the fact they dis like a certain race. The flag is historic, no matter if you like it or not. Just like the civil war is history, and unlike most Americans believe, the war wasn’t fought just based on slavery. So before someone comments on this post, research why the civil war happened. You will find that the north had slaves too, you will also find that politicians had slaves also. All this over a flag. Good grief. How bout changing hunger and homelessness in our country, instead of a story on a dang flag, that doesn’t mean a thing

  14. Get a Hacksaw and cut the pole down don't let no one film you cutting the pole down … if they want their flag back up again ..it'll cost more than 5 bucks this time … Z

  15. C’mon people, prove your not intimidated by a bunch of pathetic, traitor racists, trying to hide their knowledge that they know they fall far beneath the dignity human beings deserve. The owner of the store should start a go fund me to raise money to put up poles with a banner strung between them that blocks the view of the symbol of beaten down, humiliated losers.

  16. In Tucson you see vehicles with rebel flags on them it's all about hate. There is one pickup truck has a torn huge USA flag and a rebel flag and the words White Boy in the rear window, how disgusting can people get? The USA flag is completely ripped it's sick

  17. I would build a taller pole on the restaurant property and fly the US flag and have the entire building painted with the US flag. It would be cheaper than litigation and shows patriotism at the same time.

  18. That show's the mentality level of these idiot's won't shop there because of history really they might wanna read up on history hell Martin Luther king would've went there. But these cry babies only know how to play the race game and race card. Period.

  19. What if it was a swastika? Don't they both represent the same racially perverted and hateful ideas? How can anyone defend the goals that caused an unjust war that was fought and lost over 150 years ago? Get over it! You can't own slaves anymore! Talking to these "Southern Gentlemen" only gives them the media exposure they want to spread their hate!
    FYI I'm from Chattanooga, white and have lived all my life in the south and realized at an early age just how racist my family was.

  20. They are so proud to be sociopaths. I can love my family or anscestors but if what they did was wrong and they fought to keep ppl enslaved and i know ppl died and were raped and suffered being enslaved then fck that flag. But Iam an actual good person and not a sociopath or a pychopath.

  21. When the white lady said it's not hurting anyone I was dead😂its obviously considered racist but to them they dont believe that

  22. The ice cream shop owner sought a way to compel removal of the flag. But the Orangeburg zoning board rejected his legal argument that the flagpole didn't comply with local business zoning requirements. After losing that battle, the owner put the property up for sale in 2019. While I would have posited a different legal argument, and I think we would have won, it's clearly a very tough case.

  23. this is just proof of how treasonous repugnants are, if it was within my property, surely i would have the right to put up scaffolding to enclose and conceal it, wouldn't have to trespass, treasonous repugnants!

  24. If all the property surrounding the flag belongs to the restaurant he should just build a wall that goes around the flag and straight up

  25. Another old white racist. ITS NOT YOUR HERITAGE! Its an anti American symbol of a nation torn in half because the south wanted slaves

  26. How do they call themselves proud Americans but yet fly the flag that didn't want to form America you love so much ????

  27. There is a town in central Fl where a ex confederate major who onned a lot of land. He donated a big portion of tje land to the city. On the stipulation that when he died he would be buried there and tje stars and bars MUST be flown at all times. The city also agreed to replace the flag as needed. He is still there and so is the flag.

  28. I was going say this is like having a nazi swastika flying then I remembered that nazi are all over the us. But I suppose it's just like having an isis flag flying . Like why would you fly a flag that is an enemies of the us in the us .

  29. Feel sorry for the store owner not having to do with this flag. This flag will come down once a pill is made to remove/relieve stupidity from people. Once, that pill is made we won’t have any trump supporters either.

  30. The Confederate history is dark, loathing and we should all be ashamed of what happened in the Civil War. The Confederacy died along with its way of life. Waving the Confederate flag is like shitting on the American Flag.

  31. Can everyone hear what the man defending the flag is saying between the lines? 'So there was nothing sinister'…about my grand pappy wanting to enslave other humans and going to fight (and kill) other Americans to retain our right to enslave other humans… Humanity has a long way to go…

  32. BLACK AMERICANS HAVE NO PRIDE!!!… stop begging and put up your own red black green. STOP BEGGING WHITE PEOPLE TO LOVE YOU. Fucking shame.

  33. get over it the south lost. there are other ways of honoring your war dead without stirring up hate and fear. it has been over 150 years, time to move on.

  34. What a cry baby world we live in, guys its a flag that was used on the battlefield during the civil war so troops would recognise their lines and rally around it. Just because hate groups adopt it doesn’t mean that’s what it represents. Hate groups also fly the American Stars and Stripes, are you going to ban that? Not all southern troops and generals were fighting to keep slavery, in fact the civil war wasn’t about slavery. It’s sad that monuments etc are being torn down, its your history and people died fighting for what they believed, right or not.

  35. The Confederates were fucking traitors fact! shove that up your fucking Trump dick filled asses and go fuck yourself

  36. WOW lol …yep the "United" states, and that right there is the reason Trump won. I mean holy shit that guy real said "The south will rise again" and that is also what Maga really means.

  37. In liberal colleges they proudly fly the communist flags and celebrate Che Guevara, Stalin, Lenin. Who killed millions.

  38. I feel bad for the store owner. That piece of history is destroying his store. Those who know the store should still support him and not blame him for something he doesn't have control over.

  39. What a bunch of cunts.
    It would be a terrible shame if a truck lost control and its brakes failed and happened to knock the flag pole down and cause so much damage to the space that the local authority would have to declare the site unsafe for a structure. 🤣

  40. It's called a Confederate battle flag, they lost the war! I honor the veterans but not the flag of the losers!

  41. I would take my truck and knock that shit down and happily do my jail time.. Yes, I realize that I am probably getting beaten, stabed or more likely something much worse while I am in jail after doing something like that.

  42. I do not support racism, but I believe the Confederate flag should be allowed due to state rights, for example a states rights to legalize marijuana, it's not the flag that is evil

  43. What a pussy generation to live in, where a flag can spark so much outrage and anger when by law it’s their right to fly the flag

  44. That YOUR FLAG Democrats.
    YOU flew under it when you tried to secede from the United States. And when YOU founded the KKK.
    Embrace YOUR HERITAGE.

  45. opinion shouldn't matter. that is the flag of TRAITORS who LOST. since WHEN do countries celebrate their failures? did the french build a statue to commemorate waterloo? are there statues of mousolini in italy? is trotskey revered in russia? the ONLY reason i can believe in is that southerners intend to rebel again and want to homoginize their culture and refuse to teach truthful history to their children.

  46. i propose that the locals just tear that piece of garbage down. no need to respect the law, the south didn't respect the law. wear black versions of the KKK robe and go out there at night and take that racist dehumanizing piece of filth, make it cleaner by wiping pig shit on it, then burn it on the lawn of whatever fake front the local chapter of the KKK is calling itself(camp 842).


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